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Is the Next Great Prophetic Event THE RAPTURE OF THE SAINTS?

For years, network news media have questioned various religious leaders who had confidently predicted the "rapture" on a given date. Recently, one such would-be prophet was required to change his earlier book title about the "Rapture of 1988" to the "Rapture of 1989," going into all manner of apologetic detail on why he had misfigured his chronology by one year. I haven't heard from him in 1990, '91, ’92 and so on.

Millions believe in the rapture. Yet, the word is nowhere in the Bible. Is Christ going to come in "two phases": first, for His saints (in the "secret rapture"), then with His saints, years later? Here is what your Bible plainly says about what many call "that blessed hope," the doctrine of the rapture of the saints.

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