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by Lisette Bassett-Brody

Product Description

Etched in Stone is a quick, easy guide to archeological proofs to bolster one’s faith and encourage believers of all ages.

Christians are under attack like never before. “The Bible is just a fairytale.” “There is no physical evidence to support for any of it!” This is the kind of fire today’s Christians come under all the time. 

Where is the physical proof? Isn’t there anything out there that objectively corroborates the stories of the Bible? Christianity is certainly based on faith, but haven’t you ever thought how wonderful it would be to have something tangible to back up your faith? That is what Etched in Stone: Archeological Discoveries that Prove the Bible is all about.

Etched in Stone showcases more than 60 archeological discoveries that prove the Bible is historically accurate and that Christianity is much more than just blind faith. Now you can have something tangible to show that:

  • The Israelites really did have to make bricks without straw, 
  • There really was a city called Nazareth, 
  • The walls of Jericho really did fall down, 
  • King David really did exist, 
  • Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t just a made-up king, 
  • The Philistines really were the Israelites’ foes 
  • Pontius Pilate did rule at the time of Christ, and 
  • Crucifixion was a means of capital punishment 
  • And much more. 
Etched in Stone offers the reader a clear, concise summary of the biblical events surrounding each artifact. The maps at the back show where in the world the artifact was discovered. You will begin to realize that the stories of the Bible are neither fictional nor allegorical. Instead, they are historical and factual events which occurred in real time and in real places. It gives you something to point to that displays a portion of the physical evidence that God, in His wisdom, chose to leave behind. 

About the Author 

Lisette Bassett-Brody graduated summa cum laude from Capitol Bible Seminary in 2013 with a master’s degree in biblical studies, having earned her B.A. from Syracuse University in modern foreign languages in 1987. Her writing achievements include newspaper articles as well as published pieces in the biblical archeology magazine Bible and Spade. In 1988 Lisette married journalist David Brody, currently White House Correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network. They live in Maryland with their three children. 

Product Details

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: WND Books (February, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • Dimension: 6 x 9 inches
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-944229-79-5






The Israel Antiquities Authority announced a 2,700-year-old papyrus reference to Jerusalem has been recovered and put on public display – the oldest non-biblical Hebrew document mentioning the city.

The papyrus, originally stolen by antiquities thieves, shows two clear lines of writing: “From the king’s maidservant, from Naharta, jars of wine, to Jerusalem.”

image from www.wnd.comThe scroll was originally plundered from a cave in Nahal Hever in the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea by antiquities thieves.


Photos show coyote carcasses strung up from roadside tree on a farm in rural Virginia

Coyote carcasses strung up from tree in Virginia

Prowling coyotes have become so prevalent in rural Virginia that some residents are stringing up multiple carcasses from tree branches at farms and ranches. A dozen dead coyotes swaying from a roadside tree in the tiny mountain town of West Augusta were captured in images by an Associated Press photographer traveling the back roads of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley this week.

Delingpole: NOAA Caught Lying About Arctic Sea Ice

The Arctic is melting catastrophically! Sea ice levels are experiencing their most precipitous decline in 1500 years! Something must be done – and fast…

image from
Well, so claims the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and we know by now what that means, don’t we?

Yep: the Arctic sea ice is doing just fine. Yep: yet again, the NOAA is telling porkies.

As usual, Paul Homewood has got its number.

First, here’s what the NOAA is claiming, as relayed in a scaremongering piece at Vox:

The Arctic Ocean once froze reliably every year. Those days are over.

Arctic sea ice extent has been measured by satellites since the 1970s. And scientists can sample ice cores, permafrost records, and tree rings to make some assumptions about the sea ice extent going back 1,500 years. And when you put that all on a chart, well, it looks a little scary.

In December, NOAA released its latest annual Arctic Report Card, which analyzes the state of the frozen ocean at the top of our world. Overall, it’s not good.

“The Arctic is going through the most unprecedented transition in human history,” Jeremy Mathis, director of NOAA’s Arctic research program, said at a press conference. “This year’s observations confirm that the Arctic shows no signs of returning to the reliably frozen state it was in just a decade ago.”

Now, courtesy of Homewood, are the facts:

Sea ice in the Arctic is recovering after a period of decline:

Arctic sea ice is getting thicker:     Read The Rest

Guns - What Does the Bible Say?

Regaining Lost Ground with Pastor Shane IdlemanRegaining Lost Ground       Pastor Shane Idleman  (NO CONNECTION TO THE PLAIN TRUTH)

The Media Lied To You Again This Week: Obama Was No Tough Guy, And Putin Knew It

English: Obama-Clinton rally in Orlando. Barac...English: Obama-Clinton . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Donald Trump clearly enjoys using his Twitter account to prime our already impish elites for a day of flailing, a week of wailing. This time, we were treated to career diplomats, professional babblers and esteemed fact-checkers, all in a hurry to show their man Barack Obama was, despite all objective evidence, a real tough guy.

Like a skinny-armed “Guernica,” the blob howled out its independent, completely individual rulings.

“President Trump Tweeted He’s Been Tougher on Russia Than Obama. That’s Not True,” Time magazine decreed. “Trump tweets that he’s been tougher on Russia than Obama — but he hasn’t been,” CNBC declared. “Mostly False,” Politifact chimed in. “No, Trump Hasn’t Been Harder on Russia Than Obama,” Mother Jones echoed a day later.

Nicholas Burns, a former Hillary Clinton adviser, tweeted that Trump hasn’t “defended us” from Russia, citing Obama’s expulsion of 35 diplomats, closing of two compounds and economic sanctions. The Hill, in its write-up, cited Mr. Burns as “a veteran U.S. diplomat and current Harvard professor,” notably leaving out his failed stint at electing Clinton. Pretty kooky.


Read More

Florida Law Enforcement's Cataclysmic Failure Is Coming Into Focus, And It Doesn't Look Good

It's Blame the NRA and legal gun owners- instead of placing the blame where it belongs- Police, FBI, politicians, the media and THE LEFTIST MOVEMENT!

  1. Broward County Sheriff’s deputy was at Stoneman Douglas High School during the shooting, but did not enter the school.
  2. State and local authorities were made aware multiple times the Parkland shooter was a threat to public safety.
  3. The FBI was notified of the shooter’s dangerous behavior, but did not follow-up.

image from

Federal, state and local government agencies repeatedly missed opportunities to prevent school shooter Nikolas Cruz from killing 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., last week.

The repeated failures of government officials to do their job are a crucial point of context as liberals and media members clamor for further gun laws in the wake of last week’s horrific shooting.

Sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson, who was on duty at the school when Cruz started shooting, “never went in” to confront the shooter, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said on Thursday. Peterson, who resigned on Thursday, could hear gunfire from coming inside the building but stayed outside the building, even as heroic students and faculty members died saving students from the hail of bullets.

Peterson’s failure is just the latest instance of government employees failing to stop the shooter from carrying out his deadly rampage.   MORE



Shooting Survivors Thank Trump For ‘Leadership’

Contrary to MSM Fake News on the school shootings, most students don't agree with those speaking up against Trump and NRA - they just don't get the coverage...

Survivors and families affected by school shootings gathered at the White House Wednesday to speak with President Trump.

Trump gathered the families and students in the State Dining Room at the White House and listened as participants took turns on the microphone. Students at Stoneman Douglas High School have been at the forefront of the gun debate, with some criticizing Trump and Republicans for not doing enough to stop school shootings.

However, at the White House Wednesday, criticism was non-existent for the president.

One student, Jonathan, told Trump, “Thank you for everything. You’ve done a great job. I like the direction you’re going in.”   MORE

Media Fake News new target- GUNS RIGHTS and 2nd Amendment

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution Česky: Originál Listiny práv, prvních deseti dodatků k Ústavě Spojených států amerických Deutsch: Die Bill of Rights genannten ersten zehn Zusatzartikel zur US-amerikanischen Verfassung, die den Bürgern bestimmte Grundrechte garantieren Español: La Carta de Derechos de los Estados Unidos, el término por el que se conocen las diez primeras enmiendas de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos de América (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mainstream liars in the press, supported by Russians and Soros, are trying hard to convince us that the AR-15 is an assault weapon and the 2nd Amendment must be abolished.  Reading the liberal Daily Mail today, seem that most responders aren't buying it!

The comments below have not been moderated. 


Not familiar with the Geneva convention and why the 5.56 round is used. It is designed to maim, not kill. To many people just making cr@p up

Pathetic publicly stunt. Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. At 18, every male in the country is given a fully automatic assault rifle. Go figure...


I'd argue that my semi auto shotgun with a 30 round drum would have been far more deadly in the schools hallways/rooms



When I was in HS in metro ATL, we could have a shotgun or rifle in our vehicles. It wasn't uncommon to a shotgun in the back window of a truck in the Senior parking lot. This was late 80s/early 90s. I don't remember one single gun issue. 


If we were 18yo I should have said..... since I am an expert on everything 


Well of course they are designed to kill people, in battle.




Oh no someone used a van to mow down 20 people on the sidewalk, I had better drive my jeep off a cliff in response 



I'd rather hear from the 19 year olds in the armed forces who depend on guns!


So that's the bottom line is it. You all live in fear and need to ensure that "my gun is bigger than yours" just in case. Pathetic on a national scale. 


We don¿t need assault rifles or bump stocks , and if you¿re responsible you would teach your child how to be responsible with guns , I grew up in country we had guns they were kept in my dads closet, no one would go in get any of them take to school wouldn¿t have dreamt of it , they were for hunting, oh yeah they were just rifles not assault weapons


They¿re not ¿assault¿ rifles or weapons. Do some research. 


Just another grandstander. It's been so frustrating for him that he couldn't join #meToo..

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The media is just itching to destroy the second amendment (along with the rest of the Bill of Rights) in the march to drive America into a globalist totalitarian state.


US preacher Billy Graham dies at 99

Billy GrahamImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionHe continued spreading his message well into his 80s

US evangelist Billy Graham - one of the most influential preachers of the 20th Century - has died aged 99.

Graham became one of the best-known promoters of Christianity, preaching to audiences worldwide in large arenas, beginning in London in 1954.

Over 60 years, he is estimated to have personally preached to 210 million people.

At first sceptical of the civil rights movement in the US, he went on to become a supporter in the 1950s.

He became a committed Christian at the age of 16 after hearing a travelling evangelist and was ordained a minister in 1939.


Remembering Richard Petty’s staggering numbers in the No. 43

With Darrell “Bubba” Wallace set to driver the No. 43 Ford for Richard Petty Motorsports this weekend at Pocono Raceway, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on the staggering statistics his car owner piled up while making the number one of the most iconic in NASCAR history.

Richard Petty drove the No. 43 to 192 of his record 200 victories in NASCAR’s top series.

Wallace will be making his debut in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in the car when he subs for the injured Aric Almirola in Sunday’s Pocono 400. Almirola continues to recover from a compression back fracture he suffered in a horrifying wreck at Kansas on May 13.

The numbers Petty compiled en route to his seven championships, which remains tied for most all time with the late Dale Earnhardt and current champ Jimmie Johnson, are mind-blowing.

Petty made 1,125 starts in the No. 43 across parts of five different decades. In addition to all the wins, he also posted 526 top-five and 676 top-10 finishes while winning 115 poles.   READ MORE

Bubba Wallace set to make history as black driver in Daytona

image from storage.googleapis.comDAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Richard Petty rarely visits pit road after a race anymore and usually with good reason. The Hall of Fame driver’s eponymous race team has toiled for decades in mediocrity, with checkered flags all but extinct.

Bubba at Daytona changed the game.

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. had driven the iconic No. 43 car to a third-place finish in a Daytona 500 qualifying race, setting off a celebration for Richard Petty Motorsports almost worthy of winning NASCAR’s marquee race itself. 

The King strolled to the pits and hugged Wallace. The 80-year-old Petty wrapped his arm around Wallace , and they walked off smiling toward what each side hoped was the start of a fruitful alliance.

“I just had a guard walk me from pit road to the media center. His name is Richard Petty. I’ve never seen him so excited in my life,” Wallace said.

That Wallace can energize Petty may symbolize as much a true passing of the torch as NASCAR could want: Petty and his deep kinship with old-school fans and the 24-year-old Wallace, a video game playing, social media darling about to make history as the first black driver since 1969 in the Daytona 500.   READ MORE

Do you need a POO transplant? How the groundbreaking procedure could help fix your gut problems

Sometimes the problems with your stomach have nothing to do with that third serving of ice cream, two-day hangover, or spicy ramen. 

Sometimes an issue with your gut goes much, much deeper than that.

Faecal microorganism transplants, more commonly known as FMT or poo transplants, are now being used to help a range of gut conditions.

Faecal microorganism transplants, more commonly known as poo transplants or FMT, are now being used to help certain gut conditions


A poo transplant utilizes the stool from a healthy donor and transfers it to the sick recipient with the hope that the donor bacteria will attach to the patient's gut.

Read more: 


Mainstream media will never talk about THIS aspect of virtually every shooting because Big Pharma is their sponsor.

Buried in a local report on the background of the alleged Parkland shooter is a family member saying he was on meds for his emotional/mental issues.

A caller, Liz, explains how SSRIs radically altered her daughter & nearly destroyed her life when a colleague gave her the drugs without her knowledge or approval and another caller, Anne, explains how SSRIs work & how they’ve been involved in shootings.

Scientists REVERSE Alzheimer's in middle-aged mice

English: PET scan of a human brain with Alzhei...English: PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer's disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientists have successfully reversed Alzheimer's in a middle-aged lab mouse - using the same method as a major clinical trial in humans which was called off yesterday.

The team at Cleveland Clinic admitted they were 'shocked' when their attempts to reduce amyloid plaque in mice completely eradicated the dangerous build-ups that slowly cripple the brain. 

They claim their tests on a 20-month-old mouse - equivalent to a 50-year-old human - show it could be possible to halt the disease if it is caught decades earlier than usual. 

Lead author Riqiang Yan envisions a future when these enzymes, known as BACE1 inhibitors, could be available as a vitamin that all humans take preventatively to stave off neurodegenerative disease.

However, just hours before Yan's paper was published today, Merck announced it had pulled the plug on its phase 3 clinical trial in late-stage Alzheimer's patients using this same inhibitor after an interim review found more risks than benefits.

Already aware of the Merck failure, Yan told Daily Mail Online last night that he still believes BACE1 is the answer to preventing and treating Alzheimer's.

The Cleveland Clinic team admit they were 'shocked' by the clear-cut result using the same drug as Merck's phase 3 clinical trial in humans which was called off yesterday

Read more: 

Oops! Scientific retraction a major blow to evolution theory

Evolution: A Theory in CrisisEvolution: A Theory in Crisis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was heralded as decisive proof of the theory of evolution. But Harvard biologist and Nobel Prize laureate Jack Szostak now has retracted a major paper that claimed to explain one of the most important questions about the origin of human life. 

In 2016, Szostak published a paper claiming he had found a way for ribonucleic acid (RNA) to replicate itself.

Many proponents of evolutionary theory believe RNA was one of the first molecules to develop. However, RNA requires its own enzymes to replicate.

Szostak and others were looking for evidence of “non-enzymatic replication of RNA,” which could supposedly assemble by irradiating materials that would have been present on Earth in an earlier time.

Find the REAL stoat the WND Superstore, in “Eden to Evil,” “Biblical Creationism,” “Kent Hovind’s Creation Seminar,” “In Six Days,” “Scientific Creationism” and more.

If this could be created, it would show RNA could copy itself and could have evolved before DNA or proteins, bolstering the naturalistic explanation of life’s origins.

However, Szostak recently retracted his paper after colleague Tivoli Olsen couldn’t replicate the findings. Szostak said the debacle was “definitely embarrassing.”


Mother of slain Amtrak engineer says he was shaken by past crash

image from a.abcnews.comAmtrak train on wrong track in deadly crash; it says freight line ...


The engineer killed in Sunday’s Amtrak crash in South Carolina was shaken by a previous accident and sought help, his relatives claim.

Michael Kempf was driving a train that hit a car at a grade crossing about a year ago during his typical route in the Carolinas, his mother, Catherine Kempf, told The Associated Press.

The veteran engineer was bothered by the event, which she couldn’t recall much about, because “he had people’s lives in his hands,” recalled his mother, who lived with Kempf in Savannah, Ga. He met with a counselor to discuss the ordeal.

Kempf, 54, and conductor Michael Cella, 36, were killed early Sunday when their Miami-bound Amtrak train collided with an idle CSX train. More than 100 of the 147 aboard were injured.   MORE PLUS VIDEO/PHOTOS

Super Bowl Ratings Plummet to 8-Year Low - Puppy Bowl All Time Ratings High!

, Super Bowl LII will go down as one of the most entertaining championship games in recent memory. However, for the NFL, it will go down as the lowest-rated Super Bowl game in recent memory.

The Eagles 41-33 victory over the Patriots drew a 47.4/70 in metered markets. That’s down nearly three percent from last year’s thriller between the Patriots and the Falcons. It’s a 5 percent drop from the last time NBC had the big game in 2014, when the Patriots beat the Seahawks.

Looked at broadly, Super Bowl LII is the lowest-rated Super Bowl game since 2010, when the Colts and Saints, two smallish market teams, faced-off against each other:  Read More

‘I wake up ... from nightmares:’ Why Whole Foods workers are hating life

Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market Miami Herald File

Try working at Whole Foods, which is apparently a pretty tough place to clock in every day.

“I wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares,” an anonymous staffer told Business Insider, which spoke to 27 current and former workers. “The stress has created such a tense working environment. Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal.”

Crying? There’s no crying in supermarkets!

Seriously: What’s the problem?

Seems the Austin, Texas-based chain, which was bought by Amazon last summer, has initiated a new inventory system called order to shelf (OTS) that is pretty hardcore — and breaking down morale. Amazon’s founder is Jeff Bezos, who went to high school in Miami-Dade.


image from s14-eu5.ixquick.comDuring negotiations with lawmakers in his Oval Office, Trump purportedly said in reference to immigrants from some Central American and African countries, “Why are we having all these people from s—hole countries come here?” While Trump and others present at the meeting deny those words, Sen. David Durbin, D-Ill., went public claiming they were used.

Ironically, Durbin criticizes Trump for a derogatory comment when Durbin has made some of his own in the past. In 2009, he slandered our military, outrageously comparing guards’ treatment of terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo to the Gestapo.

Trump’s “s—hole” critics have been most tolerant of other out-of-the-ordinary word selections.

When last year’s Women’s March gave birth to the “pussyhat,” liberals courageously did not curl up into a ball on the floor. Nor did they suffer a meltdown with the Off-Broadway production entitled “The Vagina Monologues.” But, with Trump as their favorite target, they – along with their media collusionists – express outrage over his allegedly inappropriate reference to certain countries.

While other politicians have escaped criticism for labeling Third World countries as “hellholes,” Trump’s critics are in meltdown overdrive. “Hellhole” and “s—hole” are fairly synonymous. Liberal snowflakes should be capable of dealing interchangeably with both.

Liberals demonstrated a past willingness to accept interchangeable verbiage. Remember former FBI Director James Comey’s word game concerning Hillary Clinton’s culpability in violating federal law during an investigation into her email scandal? The statutory standard of guilt for mishandling classified information is “grossly negligent.” Comey apparently used these exact two words in his draft report. However, only after fellow FBI agent and Hillary supporter Peter Strzok pointed out this established Hillary’s guilt did Comey look for a more palatable synonym – one lacking an indisputable guilt descriptor. Thus, his final report determined Hillary’s conduct was “extremely careless.”



President Trump also stands against corruption and seeks to shine truth wherever he can in his desire to drain The Swamp. The Swamp is not only the embedded political class and the federal bureaucracies but also corrupted special interests that seek their own gain at everyone else’s expense. Big Medicine and Big Pharma are two such special interest that have shielded their own from scrutiny by gaming the system and gaslighting their victims.   MORE

Scientists say the Earth's magnetic field could be about to flip upside down.

Some think this happened during the Flood, but the Bible is clear - we are never going to experience a worldwide flood again!

This sounds like the plot for a disaster movie: an invisible magnetic force-field that defends life on Earth against killer rays from space goes awry. Blasts of radiation destroy our satellite communications and bring the world’s electricity supplies crashing down.

Chaos reigns. Human cancer cases multiply as unshielded radiation from the sun devastates people’s DNA. Billions of creatures the world over die because their ability to migrate becomes fatally confused by changes in our planet’s magnetic field.

Ultimately, Earth’s atmosphere itself could be blown away by fierce solar winds, as happened long ago to our sister planet Mars when its magnetic field dissipated.

High-tech monitoring equipment is showing multiple signs that the Earth’s magnetic poles are about to flip, thanks to changes in the swirling iron core at the heart of our planet 

But hold the popcorn. This is not a sci-fi movie. Leading scientists warn that this may really happen, because of an imminent revolution at the Earth’s core.

Read more: