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Teen rugby player takes stand for Sabbath

First edition of The Present Truth magazine (n...First edition of The Present Truth magazine (now the Adventist Review). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(ADVENTIST REVIEW) — A 15-year-old rugby player who risked his sports dreams by taking a stand for the Sabbath will still get to play in England’s main rugby stadium after the match’s date was unexpectedly moved to a weekday.

Eddisson Munoz, an up-and-coming rugby player in Wakefield, a city 160 miles (260 kilometers) northwest of London, faced a dilemma after studying the Bible for a year with an Adventist church elder and his wife and deciding that he wanted to get baptized in May.

Rugby and Sabbath worship can come into conflict with each other because matches are often scheduled for Saturdays.

Moreover, Munoz’s team at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School played exceptionally well this season and had a shot at reaching the national school finals, which are played at London’s 82,000-seat Twickenham Stadium, known as the home of England rugby. The finals have been held on Saturdays in previous years.