The Terrorist who killed Hundreds in the Pan Am Bombing Living in America!
Winter Solstice from Pagans To Christmas

Trump's new chief of staff Mick Mulvaney branded his views on the wall 'childish' in 2015

image from continues to pick never Trumpers.   Let's how the new one works out.  If Trump goes down, it will be by the knife in his own hands!

  • The president named Mulvaney as acting chief after months of complaints about COS John Kelly
  • Video and audio surfaced of Mulvaney putting down Trump before the 2016 election
  • The president has been made aware of the insults 
  • Mulvaney said in radio interview Trump wouldn't be 'role model for my 16-year-old triplets' 
  • Then-congressmen also said supported Trump although he is 'terrible human'  
  • Accused Trump of appealing to 'people's emotions'  

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