Obama: If I Could Dine With Anyone Dead or Alive Iā€™d Choose Gandhi-not Jesus!
Is there trouble in Oprah's TV kingdom?

The Plain Truth Marches on Washington DC on 9/12


Forward By Tammy Miller:

Look for Bob & Tammy Barney in this video from CNN. You can see their two signs they made "Fire the Czars" & "ThePlainTruth.Com" They are there with hundreds of thousands of other tea party members and people who aren't tea party members who just want to take this country back from the over spending, over taxing, over controlling regime that took office in January. They were the silent majority who never spoke up, well they are silent no more.They are there protesting for the future of this country and the future of their kids and grand-kids. CNN by the way has done a great job covering this protest, and from what I have seen so far in a very unbiased way.