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Ultimately, Who Has All The Answers to deal with Our Mess?

The world is filled with wars and rumors of wars. It seems as though a new conflict is breaking out by the second. There is conflagration on every corner of planet earth. Nation is rising up against nation. People are fighting against people. Tribe is rising up against tribe. 

There is unrelenting moral and social declension. Diseases and pestilences are rampant. Economic collapse seems to be lurking around the corner. Nature has strayed from its course.  It is verily just as Jesus Christ predicted it would be before His second coming (Matthew 24:6-7). 
The Hope of Every Human Heart
Religious leaders, politicians, and statesmen offer their remedies for the apparently insurmountable problems that confront the human family. Yet none have the answer to mankind's seemingly inescapable predicament. The world appears to be heading to is date with a destructive destiny.

But Jesus Christ is still the Only answer. Question is, Are you one of them? He is the Desire of All Ages.  Accept Him now.