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Scientists say the Earth's magnetic field could be about to flip upside down.

Some think this happened during the Flood, but the Bible is clear - we are never going to experience a worldwide flood again!

This sounds like the plot for a disaster movie: an invisible magnetic force-field that defends life on Earth against killer rays from space goes awry. Blasts of radiation destroy our satellite communications and bring the world’s electricity supplies crashing down.

Chaos reigns. Human cancer cases multiply as unshielded radiation from the sun devastates people’s DNA. Billions of creatures the world over die because their ability to migrate becomes fatally confused by changes in our planet’s magnetic field.

Ultimately, Earth’s atmosphere itself could be blown away by fierce solar winds, as happened long ago to our sister planet Mars when its magnetic field dissipated.

High-tech monitoring equipment is showing multiple signs that the Earth’s magnetic poles are about to flip, thanks to changes in the swirling iron core at the heart of our planet 

But hold the popcorn. This is not a sci-fi movie. Leading scientists warn that this may really happen, because of an imminent revolution at the Earth’s core.

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