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The Queer Obamacare connection - Or what Fox News won't tell you!

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By Bob Barney

Obamacare is a fiasco. Everyone knows it, and are worried to death. However, a back story about Obamacare and health premiums, not being reported are the costs of health care in America today caused by the homosexual lifestyle.  High premiums are not caused by fat people, smokers or even the elderly as much as the media and the feds are trying to imply.  The hidden costs that is to taboo to even mention (or you will be "Duck Dynastied") is that cost that deviate sexual practices of about 2% of Americans account for 25% of the health-care cost! In an article in the Plain Truth several years ago we exposed The Plain Truth about Health Care Costs that they don't want you to know!  In it I explain that the media in collusion with Uncle Sam is hiding the real costs of the queer lifestyle has on the American health-care system.



The Plain Truth is simple: If Americans realized that 25% of their health care costs were attributed to queers, their "let them alone" or "it's just another lifestyle" stance would evade as fast as a sinner in the coming hellfire of God.  Americans have been liberalized by a "PC" agenda and for the most part the communization and athiestazion of America has been completed. Americans today have no real morals of right or wrong. Many have the sense of right or wrong in their own lives, BUT NOT FOR THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN because they tend to think in libertarian views when it comes to others have homosexual sex, taking drugs, or even adultery.  If we, as a people, knew what this is costing every one of us in our pocket books, I think America would have a dramatic change in their liberal sexual views.


It is this fact alone, that Americans would change their views on homosexuality, that cause the elitist (many deviant sexual perverts in their own right) to hide the truth from the people about such lifestyles.  Watch this funny video titled: Will Walmart shoppers support "Every Day High Wages?" Funny Video and you will see what happens when individual liberal minded people are faced with paying the costs themselves for others, and you will understand why our leaders hide the facts about homosexual costs to America!  It is far easier and more politically correct to blame smoking (whose deaths are overstated by up to 75%! Read:Facts on Smoking You are Not Told, or Why George Burns Lived to 100!  (our messageboard link with comments: or the direct article here: Facts on Smoking You are Not Told, or Why George Burns Lived to 100! and you will see the lie about smoking causing ling cancer and WHY the Feds decided to go to war on smokers. HINT: It had more to do with paying for the 1964 MEDICARE ACT passed by liberal Democrats (you know the guys that just gave you Obamacare), then saving smokers healths. The proof of this can be seen with conservatives and smokers today. It is hard to find a conservative who hasn't believed in the smoking causes cancer hype and hasn't accepted that the lifestyle of American smokers should be controlled. Notice that when it costs us money, we agree to pass laws to stop behaviors that we think costs us in our own pocket books. Liberals and the elite knows this all too well, so they hide the truths and costs about queers in America - and do so on purpose. They want you to stay ignorant and broke!


It's about time that we as a people wake up, believe in God and His word (The Bible) and change the direction that this nation is heading---which is destruction of our nation and the prophesied coming enslavement of our peoples by our enemies.


Follow our Messageboard link: The Queer Connection: Obamacare, Homosexual Disease, Smoking Obesity - The Plain Truth

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