UPDATE:Tsunami triggered by volcano kills at least 200 in Indonesia. Fears of a SECOND tsunami in Indonesia grow as volcano erupts again
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Ring of Fire volcanoes erupting is Biblical sign of END OF DAYS, claims Rabbi

Forward: Just like in the time of Jesus' earthly ministry, today, like then, all the religions knew that Bible prophecies were being fulfilled. In Jesus' time, all the religions knew of the birth of the messiah of Israel.  That's why Magi came!  Today, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and even those with no religious views, see signs of a coming "End Time."

Ring of Fire

RING OF FIRE: Could the volcanoes and earthquakes be the sign of the end of days? (Pic: GETTY)

Volcanos and earthquakes are constantly shaking the Ring of Fire – an area of high seismic activity which ranges from New Zealand, up to northern Russia, across the US and then down to Chile.

Indonesia felt an explosive eruption and earthquake over the weekend in the latest major activity of the 25,000 mile long horseshoe.

It encompasses the entire Pacific Ocean and includes the vast majority of world’s earthquakes and volcanoes.

Rabbis have suggested the apparent increase in activity this year could show the world is heading for the end of days as laid out the Hebrew Bible.