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The Sabbath and Seventh-Day Adventist

Beyond The Days
The popularity of Dr. Benjamin Carson has brought much attention to his church.
Carson's beloved Seventh-day Adventist religion is now front page news and millions have become exposed to a movement that had been heretofore unknown to or misunderstood by most Americans. The denomination's name carries with it the two distinctive features of its faith--Seventh-day and Adventist. This American born, culturally diverse, Protestant movement is comprised of 18 million+ members living on every country of planet earth. 
The current discussion focuses largely on the first feature of that name--Seventh-day. As  is being constantly reported in the  media, Carson's Seventh-day  Adventist Church, contrary to most of Christendom, honors  the seventh day of the week (today called Saturday) as God's Sabbath. It's position is consistent with the Biblical record  to all humanity at creation (Genesis 2:1-3). 

The 7th  day  was  honored  by  the  prophets and uplifted by Jesus Christ (Luke  4:16). It was practiced by the apostles and upheld by the early church. God promises that it will be kept in the earth made new (Isaiah 64:23). 

But why do most of Christendom keep Sunday, the first day of the week, instead of the seventh day that has been bequeathed to all humanity as an eternal memorial by Creator God? Is this just a matter one's preference, or is there a deeper, more crucial issue at stake? Find out here.