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American Small Business SOLD OUT AGAIN - Senate Approves Internet Sales Tax by 3-to-1 Margin

They just want to help Walmart and the Chinese!

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Activist Post

The U.S. Senate voted yesterday to approve the concept of an Internet sales tax by an overwhelming 75-to-24 margin.

The vote was largely symbolic and non-binding, but its support has some wanting to bypass the committee process for the easy passage of the Marketplace Fairness Actaccording to The Verge.

The law, which opponents more accurately call the "National Internet Tax Mandate", would allow states to demand sales taxes from online retailers.

More exactly, "the Marketplace Fairness Act grants states the authority to compel online and catalog retailers ("remote sellers"), no matter where they are located, to collect sales tax at the time of a transaction," according to a lobbyist website supporting the idea.

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