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New Documentary Puts Forth Controversial Theory About JFK Assassination

In short - we think this story is bogus:  The Plain Truth....

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Weeks before the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination this fall, ReelzChannel will take another look at the killing in a docudrama that suggests a Secret Service agent fired one of the bullets that felled Kennedy.

“JFK: The Smoking Gun” is based on the work of retired Australian police Detective Colin McLaren and the book “Mortal Error: The Shot that Killed JFK” by Bonar Menninger.

Documentary Explores Controversial New Conspiracy Theory in JFK Assassination, JFK: The Smoking Gun


McLaren spent four years combing through evidence from Kennedy’s death on Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas. He and Menninger also relied on ballistics evidence from an earlier book by Howard Donahue.

The two-hour docudrama airs Nov. 3 in the U.S., Canada and Australia. It suggests that agent George Hickey fired one of the bullets that hit Kennedy. Hickey, who is now dead, was riding in the car behind Kennedy’s limo that day.

“What we’re saying is that we believe it was a tragic accident in the heat of that moment,” McLaren told the Television Critics Association on Sunday.

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Watch NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart’s Scary End-Over-End Crash That Sent His Car Flipping Through the Air at a Dirt Track

The Blaze

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is lucky to be OK on Tuesday after he suffered a scary end-over-end crash on a dirt track in Canada on Monday night.

The crash occurred at the Ohsweken Speedway in Ontario while battling eventual race winner Shane Stewart (not related). While making a turn, the car got loose, turned toward the wall, and then tumbled about seven times, even going airborne:

Video of Tony Stewart crashing and tumbling at dirt track in Canada

(Source: YouTube)

Video of Tony Stewart crashing and tumbling at dirt track in Canada

(Source: YouTube)

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New Stunning Surveillance Video Shows Fiery Michael Hastings Car Crash

The Blaze

Newly unearthed footage captured on an Los Angeles restaurant’s surveillance camera allegedly shows the final moments before journalist Michael Hastings’ vehicle burst into flames on impact.

Hastings was killed after his Mercedes Benz smashed into a tree on Highland Avenue on June 19. His vehicle was traveling at extremely high speeds before the vehicle hit the tree and was immediately engulfed in flames.

The video was reportedly captured by one of the surveillance cameras at Pizzeria Mozza, a well-known pizza restaurant located just a few hundred feet from the site of the crash. The owner of the restaurant, Nancy Silverton, gave the footage to police the day after the accident, according to LA Weekly.

Read and view videos on Plain Truth MessageBoard updates of the CRASH HERE


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The first Air Force One that carried President Eisenhower is found decaying in an Arizona field

The first plane to be designated as Air Force One in the 1950s has been abandoned in a field at a southern Arizona airport.

The aircraft that once spirited President Dwight D. Eisenhower on cross-country voyages sits in a dusty 10-acre parcel of land at Marana Regional Airport, decaying under the unrelenting glare of the sun.

'I think it's one of these big secrets that, really, few people know that it's out there,' airport manager Steve Miller said. 'It's sad that it's just sitting out there, considering its history over the past 70 years.'

The first Air Force One aircraft is housed at the Marana regional airport

Original: The first Air Force One aircraft is housed at the Marana regional airport

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A stricken Allied bomber, the German ace sent to shoot it down and a truly awe inspiring story of wartime chivalry

An amazing story of personal integrity from a German in WWII who refused to shoot down a crippled B-17 because of a higher calling. I hope the book becomes a movie!

  • Luftwaffe pilot Lt Franz Stigler refused to shoot down near-destroyed Allied bomber
  • Instead he guided stricken pilot Lt Charlie Brown to safety
  • A phone call led to a tearful reunion of the two World War II veterans
Incredible story: He was a real master of the skies, but Luftwaffe veteran Franz Stigler showed pity to an Allied bomber in its hour of need

Franz Stigler

Incredible story: He was a real master of the skies, but Luftwaffe veteran Franz Stigler showed pity to an Allied bomber in its hour of need

The lone Allied bomber was a sitting duck. Holed all over by flak and bullets and down to a single good engine, it struggled simply to stay in the air over Germany, let alone make it the 300 miles back to England.

The rear gunner’s body hung lifeless in his shattered turret, another gunner was unconscious and bleeding heavily, the rest of the ten-man crew battered, wounded and in shock. The nose cone had been blown out and a 200mph gale hurtled through the fuselage.

Somehow the pilot, 20-year-old Lt Charlie Brown, still clung to the controls — and the last vestiges of hope.

He had already performed miracles. Returning from a daylight bombing run to Bremen, he had manoeuvred the plane magnificently through a pack of Messerschmitt fighters, taken hit after hit, then spiraled five miles down through the air, belching smoke and flames, in an apparent death dive before somehow levelling her out less than 2,000ft from the ground.

If common sense prevailed, he would order everyone to bail out and leave the B-17 Flying Fortress to its fate. He and the crew would parachute to safety, prisoners of war but alive. But that would mean leaving an unconscious man behind to die alone, and Brown refused to do that.

Mercifully, though, he realized as he coaxed the massive plane along at 135mph, barely above its stalling speed, the German fighters had disappeared. They must have seen the bomber — part of the U.S. Air Force based in eastern England — plummeting to earth that day in December, 1943, and ticked off another kill before returning to base.

There was a faint chance, then, they might make it home after all, even though, as his flight engineer now reported after an inspection of the plane’s blood-spattered interior,  ‘we’re chewed to pieces, the hydraulics are bleeding, the left stabilizer is all but gone and there are holes in the fuselage big enough to climb through’.

In the distance, agonisingly close, Brown could see the German coastline, and ahead of that the North Sea and open skies back to England. Spirits rose — until a glance behind revealed a fast-moving speck, a lone Me109, getting bigger and bigger by the second, closing in.


As Stigler came up behind the bomber he could not believe its condition. How was it still flying? Nor, strangely, was there any gunfire from the stricken plane to try to ward him off. That was explained as, inching closer, he saw the slumped body of the rear gunner.

Veering alongside, he could see the other guns were out of action too, the radio room had been blown apart and the nose had gone. Even more startlingly, through the lattice work of bullet holes, he glimpsed members of the crew, huddled together, helping their wounded.

He could make out their ashen faces, their fear and their courage. His finger eased from the trigger. He just couldn’t do it, he realised.

He was an experienced fighter pilot. He’d fought the Allies in the skies over North Africa, Italy and now Germany. This bomber he was cruising alongside was just one plane out of the countless air armadas that had been pulverizing his homeland night and day for three years, wiping out factories and cities, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians.

And yet . . .

Stigler was struggling with a dilemma. He was not content just to ease back and let the bomber escape. He was now determined to save it and the men on board. 

Stigler saw himself as an honorable man, a knight of the skies — not an assassin. The first time he flew in combat was with a much admired officer of the old school, who told him, ‘You shoot at a machine, not a man. You score “victories”, not “kills”.

‘A man may be tempted to fight dirty to survive, but honor is everything. You follow the rules of war for you, not for your enemy. You fight by rules to keep your humanity. So you never shoot your enemy if he is floating down on a parachute. If I ever see you doing that, I will shoot you down myself.’

The message hardly chimed with the ruthless Nazi mentality that had gripped Germany and its armed forces under Hitler. Nor with a war being fought with such savagery on many fronts.

But it chimed with Stigler, who had never bought into Nazi philosophy or joined the party. He prided himself in fighting by this code. It never mattered more than here and now, flying side by side with a helpless enemy over northern Germany.

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Archaeologists say they’ve found one of King David’s palaces

image from cdn.timesofisrael.comThe discovery was made at Khirbet Qeiyafa near Beit Shemesh southwest of Jerusalem, said Professor Yossi Garfinkel of the Hebrew University and Saar Ganor of the Israel Antiquities Authority on Thursday. Over the past year, the researchers uncovered the two buildings at the site, which is believed by some to be the fortified Judean city of Shaarayim. According to the biblical record, after David smote Goliath, the Philistines were slaughtered on the road to Shaarayim as they fled. Shaarayim means “two gates,” and Khirbet Qeiyafa has two gates in its walls.

The two archaeologists identified one building as David’s palace and the other as a massive royal storeroom. The excavation of the site as a whole has stretched on for seven years.

When David would visit this important regional center, “he definitely didn’t live in a simple home,” Ganor told The Times of Israel.  More>>>>>>>>

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The Minoans were Caucasian: DNA debunks longstanding theory that Europe's first advanced culture was from Africa

Forward: The Minoans were mostly part of Isreal. Two modern authors who have examined the Minoan culture are Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe. Their books The Warriors and the Bankers and The Knights Templar Revealed, furnish us with a new understanding of Cretan or Minoan civilization that so closely resembles that of the ancient Irish. Regrettably, like so many researchers throughout the ages, Butler and Dafoe do not consider anything but the East to West transit of the elements of civilization. That the reverse situation could have occurred is, alas, a question that does not enter their minds even though their own discoveries, when seen from the correct perspective, strongly support the theory. Some of their key discoveries regarding the Cretans and the world's powerful secret societies, considerably strengthen our own controversial theories regarding the importance of the Irish Druids (the Arya) in world history. (source)

A Minoan fresco of children boxing: New DNA analysis has debunked the theory that the Minoans were refugees from North Africa

A Minoan fresco of children boxing: New DNA analysis has debunked the theory that the Minoans were refugees from North Africa

DNA analysis has debunked the longstanding theory that the Minoans, who some 5,000 years ago established Europe's first advanced Bronze Age culture, were from Africa. The Minoan civilisation arose on the Mediterranean island of Crete in approximately the 27th century BC and flourished for 12 centuries until the 15th century BC.


But the culture was lost until British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans unearthed its remains on Crete in 1900, where he found vestiges of a civilisation he believed was formed by refugees from northern Egypt. Modern archaeologists have cast doubt on that version of events, and now DNA tests of Minoan remains suggests they were descended from ancient farmers who settled the islands thousands of years earlier. These people, it is believed, are from the same stock that came from the East to populate the rest of Europe.

Evans set to work on Crete in 1900 with a team of archaeologists soon after the island was liberated from the yoke of the Ottoman empire, almost immediately unearthing a great palace.  He named the civilisation he discovered after the legendary Greek king Minos and, based on likenesses between Minoan artifacts and those from Egypt and Libya, proposed that its founders migrated into the area from North Africa.

Since then, other archaeologists have suggested that the Minoans may have come from other regions, possibly Turkey, the Balkans, or the Middle East. But now a joint U.S. and Greek team has made a mitochondrial DNA analysis of Minoan skeletal remains to determine the likely ancestors of the ancient people.

Mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of cells, contain their own DNA, or genetic code, and because mitochondrial DNA is passed down from mothers to their children via the human egg, it contains information about maternal ancestry.

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Jurors at Raw Milk Trial Befriend Hershberger; Feel Misled and Haunted by Case

Unlikely friends? Vernon, wife, jurors
Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

If you've been paying attention to the details of Vernon Hershberger's trial, the bigger picture is completely insane. The final result was a less punitive fine of $1,000 and $513 in court costs that a supporter covered on Vernon's sentencing day. He was found not guilty on three criminal charges relating to lack of licensing to distribute fresh foods, and guilty on the last count of breaking a food holding order. The jury members, however, are feeling jilted.

Hat's off to author David Gumpert for always being there when a farmer like Vernon is on the stand - and we can always count on him to pick up all the interesting nuances that often get overlooked in news stories.

He follows up on the trial by documenting the reactions of the jurors now that the State aggression has come to an end - hopefully forever in Vernon's case. But it's not over for them, not a chance. They feel lied to and railroaded into potentially jailing and fining a peaceful farmer. The State slight of hand actually succeeded in drawing more attention to food freedom and the benefits of nutritionally dense foods.

The jury has now caught on to the crazy cover-up tactics listed below...

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