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Exton Study Bible The Four Gospels

Matthew – Mark – Luke – John

By Michael H. Exton    Guest Plain Truth Commentator 

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Matthew  Chapter Outline

The Genealogy of Jesus Christ (Joseph’s Ancestry)The Virgin Birth of Jesus

Matthew 2

Wise Men from the East Visit Jesus

Were there 3 wise men? The Bible does not specify how many wise men there were, but because they gave Jesus 3 gifts, it is therefore assumed there were 3 wise men.
By the Time the Wise Men Arrive,

Jesus Is No Longer a Baby, But a “Child”

Joseph & Mary take Jesus and Escape to Egypt
Herod Kills All the Boys 2 Years Old & Younger In & Near Bethlehem (Jesus may have been as old as 2 years old)Years Later, Joseph, Mary, & Jesus Leave Egypt
& Move to Nazareth in Galilee

Matthew 3

John the Baptist Prepares the Way & Tells the People: “Repent of Your Sins & Turn to God” [Please note: John baptized onlyADULTS (not babies) since they had to “repent” of their sins]John Baptizes Repentant Sinners IN the Jordan River [they were ALL adults—there were no babies!]

Jesus is Baptized by John [Jesus is about 30 Years Old]


Matthew 4

The Devil Tries to Tempt Christ to Sin

Jesus Begins His Galilean Ministry

Four Fishermen Called as Disciples – Peter & Andrew (brothers), James & John (brothers)
Jesus Preaches the Gospel of the Kingdom & Heals

Matthew 5

The Sermon on the Mount (the Beatitudes)
God’s People Will Inherit the Earth
God’s People Are the Salt & Light of the World
Jesus Says He Didn’t Come to Do Away With (or Set Aside) the Law & That It Would Last Until the Earth Disappears

We Are Not to Set Aside Any of God’s Commandments
Whoever Keeps All of God’s Commands & Teaches Others to do Them — Shall be Great!
When We Hate (or Are Angry with Someone), We Are Committing Murder in Our Heart
Don’t Call Others an Insulting Name
When We Lust After a Married Woman, We Are Committing Adultery in Our Heart
We Must Do Everything We Possibly Can to Make Sure We Don’t Sin [in other words, we are to take sin extremely serious!]Whoever Divorces His Wife for Any Reason (Other Than Sexual Immorality)
Causes Her to Commit Adultery!
And If You Marry a Divorced Woman, Then You Are Committing Adultery!
We Are NOT to Swear — Instead, We Are to Say Either Just “Yes” or “No” (In other words, we are NOT to say: “I swear to...” or “I swear on...”, etc.)
We Are to Go the Second Mile
We Are to Love Our Enemies
We Are to be Perfect (as Our Heavenly Father is)
[This is the 1st time that God is referred to as our Father]


Matthew 6

When You Give to the Poor, Don’t Let Others Know About It (keep it to yourself)
Pray Privately to God (in your room with the door closed)The Model Pray (don’t ramble on & repeat yourself)

Unless We Forgive Others, God Won’t Forgive Us

When Fasting, Wash Your Face & Comb Your Hair

Don’t Store Physical Treasures — Instead Store Up Spiritual Treasures in Heaven (by doing good)
Our Eye is the Lamp of Our Body
We Can NOT Serve 2 Masters: Both God & $$$

Don’t Worry About Food, Clothes, Tomorrow...

First & Foremost We Must Be Concerned About Pleasing God & Entering His Kingdom


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