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Hunt for Alexander's tomb: Greece, Egypt, Persia, India, Broome

Forward by Bob Barney-- Alexander, is the third kingdom mentioned in Daniel. Yes, the Bible predicted Alexander's brutal reign 300 years before it happened. Alexander was one of many AntiChrists who have come into the world scene. The most famnous in this line is he, Nimrod, Ceasars, especially Nero, Napoleon and Hitler. We have more coming and one final King of the North and South, BOTH being AntiChrists.....

Alexander  Alexander the Great, whose tomb has been missing for nearly 2,000 years, could be buried in Broome in Western Australia, a Perth man says.-- Macedonian-born Tim Tutungis told ABC Kimberley that he first heard the 'Broomer' from his old mate, Lou Batalis. "We just got onto the subject of Alexander The Great's tomb, and he said, 'They'll never ever find it, no matter where they look, because Alexander the Great is buried in Broome, in Western Australia'," Mr Tutungis said. "Approximately 50 years ago, some guy went into a cave in Broome and he saw some inscriptions in there and they looked like ancient Greek.

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Lyndon Baines Obama - We have been here before!

By Patrick J. Buchanan

It was the winter of conservative discontent.

Barry Goldwater had gotten only 38 percent of the vote, and his party had suffered its worst thrashing since Alf Landon fell to FDR in 1936.

Democrats held 295 House seats, Republicans 140. They held 68 Senate seats to Republicans’ 32, and 33 governors to the GOP’s 17.

Democratic registration was twice that of the GOP. The liberal press was gleefully writing the obituary of “The Party That Lost Its Head.”

Are We Living in the Last Days? On the EVE of Destruction?

Bob Barney

This amazing video, recently made for a 44 year old song still rings as true today, if not more so than it did when it was first made. The Plain Truth is all about today's news and one cannot understand the news if we do not understand that there is a God, and that God has told us what to watch out for. If you do not read anything else in your life, read Matthew 24, the entire chapter! God has warned us and it is up to us to ignore HIS word or obey it. God gives us the choice. He tells us to choose life! He wants us to live, but we must listen to HIS voice. God's voice is not just found in your Bible. You can also find it everywhere you look, if you open your eyes and look for it. Satan may be alive and well on planet earth, BUT GOD IS HERE TOO! God is warning us and talking to us daily. Most just do not pay attention. General MacArthur, on the deck of the USS Missouri warned us. He said that if we do not find a better way than war, mankind's greatest sin, then "Armageddon will be at our door!" Those words, spoken by the general were from God Almighty!  Listen to much of the music, even rock n roll songs. Yes, the Devil gets his message out, and he is THE GOD OF THIS WORLD, but GOD gets HIS message out too! When Barry McGuire sang this song, he wasn't a Christian, but he is today! In fact, I believe he is now a minister. When Paul Simon wrote "Sounds of Silence" I am sure he did not understand that God was reaching out to us through his words in the song.  He did not know that the words were the words of Isaiah that "we hear but do not perceive". The song says:
"Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence
And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening "  Now compare that to: Matthew 13:14 -"
"In their case the prophecy of Isaiah is being fulfilled, which says, 'YOU WILL KEEP ON HEARING, BUT WILL NOT UNDERSTAND; YOU WILL KEEP ON SEEING, BUT WILL NOT PERCEIVE;"

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Why Russia Is Not A Real Threat In The Long Run

Editor's Note: This article was first published in January 2008 and explains how we can understand future events if we know who is who in the Bible. God knew the future of the world when the Bible prophecies were written, and we can understand world events and the coming future when we understand what nations are mentioned in the Bible.

by Robert R. Barney

Russia is rearing it's ugly head. Russia is the Gog and MaGog in your Bible and will play a role in the future, but Russia is never going to become the threat to the world that many fear. Both the King of the North and the King of the South found in Daniel are the key to understanding future world events. This is not to say that Russia or China or even other nations will not go to war and be a menace to the world, but in the total scheme of things, we must watch events in Europe, and the Middle East. One man, Herbert W. Armstrong, repeatedly dared to declare—years ahead of the Soviet Union’s fall—that the USSR was not the power to fear. The real power to watch, according to him, would be another force: a ten-nation “United States of Europe” that would form in the years ahead. He said that Russia would remain a thre at to the world—just not in the way most Westerners thought. Russia would combine economically and militarily with China, he predicted, to eventually create a gargantuan new Asian superpower such as the world has never seen.

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Self-repairing car paint 'makes scrapes vanish'

Editors note: Most may know this, but we own Tamco Paint, an auto, OEM and coatings manufacturer located in Virginia that specializes in extra durable paints and coatings, as well as environmentally friendly ones. We have samples now of an additive that we can put into our clear coats that will self-repair scrapes made by BYK Inc. The additive can be added to most acrylic polyol resins and uses nano-technology that actually "heals" scratches that may occur in clear coats. We have them in the testing phase now. and will update this story as our evaluations are finalized. Tamco Paint is our family business that helps pay for The Plain Truth. Visit our site at WWW.TamcoPaint.Com

Scratches in car paintwork could become a thing of the past thanks to research that has made self-repairing paint a realistic possibility.

Scientists in the United States have developed a type of polyurethane coating that mends itself in less than an hour when exposed to sunlight. They plan to develop it as a paint for cars and other surfaces that are subjected to heavy wear and tear, as well as in new forms of packaging, clothing and biomedical products such as bandages.

Marek Urban and Biswajit Ghosh, of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, created the material using a natural substance found in the shells of crabs and shrimps.

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Was Roger Babson Right?

Tamster  {Editors Note: Herbert Armstrong died in 1986 at the age of 96. Armstrong, and his son Garner Ted were years ahead of their time when it came to foretelling what would happen in the world. They predicted long before anyone else of the coming European Union (in 1934!) They were able to do this by reading and understanding the Bible. Armstrong ran a publication called THE PLAIN TRUTH. At its zenith, it was one of the most read magazines in the world with a subscription of some 17 million copies a month. Although our Plain Truth website has NOTHING to do with Armstrong or any Church (we are NOT a church organization) we do try and show our readers that to understand the news, one must understand God and HIS word. All the answers are there....  Here is an excerpt from a letter that is some 25 years old! How it rings true. What is the real cause of the depression (yes that it what we have!) we are in? Read on and see if the following letter doesn't speak for today!}

By Herbert W. Armstrong early 1980's

Hwa1 I have to tell you now that the outlook for the United States and the entire world is bleak and foreboding indeed in the years to come! Based on world news, observation and personal contacts with world leaders--based on Bible prophecy and a long life of experience, I have to tell you now that the entire world economy will be in a drastic nose dive.

Civilization itself is stricken with spiritual, moral and economic sickness UNTO ITS DEATH--THE END OF THIS WORLD!

Bible prophecy shows WHAT soon shall occur--WHY the world is now sick on its deathbed--WHY the RISING UNEMPLOYMENT, the SICK ECONOMY, the immorality, crime, violence and world evils.

I have seen much of this in 90 years of event-packed experience.

In November, 1919, I was a member of the Chicago Association of Commerce. At a regular weekly membership luncheon, the noted Boston statistician and economist, Roger Babson, was guest speaker. He astonished major bank officials and industrial leaders saying that in one year we would experience the most drastic depression our generation had known. Economic executives ridiculed. We were then in an upward trend of prosperity.

A year later Roger Babson againwas our guest speaker. He said, "The year has passed, and I am back and depression is here with me." There was no ridicule or laughter, and Babson told us why he knew, and why business and financial executives did not.

"When I want to know what the temperature in this room is going to be an hour or two from now I don't consult the thermometer on the wall. I go to the boiler room and see what is going on down there. I go to the factor that CAUSES the future temperature. You men were looking at bank clearings, retail sales, wholesale indexes, stock car loadings and trends--the thermometers on the wall." But Mr. Babson said he had learned that when 51 percent or more of the people were righteous in their dealings with one another, prosperity was just ahead. But when 51 percent or more of the people were unrighteous in their dealings, economic depression was coming.

Was Roger Babson right?

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