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Parts of Utah Ban on Polygamy Struck Down

The title card for Sister Wives, a TLC reality...The title card for Sister Wives, a TLC reality television series about a polygamist family. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part of Utah’s ban on polygamy was struck down Wednesday after a federal judge ruled that the law violated both the First and Fourteenth amendments.  

While the ruling does not allow a Utah resident to legally marry multiple people, an individual may marry one person and live with others they consider to be spouses, the Associated Press reports. The decision was made after the Browns, the polygamous family from the TLC television series “Sister Wives,” filed a lawsuit in 2011 that asked federal courts to decriminalize the practice, arguing that “intimate conduct” should not be punished as long as individuals are not breaking other laws such as child abuse, rape and incest. Kody Brown, who has four wives, told the Las Vegas Sun that his family is “Fundamentalist Mormons,” a term roundly rejected by the official Mormon church, which strongly opposes polygamy -- despite its well-known polygamist origins.  More>>>>>>