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Your Smartphone Knows when you are having sex and everything else.

TURN THE DAMN THING OFF!   Get your life back!

image from s16-us2.ixquick.comYour phone knows more about you than you think.

It knows where you’ve been and who you were with, the birthday gift you bought your mother and who you plan to vote for. Sex last night? It knows that too if you’re using one of the applications for couples trying to conceive.

From pre-installed apps that count your steps to saved passwords for banking accounts and social media, smartphones have evolved from devices that make calls into digital repositories for the most intimate details of life. 

"You can extract enough information on a typical person’s phone that you can construct a virtual clone of that individual," said Elad Yoran, executive chairman of Koolspan Inc., a communications security company. "They are the windows not just into our personal lives but they are equally the windows into our professional lives."

And, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s battle with Apple Inc. shows, they have become a goldmine for investigators. The agency has won a court order demanding Apple’s help unlocking an iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook, who shot scores of co-workers at a December office event in San Bernardino, California in December, killing 14.

Apple is fighting the order, mounting a highly public case against what it calls government overreach and in defense of privacy. It warns that anything it does to override the encryption of its smartphones could help hackers. MORE