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Black Death was spread by air not by rats

The Black Death rapidly spread along the major...The Black Death rapidly spread along the major European sea and land trade routes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has long been thought the Black Death, the plague that decimated the population of Britain in the mid-14th century, was spread by fleas carried on rats.


The scientists were shocked to discover that the two samples were an almost perfect match, meaning the 14th century plague was no more virulent than it is today.


They believe that for such a disease to have spread so quickly and cause so much damage it must have been spread by coughs and sneezes, getting into the lungs of its already weak and malnourished victims.


Dr Tim Brooks from Public Health England in Porton Down where the research was carried out, told the Guardian: 'As an explanation [rat fleas] for the Black Death in its own right, it simply isn't good enough.  

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However, 25 skeletons recently unearthed in Clerkenwell, London, believed to be of plague victims, have cast doubt on this age-old theory and provided evidence that they deadly disease may have, in fact, been airborne.

The DNA of the remains was compared to samples from an outbreak in Madagascar, in 2012, which killed 60 people.

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English: President Barack Obama and Vice Presi...English: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden with the members of the Supreme Court and retiring justice David Souter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia could not have died in a more corrupt county than Presidio Co., Texas.

In fact, the Hollywood violent thriller “No Country for Old Men” was partially filmed at the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia is said to have died in his sleep from “natural causes,” reportedly a heart attack, sometime during the evening of Friday, February 12.

Scalia flew to the ranch’s private airport on a charter, arriving around noon on Friday. 

The identities of the other guests staying at the ranch with Scalia has also remained a closely-guarded secret.

Scalia’s body was viewed by Poindexter, Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez, and U.S. Marshal Ken Roberts.

A U.S. Border Patrol car also arrived at the scene. Dominguez is a 20-year incumbent.

His Democratic primary challenger in the upcoming primary election, former deputy sheriff Caesar Melendez, says Dominguez is incompetent and owned-and-operated by special interests in the county. Melendez said that sudden or unattended deaths like that of Scalia are always treated as homicides until deemed otherwise from collected evidence, including, at a minimum, an eyes-on inquest. Scalia’s family requested that no autopsy be performed but Texas law requires a legitimate medical inquest, which was not conducted in Scalia’s case.

The funeral director who embalmed Scalia said it is standard procedure to flush bodily fluids, including blood and urine, into the municipal sewage system. Sheriff candidate Melendez said that is not the normal procedure in Presidio County where Scalia died because with a high water table there is always the potential for contamination from sewage system leeching potentially dangerous fluids into the fresh water supply.

Arid desert counties like Presidio take clean water seriously. Someone obviously wanted Scalia moved out of Presidio County to El Paso where there would be no trace of blood or other bodily fluids that could have later yielded clues as to what drugs were in his system when he died.


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What Have We Learned From Stalin, Mao, Hitler?

Freedom of Speech from the Four Freedoms serie...Freedom of Speech from the Four Freedoms series by Norman Rockwell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lev Navrozov

Support of freedom comes foremost from those who need freedom in order to create or to work independently.

For 40 years, neither I nor my wife had even dreamed about something as crazy as the “first emigration of Soviet people” arranged by “our Soviet state” about 40 years ago.

In the United States, which welcomed us, immigrants from Soviet Russia, my mission was to reveal to mankind (and first of all the English-speaking people) something crucial for their survival, and especially the need to preserve their freedom. Thank God, my wife and I were lucky to have had such profound knowledge of English, something to which both of us had devoted our lives back in Russia.

Freedom of speech as practiced by the English-speaking people allows freedom of expression, except what the court of justice may find slanderous to others. I embarked on my lecture tours of the English-speaking countries, and in particular these United States, delivering my views on the sociology of freedom versus that of slavery.   Read The Story Here

The Crude Gift! Low Oil Prices

Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters

photograph of the justices, cropped to show Ju...photograph of the justices, cropped to show Justice Scalia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died 11 days ago at a West Texas ranch, he was among high-ranking members of an exclusive fraternity for hunters called the International Order of St. Hubertus, an Austrian society that dates back to the 1600s.

After Scalia’s death Feb. 13, the names of the 35 other guests at the remote resort, along with details about Scalia’s connection to the hunters, have remained largely unknown. A review of public records shows that some of the men who were with Scalia at the ranch are connected through the International Order of St. Hubertus, whose members gathered at least once before at the same ranch for a celebratory weekend.

Members of the worldwide, male-only society wear dark-green robesemblazoned with a large cross and the motto “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” which means “Honoring God by honoring His creatures,” according to the group’s website. Some hold titles, such as Grand Master, Prior and Knight Grand Officer. The Order’s name is in honor of Hubert, the patron saint of hunters and fishermen.   MORE


How Big Pharma greed is killing tens of thousands around the world

The Queen's former doctor has called for an urgent public enquiry into drugs firms’ ‘murky’ practices.

Sir Richard Thompson, former-president of the Royal College of Physicians and personal doctor to the Queen for 21 years, warned tonight that many medicines are less effective than thought.

The physician is one of a group of six eminent doctors who today warn about the influence of pharmaceutical companies on drugs prescribing.

The experts, led by NHS cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, claim that too often patients are given useless – and sometimes harmful – drugs that they do not need.

They maintain drugs companies are developing medicines they can profit from, rather than those which are likely to be the most beneficial.

And they accuse the NHS of failing to stand up to the pharmaceutical giants.

Too much medicine is doing more harm than good - and costing hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide, leading experts have warned. They maintain drugs companies are developing medicines they can profit from, rather than those which are likely to be the most beneficial

Sir Richard said: ‘The time has come for a full and open public enquiry into the way evidence of the efficacy of drugs is obtained and revealed. 

'There is real danger that some current drug treatments are much less effective than had previously been thought.’

He said the campaign highlights the ‘often weak and sometimes murky basis on which the efficacy and use of drugs, particularly in the elderly, are judged’.

Writing for MailOnline, Dr Malhotra says commercial conflicts of interest are contributing to an ‘epidemic of misinformed doctors and misinformed patients in the UK and beyond’.

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Pregnant secretary of Pope Francis found dead in her Rome apartment

Looks like Natural Death.......

pope francis

Case: Pope Francis' pregnant receptionist has been found dead

The Pope's pregnant receptionist has been found dead in her apartment on the outskirts of the city.

Miriam Wuolou, a 34-year-old of Eritrean origin, was seven-months pregnant when her body was discovered.

She had worked at Pope Francis' home and a priests' guesthouse called Santa Marta for years.

The Italian press reports she worked as a kind of gatekeeper for the Pontiff, as well as for the bishops and cardinals who stay there.

The Pope opted to live at the Santa Marta guesthouse after his appointment in 2013, rejecting the grand papal apartments because he found them too sumptuous and he feared isolation.  MORE

Why Organ Donations are killing people!

The untold story here is that doctors push the limit when people are dead to harvest organs! check out this link on more stories before you sign that organ donor card: Son awakens from 'brain-dead' state after gun-toting dad engages in three-hour armed standoff with police to block doctors from pulling the plug

Parents of Uber shooting victim Abigail Kopf, 14, who was declared dead speak out

NEW The parents of 14-year-old Abigail Kopf who was mistakenly declared dead after being wounded in a weekend shooting rampage in Michigan say their daughter is fighting for her life. Kopf's parents, Vicki and Gene Kopf, held an emotional press conference Monday night along with the medical director of Bronson Children's Hospital where Abigail has been undergoing treatment since Saturday. Dr. Aaron Lane-Davies told reporters the teen is on a ventilator and is in critical condition.

'She's fighting for her life': The miracle Uber shooting victim, 14, who was declared dead but then squeezed her mother's hand


Perhaps you didn’t know that the Saudis already have nukes!

So if Saudi Arabia, Turkey and their Sunni allies do decide to conduct a full-blown ground invasion of Syria, could someone ultimately decide to use nuclear weapons when their backs get pushed up against a wall?  As you read this article, there are thousands of military vehicles and hundreds of thousands of troops massed along the southern border of Turkey and the northern border of Saudi Arabia.  If the command is given and those forces start streaming toward Damascus, it is inevitable that the Syrians, the Iranians, Hezbollah and the Russians would fight back.  It would literally be the start of World War 3, and the Saudis and the Turks are trying very hard to convince the United States to be involved.  But the truth is that we don’t want any part of this conflict, because it could very easily become the very first nuclear war in the history of the Middle East.

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President Bill Clinton 2007President Bill Clinton 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of President Bill Clinton’s former mistresses fears the Clinton campaign could attempt to assassinate her and stage it to appear as a suicide.

On Saturday, author and former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller, also known as Myra Belle “Sally” Miller or Sally Perdue, posted a message alerting friends that she fears for her life.

“In this election year, if you read I died….by committing suicide….don’t believe it,” Miller told friends via a Facebook post.


Niagara falls to run DRY

The American portion of the Niagara falls could temporarily go dry under a new New York State Parks proposal.

State Parks officials said diverting the water from the American falls could be necessary in order to make repair to two crumbling bridges, built upstream from the falls in the early 20th century. 

The falls could go dry within two to three years for a period of up to nine months, Parks officials told Daily Mail Online.  

The proposal was presented recently and will be discussed at a community meeting Wednesday, but it might be 'years and years' before a plan is actually set in motion, a Parks spokesman said.

'The reason we are proposing this now is we will need federal funding to go ahead, but it might be years until discussions start up,' Parks spokesman Randy Simons told Daily Mail Online.

If the plans are realized, it would not be the first time U.S. officials divert the Niagara falls. 

In 1969, engineers from the U.S. Army built a dirt-and-rock cofferdam that diverted the American section of the Niagara river into Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, drying up the American falls for the first time since the present river basin was carved out 12,000 years ago.

'The scene was just a desolate landscape of rock, debris, tree limbs and construction equipment,' Robert Borgatti, a Niagara resident who witnessed the 1969 dewatering project, told the Buffalo News



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Photo finish! Dramatic end to the Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 concluded in spectacular fashion Sunday with Denny Hamlin beating Martin Truex Jr by just 0.010 seconds and a lead of less than six inches — the closest finish in the history of the race.

Hamlin, driving for Joe Gibbs Racing, slammed across the finish line just a foot ahead of Truex after a gripping race that saw favourite Dale Earnhardt Jr spinning out after catching a rough tailwind. 

It was Hamlin's first Daytona win, and possibly the most spectacular in the sport's recent history — a true photo finish that left commentators guessing even past the last moment.

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Danny Hamlin slams past the finish line just one foot and 0.010 seconds ahead of Martin Truex Jr, marking the closest win in the history of the race
Commentators were guessing right up to — and beyond — the last moment, as Hamlin, accidentally aided shortly before byStewart-Haas Racing's Kevin Harvick, who had given him a push with his own car, zipped past the checkered flag
Third place was taken by Hamlin's teammate Kyle Busch
Victorious, Danny Hamlin celebrates his first Daytona win — and the closest in the history of the sport

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Bill Aims To Restore Consumers’ Legal Rights Stripped Away By Supreme Court Rulings

U.S. Supreme Court building.U.S. Supreme Court building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In recent years, a narrow majority of the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly sided against consumers’ access to the justice system, concluding that a 90-year-old law gives companies the authority to effectively skirt the legal system by preempting customers’ lawsuits. That’s why some legislators have decided it’s time to change that law.

Back in 1925, Congress passed the Federal Arbitration Act. That law says that, when both parties to a contract agree to settle their disputes in binding arbitration — as opposed to a court of law, neither party can later try to force the other into having that matter settled in the legal system.

A spate of Supreme Court decisions over the last 30 years have resulted in companies increasingly using arbitration, not to quickly settle legal disputes with other companies, but to prevent large numbers of customers from filing potentially damaging class action lawsuits.

Today, Sen. Patrick Leahy from Vermont and Sen. Al Franken from Minnesota announced the Restoring Statutory Rights Act [PDF], states that the 1925 Federal Arbitration Act “did not, and should not have been interpreted to, supplant or nullify the legislatively created rights and remedies which Congress… has granted to the people of the United States for resolving disputes in State and Federal courts.”

It would create an exception in the Arbitration Act for disputes involving individuals and small businesses. The only way individuals would enter into arbitration is if they agreed to do so after the dispute has been filed. That’s very different from the current process, which automatically shunts all customer disputes into binding arbitration. MORE

EXCLUSIVE– Pat Buchanan: Donald Trump’s Rise Is Rejection of a Quarter Century of Bush Republicanism

In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, Pat Buchanan declared that Trump’s rise represents a rejection of 25 years of Bush Republicanism— an ideology which Buchanan says has destroyed America’s once-great manufacturing core, flooded the country with low-skilled workers, and drained the treasury with ill-advised foreign adventures in the Middle East.

“In the GOP nomination race, the chickens of a quarter century of Bush Republicanism have come home to roost,” Buchanan told Breitbart. “Trump’s triumphs to date are due to his recognition of, and identification with, the Middle American revolt against Bush family ideology and policy, and what it has produced.”

Buchanan explained that “America is rejecting the Bush immigration policy,” which has “proffered amnesty” to “12 million illegals… because it said the United States is helpless to do anything about their presence here.”

“America’s establishment has failed America,” Buchanan said, “The single clearest message in the presidential campaign of 2015-2016 is that the American people would like to cleanse our capital city of its ruling class.”


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Pope Embraces Castro but calls Donald Trump anti-Christian!

Communist Pope who fulfills Daniel 11, who is protected by a WALL around the Vatican.. PS, contrary to this writer's view, The Pope is NOT a good man... Read this.

By Silvio Canto, Jr.

image from worldwarthreereports.files.wordpress.comLast Sunday, Pope Francis was in Mexico visiting sick children in hospitals. It was amazing to watch him holding the little kids and praying with their mothers. As a Catholic, I was so proud of "El Papa".

That was "El Papa" being "El Papa" or the religious leader of my faith. He was reaching out to kids and their mothers and giving them some hope.

As he left Mexico, Pope Francis made a terrible mistake by saying that Donald Trump is not a Christian. I am not sure if he was answering a question or speaking at a meeting. He had finished a mass on the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border.  

First, "El Papa" should stay away from presidential elections, here, there, and everywhere.  

Second, The Vatican is one gigantic place surrounded by walls.  

Third, is a border now Unchristian? How did we get to the point that defending borders and promoting legal immigration is now inhumane?

Fourth, "El Papa" has given Mr Trump a huge gift. I am not a Trump supporter but I believe that the U.S. has every right to protect or defend its borders. I don't know whether building a wall from Laredo to San Diego is the best answer. However, it may work in some isolated regions currently used by cartels to bring drugs and people.

Last, but not least, "El Papa" just visited Cuba. He hugged and embraced Raul Castro, a man who has executed priests, harassed religious leaders and closed Christian schools years ago. Did he call the Castro brothers UnChristian?

Pope Francis is a good man but he needs a few people around him to protect him from himself.

P.S. You can listen to my show (Canto Talk) and follow me on Twitter.

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Something's Fishy - Or Where Did that Pope's HatCome From????

Two veteran LAPD cops charged with raping four different women while on duty over course of several years

The famous "black and white" LAPD po...The famous "black and white" LAPD police cruiser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

another in a series of Plain Truth expose's on POLICE CRIME!  It's greater than you think!

Two veteran Los Angeles Police officers have been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting four different women over several years while on duty, prosecutors said Wednesday.

James Nichols, 44, and Luis Valenzuela, 43, were partners on the narcotics beat in Hollywood when they “began sexually assaulting women at various locations, including in their police vehicle,” the Los Angeles County District Attorney said.

The attacks on women aged 19, 24, 25 and 34 allegedly happened between December 2008 and March 2011 and included forced oral sex and rape, prosecutors said.

A lawyer representing two of the women said the men preyed upon “vulnerable, desperate, exposed” victims struggling with drug addictions, revolving-door arrests and extreme concern for their personal safety.

“They’re scary, freaky guys,” lawyer Dennis W. Chang told the Daily News Wednesday.

“On one occasion, Valenzuela was getting a b---job in the backseat of a department-issued Volkswagen Jetta with Nichols acting as the lookout,” Chang said. “This is just weird stuff. The victims that they chose were just extremely vulnerable.”

All four of the women were arrested at various times by Nichols and Valenzuela during narcotics-related offenses, prosecutors said.

One of the women sued the officers and the city in 2013, claiming she was sexually battered while acting as a drug informant. Read More



Police Officers Three Times More Likely to Murder Than Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Shocking Plain Truth Report: Rapists with Badges

Police State? Updated Stories HERE

Fact in 18 Months: 2,000 people have been killed by police

"They have not known the path of peace, and there is no justice in their ways." Is 59:8

My View- Gun Control Laws Kill

TRUMP RIGHT: Bush and Company Were warned about 9-11 and Ignored them!

Blood on their hands: Bush administration ignored CIA warnings in the months before 9/11 that 'spectacular' terrorist attack on the U.S. was imminent.

Told one CIA Official: "OK, you've covered your ass......"

President George W Bush's administration was informed by the CIA during an emergency meeting on July 10, 2001, that a 'spectacular' attack on the US was imminent, top former CIA officials said. 

During the meeting, Bush's National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, was informed Al Qaeda was planning 'significant terrorist attacks against the United States in the coming weeks or months'.

That warning was largely ignored prior to the 9/11 attacks months later, former CIA counterterrorism center chief Cofer Black and ex-agency director George Tenet told Politico in an interview.

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President George W Bush's administration ((l-r Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice on 9/11) was informed by the CIA in the months before 9/11 that a 'spectacular' attack on the US was imminent, it has been alleged

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English: Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of ...English: Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled," said Poindexter.

"He was lying very restfully. It looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap," he said.
Scalia,79, did not have a pulse and his body was cold, and after consulting with a doctor at a hospital in Alpine, Poindexter concluded resuscitation would have been futile, He then contacted federal authorities, at first encountering a series of answering services because he was calling on a weekend.

"Ultimately they became available and handled it t superbly. They flew in by helicopter. They told me to secure the ranch, which I did until this morning," he said. MORE





speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During last Saturday’s GOP presidential debate, the candidates were asked if they would support mandatory registration for women with the Selective Service System now that women are allowed combat positions in the US military.

The Selective Service, of course, is the federal agency that maintains a list of potential conscripts should the US government ever decide to reinstitute the draft.

Most of the candidates applauded the idea while Ted Cruz denounced the notion. But, as is often the case, Cruz was right for the wrong reasons. Cruz seemed to base his reaction on sentimentalism and gender politics. Heshould be opposing an expansion of the draft for the simple reason that it’s potentially a massive tax increase. Here’s why:


National Forest Service lands as a percentage ...National Forest Service lands as a percentage of total area by state. Data from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is the federal government so desperate to monopolize land that it’s literally burning down the forests they are supposed to manage?

Infowars interviewed Oregon logger Tad Houpt, with the Grant Co. Forest Commission, who had organized the meeting where Ammon Bundy, LaVoy Finicum and others were going to speak to 400 people and the Grant Co. Sheriff before Finicum was killed by the FBI and the other speakers were arrested.

“This last summer we had the biggest fire we’ve ever had here, 110,000 acres,” Houpt said. “I was one of the people who got burned out; close to 50 homes burnt.”

He believes this happened because the forests managed by the U.S. Forest Service are “a disaster.”


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Federal official says no evidence of foul play, death appears to be from natural causes

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.

Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.

According to a report, Scalia arrived at the ranch on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people. When he did not appear for breakfast, a person associated with the ranch went to his room and found a body.

'Delay, delay, delay!' Trump and other Republicans call on Senate to block Obama's nomination to replace Scalia

Inside the luxury West Texas ranch where Justice Antonin Scalia died, which is beloved by A-list celebrities (and Randy Quaid who ran up a $25,000 unpaid bill)




Honey, I killed the superbug

AUSTRALIAN researchers have been astonished to discover a cure-all right under their noses -- a honey sold in health food shops as a natural medicine.


image from

Far from being an obscure health food with dubious healing qualities, new research has shown the honey kills every type of bacteria scientists have thrown at it, including the antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" plaguing hospitals and killing patients around the world.


Some bacteria have become resistant to every commonly prescribed antibacterial drug. But scientists found that Manuka honey, as it is known in New Zealand, or jelly bush honey, as it is known in Australia, killed every bacteria or pathogen it was tested on.

It is applied externally and acts on skin infections, bites and cuts.

The honey is distinctive in that it comes only from bees feeding off tea trees native to Australia and New Zealand, said Dee Carter, from the University of Sydney's School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences.


The Story Behind The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Cover of "The Wizard of Oz"Cover of The Wizard of Oz

Was the "Oz" story really about Prgressive Politics? Maybe......

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was first published in Chicago in 1900. Its author, L. Frank Baum, was the editor of a South Dakota newspaper and a supporter of William Jennings Bryan who stood three times, unsuccessfully, as a U.S. Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

The particular concern of both Baum and Bryan was the nature of the money supply then prevalent in the United States, and in the Mid-Western States in particular.

In America during the 1890s, as in Britain, there had been a severe depression. Many businesses had gone bankrupt, farmers forced to sell up, factories closed and workers made unemployed. True, some farms in the Mid-West were suffering from drought, but most were still capable of growing food; the businesses and factories were still capable of providing the things that people needed; the workers still wanted to work to provide those things, and people would still want the goods and services produced if they had the money to buy them.


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