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The Media Lied To You Again This Week: Obama Was No Tough Guy, And Putin Knew It

English: Obama-Clinton rally in Orlando. Barac...English: Obama-Clinton . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Donald Trump clearly enjoys using his Twitter account to prime our already impish elites for a day of flailing, a week of wailing. This time, we were treated to career diplomats, professional babblers and esteemed fact-checkers, all in a hurry to show their man Barack Obama was, despite all objective evidence, a real tough guy.

Like a skinny-armed “Guernica,” the blob howled out its independent, completely individual rulings.

“President Trump Tweeted He’s Been Tougher on Russia Than Obama. That’s Not True,” Time magazine decreed. “Trump tweets that he’s been tougher on Russia than Obama — but he hasn’t been,” CNBC declared. “Mostly False,” Politifact chimed in. “No, Trump Hasn’t Been Harder on Russia Than Obama,” Mother Jones echoed a day later.

Nicholas Burns, a former Hillary Clinton adviser, tweeted that Trump hasn’t “defended us” from Russia, citing Obama’s expulsion of 35 diplomats, closing of two compounds and economic sanctions. The Hill, in its write-up, cited Mr. Burns as “a veteran U.S. diplomat and current Harvard professor,” notably leaving out his failed stint at electing Clinton. Pretty kooky.


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