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Is this sports, or humor???

The Danica Patrick show came to New Hampshire this weekend, attempting a NASCAR breakthrough after going 35th, 31st, and 36th in her first three attempts. Racing's Most Popular female has taken plenty of lumps in her first turns behind the wheel of a stock car, making today's goal a simple one: stay out of trouble. Just keeping the car in one piece over 200 laps would have been a huge rookie accomplishment.

Too bad that proved Mission: Impossible within the first five minutes. A wreck just seven laps in left her limping home again, running 30th, five laps down after another difficult day. Just how steep is the learning curve ahead, and is there any silver lining to take away a year filled with futility? Here's a look at five things we can salvage from Danica's disastrous dip into the world of stock car racing:

1) God was not on Danica's side Saturday; he was busy hitting her driver's side door.