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The Future of Small Companies

By Bob Barney- The Plain Truth

First Published in 2013! Before Trump!

NaftaAs a small manufacturer trying to compete against the giants out there that rape their customers with out of this world pricing, I see ruff times ahead for companies like ours. We don't have the millions, to buy off Congress, city officials and other government agencies and I think the Dems in Congress will really go after small business like ours. I think most forgot, or never knew how many small businesses were regulated out of business by the Carter Administration, and we've got Carter on steroids today . It's a form of bribery. The big companies pay the bribes, and the politicians pay them back with selective regulations designed to put the little guy out of business.

We had a body shop in NC call the store this week. They were miffed that brand named prices went up so much in their semi-annual price increases and wanted our catalog. We make as good as IF NOT A BETTER products than these big guys, sell it for way less than 1/2 of theirs.... WHY??? I am not hiring lobbyist to buy Congress and pay bribes. America needs to WAKE UP pretty darn soon, because we have almost run out of time.

Here is an example. A gallon kit of premium "big name" auto clear (Gallon of paint with catalyst needed to make it harden after sprayed) will cost you about $350-$500.00! We sell ours for $129.95- 200.00 all day long RETAIL. Are we so dumb to figure out what is happening? Should it cost $30-40,000 for a car, when 25 years ago they averaged about $10,000? Should it cost 75 cents for ONE EAR OF CORN? $4.00 for a gallon of milk? Factor in the bribery going on in your bought and paid for elected officials and then you might see what they are really worth!

Just my rants and .02 cents