The Antichrist and the Protestant Reformation
A warning to America

How much wall does $5billion buy? 215 Miles- Our Border is 1500 miles long.....


5 Billion Gets 215 Miles of Fence SOURCE

Does any get the picture?   The entire farce of a border wall is being revealed.  It's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!   Members of BOTH parties do not want a wall. Don't blame just Democrats, it's the Republican Party who lied to its base, and lost Congress.  Now we are fighting over just $5 Billion dollars in a 3 Trillion budget!  It's a joke.   The government spends $5 billion dollars on COFFEE for offices!   The government spends $90 Billion on on Mexican foreign aide! Yes, In 2018, the U.S. government will give Mexico $87,660,000 in foreign aid. The largest segment, 56 percent, will go toward peace and security. The second largest segment will go toward democracy, human rights and governance.  

The United States is toast, and bad times are coming... Read my article from many years ago called A Warning to America