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unseen photos from Lockerbie-30 years ago today

The image of a young dark-haired woman, dressed in a blue sweater and lying face down on his garden hedge, is one that for Peter Giesecke not even 30 years can diminish.

Minutes before his torch beam drew his startled gaze to her lifeless figure in the darkness outside, he had been watching Michael Aspel's This is Your Life on television, when a deep rumbling sound had drawn him to the window.  Unaware of the hell about to unleash itself on the town of Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, on 21 December 1988, he watched perplexed as a bright light - the broken remains of Pan Am Flight 103 - fell from the sky.

Narrow escape: Pter Giesecke's home (left) lost its windows but he says his photo reveals 'how close we had come to being wiped out' on December 21 1988