"We Have the Killshot We Need for January 6"

Investigative journalist Steve Baker is one of only 5 journalists with access to the full 41,000 hours of January 6 tapes. But as he was working on a story with Blaze Media to expose his findings, lo and behold, a grand jury subpoenaed his own tapes filmed inside the Capitol during the riot (which he was documenting as a journalist). Baker joins Glenn to explain why he believes this is yet another attempt by the government to intimidate him and entrap him in "some sort of process crime...obstruction of justice." Plus, he gives an "exclusive advanced bombshell" from his upcoming report about the US attorney who's been going after him since 2021 and previews what he believes is the "kill shot of actual DOJ/FBI collusion in suppressing evidence [in the January 6 trials] and also in creating evidence that does not exist."