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Astounding legislation protects cows but not babies

Out here in Ivor, my cows don't seem to have the same rights....


Who would have thought the headlines would be filled with accusations of politicians who violate their religious beliefs because of laws concerning abortion?

The latest to be so accused – certainly not the first, nor the last – is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The reason? His signature on the Reproductive Health Act on Jan. 22 which legalizes abortion in New York State any time during a woman’s pregnancy.

But are you aware of a new law that protects pregnant females and, in fact, forbids any procedure that puts the unborn child in danger?

I saw the news report from New Jersey last month that Brianna had escaped a truck that was taking her to the place where she and her unborn baby would be killed.

She got away and was taken to a place of sanctuary were she gave birth; mother and child doing fine.

Democratic Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly was so taken with Brianna’s story that he’s drafted legislation that appears headed to passage.

His law would make transporting pregnant livestock for slaughter and killing pregnant livestock a fourth-degree crime – carrying big fines.

You got it. Brianna is a cow and she got away from the people who planned to slaughter her and her unborn baby.

Listen to the reasons for Wimberly’s proposed law. He says. “Cattle can’t defend themselves on issues like this. … It’s animal rights. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the moral thing to do and you’re protecting something that really can’t protect itself.”