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Obama, TREASON and Impeachment

By Bob Barney: Editor - The Plain Truth Reprinted from Feb 2011- How far off was I????  Now as Trump is being attacked by the same media, Democrats and REPUBLICANS that allowed REAL TREASON to go unchallenged, maybe it is time for people to read this story again!

  ObamathedestroyerThe sordid history of American presidents trying to overthrow enemy countries and assassinate leaders of those nations is not new. In fact, there was a strong case at one time for presidents to do whatever they had to do to protect American interests and democracy. To the left, these claims are seen as propaganda coming from fascist right-leaning Americans and antagonistic to the facts. You see, it appears that these liberals constantly refer to Nixon and his wars when making their claims about right-winged schemes to demolish democratically elected governments that at are odds with United States capitalistic and business interests. Let's examine the truth about such claims and see whether or not presidents from both parties saw a need to meddle in foreign countries internal affairs. The follow experts are from Wikipedia:


JFK and Vietnam: “The arrest and assassination of Ngô Đình Diệm, then president of South Vietnam, marked the culmination of a successful CIA-backed coup d’état led by General Dương Văn Minh in November 1963. On the morning of November 2, 1963, Diệm and his adviser, younger brother Ngô Đình Nhu, were arrested after the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) had been successful in a bloody overnight siege on Gia Long Palace in Saigon. The coup was the culmination of nine years of autocratic and nepotistic family rule in South Vietnam. Discontent with the Diệm regime had been simmering below the surface, and exploded with mass Buddhist protests against long-standing religious discrimination after the government shooting of protesters who defied a ban on the flying of the Buddhist flag.


When rebel forces entered the palace, the Ngô brothers were not present, as they had escaped the night before to a loyalist shelter in Cholon. The brothers had kept in communication with the rebels through a direct link from the shelter to the palace, and misled them into believing that they were still in the palace. The Ngô brothers soon agreed to surrender and were promised safe exile; after being arrested, they were instead executed in the back of an armoured personnel carrier by ARVN officers on the journey back to military headquarters at Tân Sơn Nhứt Air Base.


While no formal inquiry was conducted, the responsibility for the deaths of the Ngô brothers is commonly placed on Minh’s bodyguard, Captain Nguyễn Văn Nhung, and on Major Dương Hiếu Nghĩa, both of whom guarded the brothers during the trip. Minh’s army colleagues and US officials in Saigon agreed that Minh ordered the executions. They postulated various motives, including that the brothers had embarrassed Minh by fleeing the Gia Long Palace, and that the brothers were killed to prevent a later political comeback. The generals initially attempted to cover up the execution by suggesting that the brothers had committed suicide, but this was contradicted when photos of the Ngôs’ bloodied bodies surfaced in the media.


Kennedy learned of the deaths on the following morning when National Security Council staffer Michael Forrestal rushed into the cabinet room with a telegram reporting the Ngo brothers' suicides. According to General Maxwell Taylor, "Kennedy leaped to his feet and rushed from the room with a look of shock and dismay on his face which I had never seen before."[20] Kennedy had planned that Diem would be safely exiled and Arthur Schlesinger recalled that the U.S. president was "somber and shaken".[20] Kennedy later penned a memo, lamenting that the assassination was "particularly abhorrent" and blaming himself for approving Cable 243,[20] which authorised Lodge to explore coup options in the wake of Nhu's attacks on the Buddhist pagodas.[20] Forrestal said that “It shook him personally...bothered him as a moral and religious matter. It shook his confidence, I think, in the kind of advice he was getting about South Vietnam.”[21] When Kennedy was consoled by a friend who told him he need not feel sorry for the Ngo brothers on the grounds of despotism, Kennedy replied “No. They were in a difficult position. They did the best they could for their country.”[21]



Here is what Wikipedia writes about the Nixon/Allende affair:

“Salvador Isabelino del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Allende Gossens (Spanish pronunciation: [salβaˈðoɾ aˈʝende ˈɣosens]; 26 June 1908 – 11 September 1973) was a Chilean physician and is generally considered the first democratically elected Marxist to become president of a country in the Americas.[1]


“The possibility of Allende winning Chile's 1970 election was deemed a disaster by a US government who wanted to protect US business interests and prevent any spread of communism during the Cold War.[40] In September 1970, President Nixon informed the CIA that an Allende government in Chile would not be acceptable and authorized $10 million to stop Allende from coming to power or unseat him.[41] The CIA's plans to impede Allende's investiture as President of Chile were known as "Track I" and "Track II"; Track I sought to prevent Allende from assuming power via so-called "parliamentary trickery", while under the Track II initiative, the CIA tried to convince key Chilean military officers to carry out a coup.[41]


“During Nixon's presidency, U.S. officials attempted to prevent Allende's election by financing political parties aligned with opposition candidate Jorge Alessandri and supporting strikes in the mining and transportation sectors.[42]


“After General Pinochet assumed power, United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told President Richard Nixon that the U.S. "didn't do it," but "we helped them...created the conditions as great as possible." (referring to the coup itself).[48] Recent documents declassified under the Clinton administration's Chile Declassification Project show that the United States government and the CIA sought the overthrow of Allende in 1970 immediately before he took office ("Project FUBELT"), but claims of their direct involvement in the 1973 coup are not proven by any publicly available documentary evidence, although many documents still remain classified.”



So what are the two above examples really about and what does it mean concerning what is going on now in Egypt? The facts, as I will explain this is shocking, and I believe a case for impeachment of President Obama based on treason is in order. Treason?


Michael Savage wrote the other day, "Barack Obama has been playing a critical role in making sure that Egypt, one of our staunchest allies in the Middle East, is positioned to become the next member of the Union of Iranian Radical Islamist Republics headed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Every single word out of the president’s mouth, every single move he’s made has had the effect of stabbing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the back, of opening the door to Islamist radicals taking another step on their way to restoring an unholy caliphate in that region."


I wrote that the other day concerning the farce going on in Egypt and how the Media and the Obama administration are forcing the overthrow of a sovern government on the basis of a few demonstrators, that if the truth were told would be seen to be "planted" and not even Egyptians.  80 million Egyptians are being screwed!


It can be claimed honestly that both Kennedy and Nixon did what they did, maybe against the spirit of American ideology, in the best interest of the American people. Those who see only Nixon's actions as un-American are just blind to the fact that Roosevelt, Eisenhower and John Kennedy did the same things. Eisenhower overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in the 1950's in-order to place the Shah back on the throne of that nation in insuring the flow of cheap oil. There is no dispute that this is the case. Jimmy Carter, in turn, plotted the toppled of the Shah in his moronic belief that Americans should support only democracies, even if those nations turned out to be enemies of our people. Naïve yes, treasonous no. Being stupid is not a treasonous act and Jimmy Carter is probably the dumbest moron to ever sit in the White House. Next to him, King George II (aka President Bush) looks like a NASA scientist.


When it comes to this latest Egyptian crisis, we are not witnessing a naïve response from a weak moronic president. I believe we are witnessing a cold calculated destruction of American interest and safety by a “Manchurian candidate” who was planted in the White House by evil leftist anti - American, Marxist and Communist to destroy the nation. They chose a constitutional illegal candidate on purpose as a sign of this total hatred to the American Constitution and our way of life! What President Obama has done to our allies is a purposeful plan of destroying American power in the world, and making us vulnerable to attack by our enemies, something I fear will end up causing the deaths of perhaps MILLIONS of Americans in the next twenty years! That, my friends, is TREASON.


Here are my examples of a purposeful plan:


  1. ENGLAND our closest ally EVER: Obama Sells Out Another American Ally. Turns Britain’s Nuclear Secrets over to Russia This alone is treason, but he did it.

      1. Barack Obama sends bust of Winston Churchill on its way back to Britain

      2. Obama snubs the Queen, Prime Minister and English people.

  2. ISRAEL: Obama sells Arms to Arabs – NOT Israel.

      1. Israel to extend freeze of Jewish construction

      2. Obama-tied group: Mosque opponents 'intolerant'

      3. Obama officials working against Netanyahu?

      4. Was Hillary appointed to trick Israel?

      5. Obama's plan for Mideast peace: Strip Israel bare

      6. Has Obama cut off information to Israel?

      7. Obama promises Arabs Jerusalem will be theirs

      8. Obama confronting Israel to appease Arab world?

      9. Obama working against Israel on Capitol Hill?

      10. Obama refuses public photo ops with Netanyahu

      11. Secret Obama deal for Palestinian state?

  3. Blame America First- Absolve Muslims always: Pentagon official blames U.S. for al-Qaida attacks

  4. EGYPT: FROM 2 YEARS AGO: Middle East 'moderates' plot to wreak havoc in Egypt

    Does this not shock you to see what is happening right now?

      1. Egypt now fears Obama a 'Manchurian President'

      2. Arabs blame U.S. for Egypt violence

      3. Rush Limbaugh: Send Obama to be head of Egypt

      4. Ayers, Obama and the destabilization of Egypt

      5. Middle East turmoil called win for Iran

  5. Love of Islam, hatred for America:

      1. Obama family member plans Muslim pilgrimage

      2. Obama speech quoted jihad verse from Quran

      3. Obama: U.S. 'one of largest Muslim countries'

  6. COMMUNIST OBAMA: Obama: Top Red's dream come true

      1. Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?

      2. Obama tied to Ayers ... at age 11

      3. Obama's radical pal slams racist 'American empire'

      4. Rush Limbaugh: 'We have an increasingly lawless president'

      5. Rush Limbaugh: What if shooter were named Muhammad?

      6. Health-care 'trickery' called overthrow of Constitution

      7. 'It's time to impeach Obama for high crimes against U.S.'


Honestly, this list could go to 200 pages long! The facts are evident and plan is clear- Obama and “friends” want to end your way of life as you know it and replace it with anything that is not American in origin. This president is not attempting to overthrow the nations that are our enemies, instead he is overthrowing our ally's governments! The same administration that never raised a word concerning the slaughter of thousands of Iranians last year, now can't stop dictating to our ally just how they should handle their internal problems!



Obama is the real life movie from the 80's called 'TRADING PLACES' where two rich brothers bet one dollar that they could turn a street, dope peddling thug into a Wall Street investor. It appears George Soros and friends made the same bet - picked a former drug peddler (yes this IS a picture of Obama to the left in his drug selling days) and turned this Kenyan born illegal into the the president. In the process, these billionaires made a fortune, when they robbed you of all of your wealth! You just haven't realized it yet!


It is time for Congress to do their job, and frankly, time for US to do OUR JOB and SPEAK OUT FOR AMERICA and for IMPEACHMENT.