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Bob Barney: EGYPT- How I see it

English: View from Cairo TowerEnglish: View from Cairo Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First published a year ago!!!!!

By: Bob Barney

I find it amazing how our media, president, and elected officials deem that the leader of Egypt must step down from authority because some 100,000 people (yes that's the real figure) marched in the streets demanding this.  I also noted an interview on CNN with a spokesman for the demonstrators claiming that a million would have shown up to march "the Egypt hadn't closed the airport." That was a direct quote. The obvious next question should have been, "just who is marching?" This Doesn't sound like Egyptians to me, people living in such a small country don't need to fly into its airport! A quick camel trip would do. Instead I smell the same ole demon at the helm of this latest national toppling effort. George Soros, who boasted that he overthrew Greece a few years back is definitely behind this movement, as anyone watching the professionally printed posters on TV could tell. Real demonstrations, like that of the tea party, display HOMEMADE signs, planned leftist gatherings always have pre-printed ones.


The obvious question should be that since the tea party drew millions, with probably tens of millions in the countryside, when can we expect Obama to step down?  I think a much higher percentage of Americans are against Obama, than Egyptians, who marched in Cairo! So I ask that world leaders everywhere, along with CNN, FOX and MSNBC demand "change" in America and demand Obama to step down immediately and not wait for the 2012 elections. After all, what is right is right.  The irony of all of this is that this will not happen---UNLESS, of course the marchers in America where leftist and Muslims demanding a president to step down. Then the world and at least CNN and MSNBC would agree with the crowds and call for a new president- after all aren't they the ones that finally dethroned Nixon? I remember leftist hippies marching back in those days, and being taken seriously, but I don't remember Americans demanding Nixon resign, or that he was charged with any crime- yet this same media we have today, toppled a president elected by a landslide! And you think you live in a real world filled with honest leaders.


Just my short view of The Plain Truth of the farce that is going on in Egypt in which you are being told is a democratic movement underway!

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The Destruction of the Temple and Signs of the End Times: Earthquakes

END TIMES: Jesus' Revelation: Also in Mark 13:1-37 , Luke 21:5-36 

1 Jesus went out from the Temple, and was going on His way. His disciples came to Him to show Him the buildings of the Temple.

2 But he told them, “Do you see all these buildings? Truly I say to you, they will be so completely demolished that not one stone will be left on top of another!”

3 As He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? What is the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”

4 Jesus answered them, “Be careful that no one deceives you.

                  <Here Jesus is giving signs which are in the same order as the Horses of Revelation! The White Horse symbolizes a great false church and Anti-Christ, the second, the Red Horse represents war; the third horse is the Black Horse of famine, inflation and lack of goods, the last (4th) horse is the Pale Horse of death.>

5 "For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and will lead many astray."

                 <He means that many would come using His name, saying Jesus is the Christ and deceive many. This is false Christianity and not false pagan religions being discussed.>

6 "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you aren't troubled, for all this must happen, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be famines, plagues, and earthquakes in various places. 8 But all these things are the beginning of birth pains."

The Plain Truth Version of the Holy Bible by Bob Barney with all the words of God in RED In their PROPER ORDER! My notes in italics and within < > ….



By Bob Barney

In the coming months, I will spend quite a bit of time on Matthew 24, and the message and warnings that Jesus gave his disciples, and ultimately us concerning the 'end times' and His return to earth to rule as king and bring world peace at last to this embattled planet. There are literally dozens of different messages covered in the 24th chapter of Matthew, known as the olivet prophecy. I have always thought that earthquakes that he was talking about would strike America and the people of God more during the last few years of man's rule; not that there would be more earthquake activity in general. I had mistakenly believed that the number of earthquakes would remain basically the same, but that unlike before, serious earthquakes would occur more in different places in America and the Middle east than usual, but I have concluded recently that is not what Jesus is saying... He said earthquakes in VARIOUS places, hinting on the number of them increasing significantly, noticeably everywhere! Well, scientist will tell you that there isn't more earthquakes than before, we just have better record keeping in the past 200 years. Is this really a fact?


During some internet research lately I came across the chart below, provided by non other than the US Geological Survey. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is a scientific agency of the United States government.



The above chart proves beyond the shadow of doubt that earthquake activity is exploding. We had more earthquakes from 2001-2010, than we had the previous 100 years (1901-2000). This is an incredible figure that should have scientist worried and wondering. I doubt it does, but those of us who understand that Jesus Christ is the LORD Yahweh of the Holy Bible, He is the God who created this earth and universe and is the all powerful; all knowing Creator God; who walked this planet as a man some 2,000 years ago, knew the future and what would happen throughout the ages. His predictions are uncanny in their accuracy. He predicted not only the 'signs of the times,' with weather and geological disturbances, He also predicted which nations would be doing what things at the end time. He predicted that Jews would return to Palestine, something that took 1900 more years to happen. He predicted wars that would kill billions, famines that would kill equally the same number, and exactly where this last events would take place.



The map here is current earthquake activity worldwide of the previous 7 days.... Pay attention to the warnings that Jesus gave to his followers. Pay close attention, and we will see over the next few months all the things that He predicted, and the insight He had for our day....


For example ….. Did you know that Jesus predicted that a false great Christian Church would emerge and be one of the end times perpetrators of the final holocaust? Did you know He predicted the rise of the Muslim world, and that China would have a 200 million man army? Remember this was predicted when there probably wasn't 100 million people on earth. Stay with us, in the next few weeks on our series on Matthew 24 and the rest of Jesus' warnings.

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Are Christians at Fault for Obama’s Re-Election Win? Rev. Franklin Graham Says Yes

The Rev. Franklin Graham has a message for Christians who are unhappy with the results of the 2012 presidential election: You only have yourself to blame. In a recent interview with CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody, Graham said that the majority of Christians simply don’t vote — inaction that has dire consequences in local and national elections, alike.

“What is your message to folks who are wondering what just happened, and it looks like they feel a semi hit them?,” Brody asked the faith leader, clearly referring to the aftermath of the 2012 presidential election.

Rev. Franklin Graham: Christians Should Blame Themselves for Obama Win

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, left, meets with Rev. Billy Graham, center, and his son Franklin Graham, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012, in Montreat, N.C. Credit: AP

Graham responded by noting that, based on statistics he’s seen, the majority of Christians do not vote in America. With a dearth of evangelicals heading to the polls, the son of the famed Rev. Billy Graham said that the responsibility for an Obama re-election win is on Christians’ shoulders.

“God is in control, and if Christians are upset, they need to be upset at themselves,” he told Brody. “We need to do a better job of getting our people — the Church — to vote.”


Read the rest of the story here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Renaissance or Dark Ages: It’s our choice

image source
Jeff Fitchett
Activist Post

When sifting through all the issues that we face as a civilization we can easily become overwhelmed with a sense of futility. How can one person positively impact their own situation and effect change on a much larger scale? We are at a tipping point right now in our history where we are being forced to change whether we like it or not. We do, however, have some say in how we change. Our political, corporate, food, health, environmental and social structures are degrading rapidly before our very eyes.

Our personal actions keep these social structures intact. The most important thing we can all do is to think critically, independently and become aware. Think about what you are being told and challenge the premise. Realize that the media is a business. Their job is to make money. They make money from advertisers and subscriptions from people like you and I. They are selling you a point of view, a lifestyle, a brand, a political view, etc. Dig deep and question the information. Our education system solidifies our future life path. We as parents, mentors and leaders must take back control of how we think and break the predetermined path that our younger people and future generations of people will take going forward. We need to lead by example and stop waiting for the government to fix our problems. The government is part of the problem and they are bought and paid for by corporate interests.

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Tony Blair looking for 'strong man' president to rule the EU

By Bob Barney:

Former Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair stressed the need for a democratically elected European Union president, with increased authorities to solve Europe's economic crisis during a keynote speech in Berlin, Germany last month. To those who understand the Bible and the identity of the beast of Revelation, Blair's comments are quite startling.  

“In a move interpreted by some as a job application, the former prime minister said the EU could do with a strong leader approved by the people,” The Telegraph reported. Little do most understand the significance of this statement in that a 'strong man' will appear in Europe, and lead the western world into a huge world war which will kill more than 2 billion people! Yes, fully 1/3 of the world's population are killed in the final war when the EU beast invades the Muslim areas along the Euphrates River.  

“‘Out of this European crisis can come the opportunity finally to achieve a model of European integration that is sustainable,’ said Mr. Blair. ‘A Europe-wide election for the the most direct way to involve the public.’” 

 This president will become the demonic leader of the Holy Roman Empire, known as the King of the North in Daniel 11. Click Here for a complete essay on what to look for.  

Mr. Blair also called on the United Kingdom to consider its position on the European power coalition. 

The Guardian reported, “In one of his most important speeches on the EU since leaving office, he told the Council for the Future of Europe in Berlin: ‘It is massively in Britain’s interest not to play short-term politics with this issue. Personally, I would like to see the UK take a constructive role in shaping this new union.’” 

Blair went on with these eye-opening comments concerning a militaristic EU: “The world needs a Europe that is capable of deploying military missions to help stabilize the situation in crisis areas. We need to launch a comprehensive review of European capabilities and begin truly collective defense planning…A deep and genuine economic and monetary union, a political union, with a coherent foreign and defense policy, means ultimately that the present European Union must evolve.” 

In an article by The Christian Science Monitor titled “Europe needs a central government to manage its debt crisis,” former Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka also stated that the EU needed a central leader. That is what European leaders also stated in the 1930s just before Hitler winningly filled this role. Will another Hitler type come to power? Your Bible says YES, and I would not bet against God and His Word.  

The world is going to go into a great depression, similar to the one in the 1930s, where 25% of the population throughout the world will die off from wars, famines and diseases. If this doesn't scare the hell out of you, then I don't know what will.  

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Professor: Polygamy new marriage-rights frontier

(SevenDays, Vermont) In her decades of researching polygamy, Janet Bennion, a professor of anthropology and sociology at Lyndon State College, recalls three times she was “courted” by married women. One wrote her “love letters.” Another took her to a restaurant “to determine whether I was wifely material,” Bennion writes in her new book, Polygamy in Primetime.

These women were devout members of fundamentalist Mormon sects, not swingers. Like many examples in Bennion’s illuminating study, they defy the popular perception that the practice of men taking multiple wives is solely about the male libido.

Liberal Vermonters have cheered on the progress of marriage rights this election season. But what would we say to a woman who sought to unite herself in matrimony to a man and another woman?

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God, Science and the Bible: DNA Discoveries Demonstrate Divine Design

article by Mario Seiglie

Recent discoveries about DNA—including the finding that so-called "junk DNA" is anything but—once again clearly points to a supreme Intelligence having imbedded an incredible multifaceted code in our genes.

God, Science and the Bible: DNA Discoveries Demonstrate Divine Design

When first discovered, scientists believed that DNA was a somewhat simple genetic code filled with what they termed "junk DNA," useless bits assumed to be evolutionary remnants from our supposed ancestors. But now they have found the code to be astoundingly complex, multilayered and even bidirectional.

On Sept. 5, 2012, The New York Times reported: "The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as "junk" but that turn out to play critical roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave . . .

 "The thought before the start of the [DNA] project, said Thomas Gingeras, an Encode researcher from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, was that only 5 to 10 percent of the DNA in a human being was actually being used. The big surprise was not only that almost all of the DNA is used but also that a large proportion of it is gene switches.

"Before Encode, said Dr. John Stamatoyanno-poulos, a University of Washington scientist who was part of the project, 'if you had said half of the genome and probably more has instructions for turning genes on and off, I don't think people would have believed you'" ("Bits of Mystery DNA, Far From 'Junk,' Play Crucial Role," Sept. 5, 2012, online edition). 

The astounding complexity of the DNA code was the main reason Sir Antony Flew, the late world-famous philosopher who had been the leading atheist in England, renounced his atheism a few years back and accepted the existence of a divine intelligence behind it all.

He wrote: "What I think the DNA material has done is that it has shown, by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce (life), that intelligence must have been involved in getting these extraordinarily diverse elements to work together" ( There Is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind, 2007, p. 75).

Let's see some of the examples of the incredible complexity of the DNA code.


Read the story here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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'The Divine Secret' of life finally unveiled

A brand-new book fresh off the press claims to reveal the answers to life’s biggest questions, including the true meaning of life, what in the world God is actually doing with human beings, and what really happens after we die, all based on many underpublicized Bible verses.

“The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny” by best-selling author Joe Kovacs says the answers to these questions and more are hiding in plain sight, inside a book most people already have, the Holy Bible.

Kovacs, a Bible-believing Christian and author of the No. 1 classic “Shocked by the Bible,” fearlessly explores what Scripture itself calls “the secret that was hidden from everyone since the beginning of time.”

“There’s a divine secret that clearly explains the meaning of life and exactly what is intended for your personal future – and it’s far more sensational than you’ve ever imagined,” said Kovacs.

Read it before the rest of the world! won’t release this book until July 17, but you can get personally autographed copies of “The Divine Secret” right now, to be shipped immediately exclusively from WND!

“The Divine Secret” provides firm answers to the biggest questions of all time, including why God created men and women in the first place and what’s really meant for everyone in the years to come.

It spans countless centuries of God’s plan, from the deepest part of antiquity, long before the creation of Earth, to the second coming of Jesus and far beyond. It explores the underpublicized reasons why we exist, why life is so challenging, and what exactly you’re meant to do once Jesus comes back.

“I’m amazed that so many of my fellow Christians simply don’t know their magnificent and intended destiny,” says Kovacs. “It’s far more spectacular than just floating around on a cloud for all eternity doing a whole bunch of nothingness besides playing a harp. You’ll be astounded by how much solid information the Bible provides right now about the fantastic future that’s on its way.”

“The Divine Secret” also reveals what will likely happen to the many who never heard God’s truth during their lives – or perhaps were confused about it. That revelation, drawn from the words of your own Bible, is not what you probably think. It’s most likely not what you’ve been taught – and it’ll leave you absolutely stunned. It provides much-needed hope in a time when hope seems missing for so many.

A special feature of “The Divine Secret” is that all personal comments from God are highlighted in red letters, even from the OLD Testament. This really brings to life God’s incredible plan.

“I’ve never understood why people make Bibles showing red letters in the New Testament only, when it’s the same God as in the Old Testament,” Kovacs said. “Seeing the Creator’s personal remarks highlighted in the Old Testament is something every lover of God and the Bible needs to experience. You don’t want to miss a single word spoken by our loving God, and ‘The Divine Secret’ helps provide the prominence they deserve.”

In addition to clearly explaining the true meaning of life, “The Divine Secret” also investigates:

  • The real nature of miracles
  • More than one resurrection from the dead in the future
  • What the Bible really means by “the kingdom of God”
  • The future “quickening” spoken of in the New Testament
  • The benefits of suffering
  • “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” have something very important in common with your biblical destiny
  • Eating and drinking in the eternal kingdom of God
  • Special abilities you can have in the kingdom of God
  • The intriguing future of animals
  • And much more!

“If you liked ‘Shocked by the Bible,’ you’ll love ‘The Divine Secret,’” said Kovacs. “This book finally puts the answers so many are seeking into clear and simple terms. When you finally come to grips with the fact the Bible actually means what it says, you’ll understand the glorious truth about your purpose, and the purpose of everyone who has ever existed.”

Joe Kovacs has spent more than 25 years in the broadcast, print, and online media, receiving awards for excellence in news coverage from the Associated Press and United Press International. A frequent media guest, Kovacs has appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel as well as countless radio shows across America and the world, including “Coast to Coast AM.”

Media wishing to interview Joe Kovacs about “The Divine Secret,” please email him here.

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Obama gets second term

Obama_smoking_jointEven with voting results from two vital "swing states" still outstanding, Barack Obama has been declared the winner in his long political battle with GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

Needing 270 electoral votes to make it official, the president was declared the winner of Ohio's 18 votes shortly after 11:00 p.m. (Eastern) on Tuesday night -- running his total to 275. Within minutes of that announcement, the Romney campaign challenged the Ohio call because of that state's very close popular vote.

Florida (29 electoral votes) and Virginia (13) -- both critical swing states where the final tally in the popular vote was extremely close -- had not yet been called at that time.

Romney had a very slight lead in the popular vote at press time.


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My Prediction on the next President!

Well, it is that time of year again and I will go out and make my prediction on who will win the presidency next Tuesday.  Members of my family know what I am predicting today since last winter!  I said back during the primaries that the establishment Republicans would not choose a true conservative to lead their party this year because they know they are going to win! Yes, you read that right. The establishment realizes, as I do, that even a born again rapist loving conservative clown could win the election against the most failed presidency of all time. Jimmy Carter looks like Lincoln compared to this moron-in-chief, and everyone knows it!  So I said, that the last thing that Republicans want to win is another Reagan type Tea Party candidate, because honestly, they despise main street Americans and true conservatives more than they do Obama and leftists!  So I predicted that the Republicans would do all they could do to make sure Palin would not run, nor would Huckabee, and that what conservatives would run, would knock each other out, allowing a liberal Rockefeller Republican to gain the nomination.  If they thought for one minute that Obama was going to win, they would have all rallied around Rick Santorum or Representative Bachman and made sure that they got the nomination. They would do it to make sure that the Tea Party movement would die forever!  Establishment Republicans, like Karl Rove HATE the Tea Party, or anyone who wants smaller government and a balanced budget.  After all, it was Rove that gave us Obama, after insuring that the original moron, George Bush, got elected.  I predicted in 2004, that Bush would destroy conservative Republicanism. With Rove's help, he did just that.  Gave us the Depression, and Obama.  It was the belief that a Republican would win, that these anti-American Republicans made sure Romney would get the nod. They knew Obama was going to lose.

Well, that is my prediction.... Obama will lose in a landslide.  Here is the closet map I can find I agree with:
image from

My fear is that the Republicans will once again, think they have a mandate, just like the Obama Democrats thought they had in 2008. They had NO MANDATE!  Obama's win was an Anti-Bush vote, plain and simple!  The people who make up middle America are totally disgusted with both parties and are trying to kill all of them by switching back and forth, like in my thesis below, that I first understood in 1976.

In 1976  I wrote a thesis in college on predicting elections in my senior year at the University of Connecticut. My brother was going to the University of Bridgeport studying to become a psychologist. I would during off times, sit in some of his classes. I became intrigued by an idea that I started to develop in my mind. That was to be able to predict national character the same way that psychologists predicted human behavior! I became intrigued in a psychological prediction method known as the Rotter I/E scale.

I should point out that I was WRONG in 2008, My prediction then was that Obama would lose I guess I underated just how much the media would get in bed with the guy and like traitors to the American public, refuse to vet him, as every other president was before him. Obama cannot be vetted honestly and win a national election. He is a communist, and we are not yet ready to vote for a communist.... We will be someday, but not yet.

Overview of Theory
When Rotter developed his Social Learning Theory, the dominant perspective in clinical psychology at the time was Freud's Psychoanalysis, which focused on people's deep-seated instinctual motives as determining behavior. Individuals were seen as being naive to their unconscious impulses, and treatment required long-term analysis of childhood experience. Even learning approaches at the time were dominated by drive theory, which held that people are motivated by physiologically based impulses that press the individual to satisfy them. In developing Social Learning Theory, Rotter departed from instinct-based Psychoanalysis and drive-based behaviorism. He believed that a psychological theory should have a psychological motivational principle. Rotter chose the empirical law of effect as his motivating factor. The law of effect states that people are motivated to seek out positive stimulation, or reinforcement, and to avoid unpleasant stimulation. Rotter combined behaviorism and the study of personality, without relying on physiological instincts or drives as a motive force.

The main idea in Julian Rotter's Social Learning Theory is that personality represents an interaction of the individual with his or her environment. One cannot speak of a personality, internal to the individual, that is independent of the environment. Neither can one focus on behavior as being an automatic response to an objective set of environmental stimuli. Rather, to understand behavior, one must take both the individual (i.e., his or her life history of learning and experiences) and the environment (i.e., those stimuli that the person is aware of and responding to) into account. Rotter describes personality as a relatively stable set of potentials for responding to situations in a particular way. (Read entire article, click here)

Rotter developed an Internal/External scale for people. Internals believe that they choose their destiny, and that God (if they accepted one) allows each one of us to choose our own destiny. An Internal type is ruled by very little chance, mostly it is their own choices that rules their destiny. Jews, Germans, Chinese, and especially WASPS (white Anglo/Saxon white people) score very high in the Internal scale. Most leaders of companies or even governments tend to score high on the Rotter I/E scale. Mediterranean , African, Slavic/Russian, and Arab people scored high on the External scale. Externals are fatalist that deem that fate is the major reason for their lives. God decides for them, or at least fate does. Catholicism and its adherents score very high in the “external” scale. The best way to describe an Internal is what is referred to the Puritan or Protestant work ethic… Work hard and you will succeed. WASP Americans built this country and score very high as Internal. Irish Catholics however, scores External! Therefore, do most black Americans, Latinos (with the exception of Cubans) and Muslims (again except for Pakistani Muslims that score very “Internal”).

I thought that our country and our elections could be predicted by the percentage of people who were Internal versus External. Republicans are Internals, Democrats Externals. I told Dr Gerson, head of UCONN’s PoliSci department what I wanted to write about. He could get me a meeting with Professor Rotter (who was so famous by now, I have since learned was an honor). Rotter liked my idea! He had already thought of it! He asked me another question however, that changed my entire thinking. He said, “you know there is another factor you are discounting in human nature”. 
“What was that,” I asked perplexed?
Many people in a multi-cultural society like America are both Internal AND External, and they bounce back and forth between the extremes trying to find balance (this is called cognitive dissonance.) You know, the nun becomes a prostitute, the thief becomes a good cop, etc. All good novels rely on this basic human instinct of switching from one end of the pendulum to the exact opposite, never finding a balance. Rotter said, “America, due to our culture can never find the middle of the road, she swings from right to left without any formula.”

I was intrigued by him and wrote my thesis based on much of his teachings: 
I wrote, in short, that America will swing radically from the Right to the Left and back to right again, but because more External types are moving here and gaining in population, namely Latin, African and Muslims, each switch back to the right would be less aggressive than prior swings and eventually, we would become a totally external socialist nation like the Soviet Union.

At this same time in my life, by the way, I was learning the incredible truth about America’s national identity of being “lost” Israel of the Bible and that the God was real! Until 1976, I was an atheist, by 1978, I would never question again who God was and that He was! I would often question God in my struggles with Him, but never questioned again that God was not real! Part of this education was the realization that the United States (Israel in the Bible) was destined to be conquered by foreigners living among us that would eventually rule over us! This is found in Leviticus chapter 26, and now I understood that Dr Rotter gave me the method how God would accomplish it.

In 1976, I was a young Republican who supported Ronald Reagan over President Ford and I was not very popular in the party that year. Then again, neither was Reagan! When he lost to Ford, I realized that according to my new theory, Jimmy Carter, a liberal democrat would win the Presidency that year, but after him, America would swing back to a very Conservative mode. I predicted Carter in 76 and that Reagan most likely would be president by 80 or 84. When he won the nomination in 80, I predicted Reagan. I picked him again for 84. I predicted Bush in 88 and said that if he did not maintain Reagan’s policies he would lose in 1992! I would have been correct in predicting Bush losing in 1992 (because he did not lead as a Reagan Republican) and thought he might lose until Clinton won the nomination. I saw through Bill Clinton so much, I was positive that everyone else did too and that he could not win. It would not be until 96, I surmised, that the liberals would win again. The Perot factor was vastly underrated by me! Clinton won, I had egg on my face, but my theory was on target!

I predicted Clinton in 1996 and Bush II in 2000, thinking he unlike his dad was a real Reaganite. He was not and so I predicted that he could lose in 2004 if a MODERATE democrat ran against him. Lieberman would have beat him hands down! I predicted, on in 2004 that Bush was probably going to destroy the Republican party and that if Hillary got the nod, she would be president.
We will see this tuesday if I am right or wrong.

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Nor'easter hitting next week could bring more flooding to ravaged coastline defenseless after seawalls and dunes were smashed by Sandy

As the mass clear-up from Superstorm Sandy continues, forecasters are already warning of a powerful nor'easter storm front coming in from the Atlantic next week.

The beleaguered coast line is expected to face 45mph gusts of wind mixed with snow and rain on Wednesday.

The forecast has been greeted with dismay from beach erosion experts, who fear even more damage to shorelines already decimated by Sandy.

In ruins: Orley Beach in New Jersey. The forecast of another powerful storm on Wednesday has been greeted with dismay from beach erosion experts, who fear even more damage to shorelines already decimated

In ruins: Orley Beach in New Jersey. The forecast of another powerful storm on Wednesday has been greeted with dismay from beach erosion experts, who fear even more damage to shorelines already decimated


Flooding in Mantoloking, New Jersey. Sandy destroyed hundreds of miles of sand dunes and protective sea walls along the East Coast

Flooding in Mantoloking, New Jersey. Sandy destroyed hundreds of miles of sand dunes and protective sea walls along the East Coast

Monday's devastating superstorm destroyed hundreds of miles of sand dunes and protective sea walls along the East Coast.

These natural defences, now either non-existent or severly weakened, are no match for another powerful storm, even one not on the scale of Sandy.

Experts fear a new storm could, despending on the wind direction, flood lowlands near the coast and worsen the extensive erosion already suffered by beaches and sand dunes.

Read more:
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