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Mike Pence Nomination - My View

By Bob Barney

Why did Donald Trump choose Mike Pence, a conservative RINO who has often been at odds with Trump over Muslims, immigration and even common core!  To me the answer seems very simple, and a brief look at history may explain the reason even more. At the outset I will say that Donald Trump was "had" by the Republican leaders and maybe his kids.  The Pence nom may become the worse "deal" Trump has ever made.

Now a history lesson.  When Richard Nixon won re-election in 1972, most people do not realize that he won by the largest majority of electoral votes in modern history - only Reagan in 1984 had more. Nixon was very well liked and had higher approval numbers when leaving the White than did either Bush and probably Obama.  Spiro Agnew, his VEEP was as outspoken in his day as a Newt Gingrich, or even Donald Trump.  Although the voters liked Nixon, the world order RINOs and DINO's (Democrats) wanted him out.  Watergate was just a conspiracy plot to impeach Nixon or force him to resign.  However, Agnew as president scared the elites more, so they trumped out criminal charges against him (far less than anything the Clinton's have ever done) and forced him to resign. Nixon then was pressured to naming Ford as his new VEEP.   Problem: Ford is a major world-order RINO who sat on the bogus Warren Commission!  When Nixon named Ford, he sealed his fate!

Ronald Reagan also chose a RINO globalist named Bush!  He did not want him, but was talked into the stupid notion of party unity. So by picking Bush, Reagan put his largest critic and the man who would undue every that Reagan did in power!  Republicans tried to impeach Reagan too!  It was called Iran Contra!  Google George Bush, Clinton, Mena airport and Cocaine... use every tag I just used and read the surprising results.....

In Mike Pence, Trump has put his Ford, or Bush next to him.  I expect within 2 years, and long before the re-election year of 2020, Trump will be impeached and removed from office, and his "choice" Mike Pence will become the new president.  That's if Trump is elected.  Everyone involved is still pulling for Hillary, but they need every possible outcome "covered."