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Editor's note: This article was the very first one ever published on The Plain Truth back on December 14th 2007!

By Bob Barney
We have war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, war is maybe coming to Iran, Israel and Syria. It has been this way since before you were even born. Why? After all, we had war in Europe in 1914 and 1940, but not today. War in Japan in the forties, but not in the past fifty years, so why has every decade seen a problem in the Mid-East? Is it Oil? Is it another reason.

In the late 1940's, the USA was the world's largest oil producer. We did not need oil from the middle east, yet war erupted between the newly formed Israel and its Arab allies. The same thing happened again in the fifties, and the sixties and we still really didn't need the Arab's oil. By 1973 we did need their oil and thus today, everyone without a view on history mistakenly assumes that war in the middle east is about oil. IT IS NOT!

This war has nothing to do with oil, or George Bush or even The United States per say; it has everything to do with religion and about God and God's role in world events. This article can be read anytime in the future and there will still be strife in the middle east. The strife ends, according to the Bible ONLY after Christ returns and not a day before. We realize that we claim to be a news site, and we are, but if there is a God, and it is the God of the Bible and if Jesus Christ is that God of the Bible, then what he has to say is news, is it not?

Voting for a Republican or a Democrat or a even Libertarian will not change a thing concerning the middle east. Getting off of oil will not change the tension between Arab nations and America or Israel. It is time that the "average Joe or Jane" understands what  is going to happen in their lifetime. The staff of The Plain Truth realize that it is hard to believe, but one can understand in broad terms what is going to happen and what is not going to happen in the future. Hopefully by reading this, you have decided to at least be informed and make intellectual choices for once. You will not get propaganda here. In fact, we will teach you how to recognize propaganda! It is easy to spot.

Good luck, be a little patient, and you will enjoy our one-of-a-kind stories and articles. You will learn things that you never knew and we encourage you to look up everything that we write to prove to yourself just what is reality, and what is not. We welcome intellectual feedback, honest opinions and we will not tolerate proganda or distasteful posts. Thanks.