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Chris Matthews at center of NBC scandal - guests on his show gave his wife at least $79k

Despite saying last June that he would be 'transparent and fair in our coverage' when his wife announced she was running as a Democrat for the open seat in Maryland's 8th District, it seems MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews has gone back on his word.

Guests on his long-running cable-news show - mainly current and former prominent politicians - have contributed at least $79,050 to Kathleen Matthews's campaign - and her husband hasn't uttered a word about the money.

As the New York Post reported, he said last year: 'As a journalist, I also know how important it is to respect certain boundaries on my support for her [Kathleen] both in my public role and here on MSNBC.

'And while most of you know that our show doesn’t typically cover congressional races, I will continue to fully disclose my relationship with her as part of MSNBC’s commitment to being transparent and fair in our coverage.' 

However The Intercept has compiled a list of some heavyweight poiticians making contributions just before or after their appearances on Chris's show.  

When Kathleen Matthews announced her run for Congress this summer, her husband and MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews assured his viewers he would maintain transparency and balance