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ISIS Says There’s Only One Country They Fear - It's not Us!

A German journalist who spent 10 days with the Islamic State group and came out unharmed told a British Jewish news site that the jihadist fighters told him that the only country they fear is Israel.

German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer (Facebook profile photo)

German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer (Facebook profile photo) 

“They told me they know the Israeli army is too strong for them,” journalist and former member of German parliament Jurgen Todenhofer told the U.K.’s Jewish News.

“They are not scared of the British and the Americans,” Todenhofer said. “They are scared of the Israelis and told me the Israeli army is the real danger.” He added that Israel Defense Forces can fight a guerrilla war.

The journalist said that the Islamist militants told him they hope to lure Western forces into Iraq and Syria where they could then kidnap American and British soldiers.

“They think they can defeat U.S. and U.K. ground troops, who they say they have no experience in city guerrilla or terrorist strategies,” Todenhofer said. “But they know the Israelis are very tough as far as fighting against guerrillas and terrorists.”

Todenhofer told Jewish News that the Islamic State was “preparing the largest religious cleansing in history” and that while they are prepared to accept Christian and Jewish citizens in exchange for the payment of a jizya tax, the fate for Shi’ite Muslims is death.

“They kill all the Shia Muslims they can get their hands on,” he said. “I asked them … if they were prepared to kill every Shia Muslim, and they scoffed: ‘150 million or 500 million, we don’t care, it’s only a technical problem for us. We are ready to do that.’” MORE

Chicago: why cops shoot first and ask questions later

The family and friends of a grandmother who was 'accidentally' shot dead by Chicago Police have said it is time for cops to ask questions instead of shooting first.

Bettie Jones, 55, and Quintonio LeGrier, 19, died during a domestic disturbance on Saturday.

Jones was a neighbor of LeGrier's and lived in a first-floor apartment with her boyfriend. 

'The 55-year-old female victim was accidentally struck and tragically killed,' a police statement released Saturday afternoon read. The department extends its deepest condolences to the victim's family and friends.' 

Jacqueline Walker, a friend of Jones, asked why police 'shoot first and ask questions later.' Police should use stun guns or other nonlethal methods instead, Walker said at a news conference outside the West Side residence where the victims lived. 

Jones, a mother of five who had hosted family for Christmas, and LeGrier, a college student home for holiday break, were pronounced dead at hospitals, according to relatives and the Cook County medical examiner's office. 

Scroll down for video 

Bettie Jones
Bettie Jones

Mother-of-five Bettie Jones, 55, was pronounced dead at Loretto Hospital at 4.51am after being shot by police

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Christmas in Early America

From an article in

image from i.ytimg.comAs one can see, what FOX won't tell you, the really was a war on Christmas - for the first 200 years! When many states, OUTLAWED the Pagan Holiday....

here is the article: 

Christmas in Early America


In America's early years, the celebration of Christmas was a subject of heated debate among Christians, and the lines between the opposing views were drawn largely according to church affiliation. Those from the High Church (e.g., Anglicans, Catholics, Episcopalians, etc., which practiced a more formal tradition of worship), tended to support Christmas celebrations, while those from the Low Church (e.g., Congregationalists, Baptists, Quakers, etc., which practiced a more informal mode of worship), tended to oppose that celebration.

The views of the two sides had largely been shaped by their own history in Europe. For example, the High Church, which had been the church of Europe for centuries before the first colonists came to America, celebrated Christmas. However, those from the Low Church had been persecuted by the High Church, particularly by the Catholic and Anglican Church, so the Low Church saw no reason that they should copy the festival of those that had so harshly persecuted them.

Interestingly, when European colonists came to America, those affiliated with the High Churches tended to settle in southern colonies such as Virginia, Maryland, and Carolina, while colonists from the Low Churches more frequently settled in northern colonies such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the Virginia colony- affiliated with the Anglican Church- began celebrating Christmas from its very beginnings under Governor John Smith, but the Pilgrims and Puritans of Massachusetts- affiliated with the Congregational Church- refused to celebrate that day. In fact, their opposition to Christmas was so strong that for almost two centuries in Massachusetts, Christmas celebrations were not only discouraged but even forbidden by law.

The first state to make Christmas a state holiday was Louisiana (a southern state with a Catholic tradition) in 1837- a time when the resistance to Christmas in the north was just beginning to weaken. By the 1840s and 1850s, many more states began recognizing the holiday, and by 1870, Christmas celebrations had become so accepted that Christmas was even recognized by the federal government as a holiday.

The Christmas Sermon below was delivered in 1844- a time when the celebration was still a subject of hot debate among Christians across the nation. Preached by Robert Hallam, rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Connecticut (an area of the country still very resistant to recognitions of Christmas), the sermon is an apologetic in favor of Christmas celebrations. It addresses the arguments against celebrating Christmas and presents arguments in favor of such celebrations. See for more info!


Is this where Jesus performed The Miracle of the Swine?

Archeology Proves The Bible Right Again...

Is this where Jesus performed The Miracle of the Swine? 1,600-year-old Hebrew slab points

Archaeologists believe the the 1,600-year-old marble slab (shown) with Hebrew inscriptions marks the location of Kursi - a Gentile district on the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee. The slab measures 55 inches by 26 inches (140cm by 70cm). According to the Bible, the Land of the Gederenes - believed to be Kursi - is the site of the Miracle of the Swine where Jesus exorcised a possessed man of demons (illustrated top right). Experts at the University of Haifa, Israel, with the Antiquities Authority and the Nature and Parks Authority, are now trying to decipher the slab (unearthed bottom right), which is engraved in the Aramaic language in Hebrew letters. They have so far identified the words 'amen' and 'marmaria,' which could either refer to marble, Mary or Rabbi. Is this where Jesus performed The Miracle of the Swine? 1,600-year-old Hebrew slab points to the site of Kursi where Christ exorcised a man possessed by demons

Chuck Hagel: "Obama betrayed the United States"

, U.S. Senator from Nebraska., U.S. Senator from Nebraska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has told Foreign Policy Obama betrayed the United States when he ordered the Pentagon to stand down on a retaliatory strike against Damascus in response to the Ghouta chemical attack.

Obama had declared a “red line” on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but “Assad did it anyway, and Hagel had spent the day approving final plans for a barrage of Tomahawk cruise missile strikes against Damascus. U.S. naval destroyers were in the Mediterranean, awaiting orders to fire,” Foreign Policy reported on Friday.

Instead of green lighting the attack, “Obama told a stunned Hagel to stand down. Assad’s Aug. 21 chemical attack in a Damascus suburb had killed hundreds of civilians, but the president said the United States wasn’t going to take any military action against the Syrian government. The president had decided to ignore his own red line—a decision, Hagel believes, that dealt a severe blow to the credibility of both Obama and the United States.”

We now know al-Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack. Days after the attack Dale Gavlak and Yahya Ababneh, freelance reporters for the Associated Press interviewed doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families. They presented a different picture than the one pushed by the Obama administration and headlined by the corporate media. MORE

Can the Pope Forgive Sins?

Following the pope's forceful admonition, the nations of the world have agreed that we do have a monumental problem with the environment. This decision, made at Climate Change conference in Paris, was announced almost simultaneously with Francis declaring that he was opening the 'door of mercy for one year' so that men/women can be forgiven of their sins and receive salvation from him and his priests. This is in celebration of his previously announced Year of Jubilee.
Pope Francis opens door at Vatican
Jesus Christ, however, long ago declared that He is the Only  Door of Mercy (John 10:9; 14:6; Acts 4:12). The Apostle Paul assures us, "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" 
(1 Timothy 2:5). Then he encourages us, "Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession. For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:14-16). This is a 24/7/365 operation.
But who is right: Paul, Peter, and Jesus or the pope of Rome? You decide.

Why Jesus Came

Today, many are engulfed in celebrating December 25th, ostensibly, in recognition of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. However, the main focus, as my Chinese friend observed, is on Santa Claus, evergreen trees, mistletoes, worldly merriment, and gift giving one to the other. 
Baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph
A recent survey from the well recognized LifeWay Research organization addressed this issue. It revealed that 8 out of 10 Christians believe that Christmas should be more about Jesus. The implication is that not too many see much of Jesus in Christmas. Yet others refuse to have anything to do with Christmas because of its pagan roots. Many faith groups have, or are moving away from Christmas as they could see no Biblical basis for it. Their basic argument is, recognizing the birth of Jesus is one thing; but Christmas is quite another.
Few, even among Christians, fail to recognize why He came. But, for what purpose did He really come? Find out here.

Tammy and Bob Barney Thru The Years - Dec 17

Dec 17 - our anniversary 34 years


First Published Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The Barney's


This is me at a young age, can't find the one of Tammy we have floating around...

Here is Tammy just before we got married! This is a bad photo, we were in the Bahamas at the time... She had a bad sunburn!!
Below is Tammy and Joe Kovacs' sister in Hollywood Fl. 1981 

"Tamster" (my oldest daughter Tammy Miller) and me in 1984

Tammy and the girls about 1988!!! In Jupiter Farms Florida
Vacation at Tahoe! 1994

Me, Joe Kovacs and the Kids! 1995

Home sweet home, Jupiter Farms Fl '85-96
 Tammy 2009! (AT SNS, thanks Paul Robinson) 

BOB with granddaughter Isabelle and grandson Jacob (2013-Summer)

 Tammy Fall 2013 in Strasburg Pa.

Tammy and me in Strasburg Pa. Fall 2013

The Whole Family (VIDEO) in 2012 in OBX (Sunset Grill)

Tammy and Bob in Lancaster area 2015
AT THE BEACH (Hollywood) where we were married 34 years ago TODAY


Wake Up, America!

Douglas MacArthurCover of Douglas MacArthur

To my Fellow Americans, I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within” - General Douglas MacArthur.

What exactly did General MacArthur mean? Let me try to explain. The United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic based on liberty and the unalienable rights of the individual; and where the government exercised it’s limited power and authority with the consent of “We the people”. But slowly, over the course of the past 100 years, “invisible” forces have turned us into a socialist “Democracy” where government is the Ultimate power and authority; where every action of our lives is legislated and restricted, and where Rights are becoming nonexistent. (If that sounds like an absurd statement, then think about this: the United States, a supposed Free society, has a population of 300 Million; yet this Free society has a total of 2.3 million adults held in prison; or one in every 99.1 adults. That puts the US far head of ANY other country: including Communist China, a supposed repressive society. China has a population of 1.3 Billion people, yet they have only 1.5 million people behind bars).

To those who believe that we continue to be a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, and that the government is limited in it's power and authority as enumerated in the Constitution, I say take the blinders off your eyes and wake up! If you do, and honestly seek the truth, this is what you will see. That today the true seat of Power in Washington is the “Invisible Government”, which exercises its total control from behind the scenes. Who is this Invisible Government? It is a small elite group of individuals who own and control the Giant International Banks and Corporations, and who exercise their control through the Military-Industrial Complex. Through their foundations and organizations, like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission , they train and groom those who would be the “movers and shakers” of both U.S. political parties; in other words, they own and control the Republican and Democratic parties.

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Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. Lietuvių: Fra...Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. Lietuvių: Franklinas Delanas Ruzveltas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


An Interview with Robert B. Stinnett by Douglas Cirignano

On November 25, 1941 Japan’s Admiral Yamamoto sent a radio message to the group of Japanese warships that would attack Pearl Harbor on December 7. Newly released naval records prove that from November 17 to 25 the United States Navy intercepted eighty-three messages that Yamamoto sent to his carriers. Part of the November 25 message read: “...the task force, keeping its movements strictly secret and maintaining close guard against submarines and aircraft, shall advance into Hawaiian waters, and upon the very opening of hostilities shall attack the main force of the United States fleet in Hawaii and deal it a mortal blow...”

One might wonder if the theory that President Franklin Roosevelt had a foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack would have been alluded to in this summer’s movie, Pearl Harbor. Since World War II many people have suspected that Washington knew the attack was coming. When Thomas Dewey was running for president against Roosevelt in 1944 he found out about America’s ability to intercept Japan’s radio messages, and thought this knowledge would enable him to defeat the popular FDR. In the fall of that year, Dewey planned a series of speeches charging FDR with foreknowledge of the attack. Ultimately, General George Marshall, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, persuaded Dewey not to make the speeches. Japan’s naval leaders did not realize America had cracked their codes, and Dewey’s speeches could have sacrificed America’s code-breaking advantage. So, Dewey said nothing, and in November FDR was elected president for the fourth time.

Now, though, according to Robert Stinnett, author of Simon & Schuster’s Day Of Deceit, we have the proof. Stinnett’s book is dedicated to Congressman John Moss, the author of America’s Freedom of Information Act. According to Stinnett, the answers to the mysteries of Pearl Harbor can be found in the extraordinary number of documents he was able to attain through Freedom of Information Act requests. Cable after cable of decryptions, scores of military messages that America was intercepting, clearly showed that Japanese ships were preparing for war and heading straight for Hawaii. Stinnett, an author, journalist, and World War II veteran, spent sixteen years delving into the National Archives. He poured over more than 200,000 documents, and conducted dozens of interviews. This meticulous research led Stinnet to a firmly held conclusion: FDR knew.  Read the rest

Keep Watching Europe!

An orthographic projection of the world, highl...          (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Germany is on top, and Britain is on its way out. What will happen next on the Continent. Two regions catapulted their way into our lives in 2011. The average man on the street suddenly became very aware—and very concerned—about such things as Arab balances of power, European bond issues and what side of the bed the Germans woke up on. In the European Union, Britain went from a counterweight to deadweight.

“Twenty years after the Maastricht Treaty, which was designed not just to integrate Europe but to contain the might of a united Germany, Berlin—and Mrs. Merkel—had effectively united Europe under its control, with Britain all but shut out.”

That remarkable quote recently appeared in the New York Times. It is doubly electrifying because it is something Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied of way back in 1956: “Germany will lead and dominate the coming United States of Europe. But Britain will be no part of it!”

Whether you read the Times in December or the Plain Truth 56 years ago, you are living in a new reality. Britain is on the fast track out of the EU, and Germany dominates Europe.

Read the Entire Story HERE

The Pope and Bible Prophecy

Pope Francis: Presidents and Prime Ministers are seeking him out for advice. politicians and pundits are intrigued by him. Nobles and Statesmen are gravitating towards him. diplomats and despots are mesmerized by him. The press can't seem to have enough of him. The common folk are flocking to him. 
Much of the religious world perceives him as something of a savior who can rescue the planet from man-inflicted desecration and save the human family from its steady decline to  an apparent destiny with fatal destruction.
Francis meets with Christians and Muslims
As supreme head of one of the world's largest and longest surviving religious organizations, His Holiness, as so many call him, has amassed a massive treasure trove of good-will capital which is being well spent in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Read on

Why did God order obliteration of ancient Canaanites?

Has the U.S. Supreme Court placed America on a collision course with the Almighty with its 5-4 decision to legitimize same-sex marriages, putting it on equal footing with traditional marriage in all 50 states?

This is a question over which biblical scholars are engaged in a fierce debate.

On the one side are those liberal theologians who see the biblical texts as simply the words of men trying to interpret the mind of God. In their minds, the meaning of these words are highly fluid and subject to change as humanity evolves and “progresses.”

But conservative scholars take a different approach. They look at the grand sweep of human history and see foreboding examples of whole societies wiped away mainly because of two things: their sacrificing of children to idols and their deviant sexual practices.

In fact, it’s difficult to find any civilization that experimented with “marriage equality” and left any written record of how the experiment turned out in the long run.

The U.S. on June 26 became the world’s 17th country to grant full marriage rights to homosexual couples. But the modern movement for “marriage equality” is not even two decades old.

gay-revolutionIt wasn’t until 2001 that the Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage. And there’s no written record of any civilization that redefined marriage to include two people of the same gender, “even though we know that homosexual practice has existed for millennia,” notes Michael Brown, who holds a Ph.D from New York University in near Eastern languages and literature and is the author of more than 25 books including his newest, “Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Where Homosexual Activism is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide.”


Continue reading "Why did God order obliteration of ancient Canaanites? " »

Terror in California - Obama's Legacy Continues to Kill and Maim

'Devout' US citizen and his Saudi wife left their baby at home to storm office holiday party with automatic weapons and slaughter 14 of his colleagues before dying in bloody police shoot-out

San Bernadino shooting suspects identified as Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik

UPDATED Syed Rizwan Farook (pictured inset), who is U.S.-born, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were killed in a gun battle with police after the mass shooting at a government holiday party held at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. Relatives have said the two were married. San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said Farook, 28, an environmental specialist with the county health department, had attended the party, but left 'angry'. He said a motive is not yet known, but said there did seem to be 'some degree of planning involved' in the attack. He added Farook and Malik were in a relationship, but is it not clear if they were married or engaged. Farook was an environmental specialist with the county health department who sometimes worked at the Inland Regional Center. Farook had reportedly recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, where he married a woman he had met online. Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), says the couple left their baby with family Wednesday morning and never returned. Farook's brother-in-law Farhan Khan spoke at a press conference held at the offices of the CAIR in Anaheim to say he was stunned to hear of his relative's involvement in the shooting. Khan, who is married to Farook's sister, said he last spoke to him about a week ago. He said he had 'absolutely no idea why he would do this. I am shocked myself.' MORE:  'Devout' US citizen and his Saudi wife left their baby at home to storm office holiday party with automatic weapons and slaughter 14 of his colleagues before dying in bloody police shoot-out


Terrifying moment San Bernardino gunman and his wife opened fire and 'threw pipe bombs' at police in chase through suburbs

The Real Terrorist: 'We should never think that this is something that just happens': Obama hammers home gun control message in response to San Bernardino mass-shooting

'The gunmen fired at random, stopped to reload, then fired again': Survivors of the San Bernardino shooting describe how 14 people were killed at their Christmas party


Surprise! Trump was right about cheering Muslims in NJ after all?


once again the media lied and has been exposed

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

A newly emerged CBS News video from 2001 flies in the face of the national media pointing fingers at Donald Trump, accusing him of lying about the reports of thousands of Muslims cheering on rooftops after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The video, from September 16, 2001, from WCBS-TV, the CBS owned and operated station in New York City, actually reports something virtually identical – that “swarms” of Muslims cheered from rooftops over the terrorist attacks that killed and injured thousands of Americans.

As Breitbart found, the CBS newsman said in the video: “Just a couple of blocks away from that Jersey City apartment, the FBI raided yesterday and had evidence removed, there is another apartment building, one that investigators told me, quote, ‘was swarming with suspects’ — suspects who I’m told were cheering on the roof when they saw the planes slam into the Trade Center. Police were called to the building by neighbors and found eight men celebrating, six of them tenants in the building.”

Watch the WCBS-TV report from September, 16, 2001:


It didn't start with ISIS!

Details about the Palestinians and Israelis in the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre emerge

The horrifying new details of the cruelty the 11 athletes went through have been revealed by Ankie Spitzer and Illna Romano (top right), the widows of two teammates who were slain in the massacre, for the documentary Munich 1972 & Beyond. Documents and photographs after the deadly attack on the Olympic Village were initially covered up by German police, creating speculation as to how they treated by their captors. Twenty years later, they learned the details of what their loved ones went through. Now they are sharing the grisly information in a bid to get the victims the recognition they deserve. Ms Roman's husband Yossef, a wrestler, was mutilated inside one of the rooms. The pictures of him, she claims, have changed the way she remembers him. Read More :Revealed: Palestinian terrorists tortured Israeli hostages before 1972 Munich Olympic massacre - including castrating one athlete while others watched