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Trump stands up for union jobs, Dems shut them down

If Rip Van Winkle woke up today, he’d be shocked at the role reversal our political parties have undergone.

President Trump supports labor unions while Democrats betray the very people who built their party.

For example, the president and his EPA nominee, Andrew Wheeler, are defending union jobs at small refineries threatened with bankruptcy by an EPA program that benefits Wall Street traders.

The law provides for hardship exemptions to prevent small refineries, many of which are located in areas where they are the only supplier of gasoline in the region, from being shut down.

In his confirmation hearing, Wheeler told senators he’s granting exemptions to save the small refiners, reversing the previous administration’s refusal to act.

At the same time, President Trump is protecting American workers against China’s economic aggression that targets our manufacturing and high-tech industries.

In contrast, Bill Clinton threw organized labor to the wolves when he instituted an open-door trade policy with China. He gave the investment bankers who finance political campaigns the green light to move entire industries across the Pacific and destroy the livelihoods of millions of Americans.

Nowadays, the Democratic Party has forgotten working men and women and designated professional environmentalists as its priority constituency. These activists would shut down the Atlantic Coast Pipeline backed by the labor unions. The pipeline will carry clean burning natural gas, create thousands of blue-collar jobs and provide fuel for homes, offices and industries.