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Love it or Leave it: Why the U.K.'s Brexit Vote Should Matter to Americans

BREXIT: Today's The Day - Will Britain exit the EU

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By Bob Barney

Just a small piece on today's vote.  The Bible tells us who the people of Britain are (The tribe of Joseph) and who the EU will become (The end time BEAST - lead by Antichrist).  At the time of the return of Christ, we know that England, France, Scandinavia, Denmark and Holland (all tribes of "Lost Israel) will NOT be a part of the NEW EU.  They may be conquered by the Antichrist, but they themselves will be slaves.  So today's vote in England is very important to watch.

The final poll of the referendum campaign shows a narrow lead for the Remain camp, the Evening Standard reveals today. The exclusive Ipsos MORI survey shows 52 per cent wanting to stay in the European Union, against 48 per cent for a Brexit.  The four-point gap is nail-bitingly close - especially with heavy rain threatening to dampen turnout in London which is a key target area for Remain.  Moreover, the research discloses that 12 per cent of people confess they might change their minds in the few hours left before they cast their vote, indicating how the historic decision has torn the country.