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CNBC's Jim Cramer: Almost every market 'rigged'

Mad MoneyMad Money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TPT:  It doesn't take much to realize that market swings of 300 points a day is totally rigged, and insider are getting rich...


From CNBC:


CNBC’s Jim Cramer: Almost every market ‘rigged’


From Feb. 10 broadcast of CNBC’s “Mad Money”:


Caller: There seems to be a currency crisis in the world. Gold is soaring in every currency but the U.S. Is there a conspiracy here to keep gold down?


And Goldcorp, which is one of the best gold stocks, is giving a dividend greater than the 10-year treasury. What is your recommendation going forward on Goldcorp and the miners?


Jim Cramer: There would have been a time when I would have laughed about the conspiracy thing, but I can’t anymore. Doesn’t it seem that everything has been rigged? The currency has been rigged, the bonds have been rigged, Libor was rigged. What didn’t they rig?


Oil they rigged, natural gas they rigged, so did they rig gold? You know what, I’m going to say I don’t know. Hey, maybe they have. Maybe that’s the next big Justice Department investigation. In the meantime, I like Randgold. You know what, maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s rigged.


Listen to audio of Jim Cramer on CNBC’s “Mad Money” here: