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What does the Bible say about someone who commits suicide?

After the Death of Robin Williams- Many wonder.........

This is published by The United Church of God


Will people who commit suicide have a chance at salvation?


The Bible records some examples of people committing suicide. While we find no commentary with these incidences, it’s covered in principle in the Sixth Commandment . Suicide is an act of murder. (We recommend that you read the section on this commandment in our booklet The Ten Commandments .)


While there can be no doubt that taking one’s life is wrong, suicide is often a complex matter. Perhaps others are quick to judge and condemn people who take their own lives. But we should avoid the tendency to oversimplify this tragic type of death. Individuals who commit suicide often have been struggling with serious problems, such as depression, alcoholism or other forms of drug abuse. Taking one’s life isn’t the right way to deal with any trial, but the people who do are likely not thinking clearly.


Is there hope for them to live again? God says He will resurrect all the dead (John:5:28-29

), and we know that God wants everyone to have a full chance to repent and be forgiven and to be saved (2 Peter:3:9; 1 Timothy:2:4). The Bible shows that those who did not understand God’s spiritual truth during their lifetimes will have another chance at life, a chance to deal with their problems better. By resurrecting them, God isn’t giving them a second chance at salvation, but rather their only chance. See our Frequently Asked Question, “Will everyone have a chance for salvation? ” for more information about this needful and little understood truth—the second resurrection.


We know that the families and friends of people who “succeed” in committing suicide often suffer terribly, as they struggle to understand why their loved one died in this way. The survivors need a great deal of understanding and comfort.


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