Va Gov on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and Then ‘Physicians and the Mother’ Could Decide If It Lives
Appeals court to hear case of reporter alleging surveillance


Ten-commandments-nivArticles about the left’s hypocrisy and appalling double standards are barely newsworthy these days. Even so, the Democrats have displayed new lows on that score this week, throwing around the word “morality” as if they are the nation’s arbiters of it.

On immigration, for example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced President Trump’s call for heightened border security, including a border wall, as “an immorality.” Pelosi never defined the term. Nor – unsurprisingly – did she address the “morality” of the consequences of open borders, including Americans killed by illegal immigrants. There are too many names to list, but according to the Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, here are a few, to get a sense of the magnitude of these avoidable tragedies: Pierce Corcoran, Cpl. Ronil Singh, Rocky P. Jones, Sabrina Starr, Steven Marler, Aron Hampton, Justin Lee, Blake Zieto, Mollie Tibbitts, Chrishia Odette, Sarah Root, Peter Hacking, Grayson Hacking, Ellie Bryant, Shayley Estes, Officer Dominic Durden, Edwin Jackson, Grant Ronneback, Kristopher Eggle, Terry Wendover, Kenneth Mahr, Jamica Williams, Michael Furlow, Kaybrin Ingoldsby, Halle Ingoldsby, Officer. Kevin Will, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, LaDonna Brady, Robin Shelhammer, Barbara Shelhammer, Whitney Meinke, Brandy Lee Thorne and her unborn child, Sgt. Corey Wride, Dennielle Schermock, Joshua Wilkerson, Eric Zepeda, Jamiel Shaw, Jesse Benevides, Emily Cortez, Sviatlana Dranko, Spencer Golvach, Margaret Kostelnik, Kathryn Steinle, Bob Barry Jr., Michael Grubbs, Jamie Oxendine, Mary Ann Oxendine, Shane Oxendine, Parker Moore, Amos Jones, Naomi Mercury, Brittany Williams, Dep. Michael Davis, Dep. Daniel Oliver, Delilah McDaniel, Officer Daryl Raetz, Diann Jones, Arnett Chandler.