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NASCAR driver Kurt Busch will NOT be charged of abuse

image from i.dailymail.co.ukNASCAR driver Kurt Busch will not face criminal charges after his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll claimed he grabbed her by the throat and slammed her head into a wall three times.  

But the state attorney general's office has now said it could not establish 'beyond a reasonable doubt' that Busch committed a crime during the September incident.

Last month Busch was indefinitely suspended from NASCAR after Driscoll was granted a 'protection from abuse' order from the Delaware Family Court. 

Busch has lost two rounds of appeals for his reinstatement and has missed the first two races of the season, but officials said he will be following their recommended guidelines to be eligible in the future. 

His attorney Jim Liguori said Busch knew 'all along' he was going to be exonerated and that Driscoll tried to destroy the racecar driver's image in the press.

'But the truth wins out,' he said. 'The truth is its own defense.' 

Driscoll's attorney Carolyn McNeice said they were disappointed with the state attorney general's decision, but that it only made the no-contact order from the family court 'that much more important'. 

Under the order, Busch is not allowed to buy or possess firearms or ammunition, must undergo evaluation for 'mental health problems related to anger control', and must stay 100 yards away from Driscoll - with the exception of NASCAR races and related events - for one year. 

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