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AND YOU THOUGHT PIZZAGATE WAS NUTS! What Is QAnon? The Craziest Theory of the Trump Era, Explained

"Q Anon" Donald Trump and Conspiracy Theories

Have you heard about Q yet? (Don't feel bad, many haven't and here is what you need to know)

 written by Jennifer Rae

Q is all-the-buzz.

Q allegedly is an anonymous team of people on the world-wide-web who report on the corruption of the deep state and how the cabal is being dismantled by President Trump and his administration.

There is a lot of controversy over whether Q is real or not or even connected to our President in any way. There is even speculation by Q followers that Q could actually be POTUS communicating with us at times, hence the signature of Q+on special, occasional “Q Drops”. Drops are posts or pertinent messages by Q in sort of a Cliff Notes style format.

Q has a huge following in spite of being a highly tendentious entity. Whether you find yourself hooked on Q or still rolling the concept around of such an ingenious, alternative ‘newzie’way the President might be communicating with We the People one thing cannot be denied, there is a whole lot of Satanism being practiced in the world and Q has a lot to say about that! In turn, so do those with allegiance to Q. People are impassioned and some finding renewed purpose in their lives to help expose the truths Q keeps pointing everyone to.

The evidence is mounting of connections to Satanic/Luciferian pagan rituals and pedophilia practices amongst the elite and uber-elite. These depraved individuals are actually being arrested and are singing like canaries, outing those in their circles who are guilty of similar crimes. Do the names Weiner, Weinstein, NXIVM and Alison Mack ring any bells? How about Epstein Island? Pizzagate? And How about all of the priests that are being exposed for their crimes against young boys, defrocked and brought up on charges? Another huge win for this administration early this year was the dismantling of a human trafficking site called It just doesn’t stop there as the list goes on and on. What a significant time for humanity as it does seem we are living in a state of greater awareness.


You see, Q is about “The Great Awakening” and the “Patriots fight”. These are two main vision statements of this mysterious Q entity. Q initiates the difficult conversations about the depravity looming around us and quite honestly some of what is surfacing is outright sickening. Q seems to motivate the decent patriotic American to press forward no matter how uncomfortable the information makes one feel.


Did I mention that Q is extremely popular? People are moving and shaking the internet earth to break the latest Q drops. When Q mentions a government employee or a leader of another country, a man of the cloth or even a Hollywood actor you can be sure an army of dedicated truth defenders and researchers called “Anons” are on the task of a thorough investigation. The whirlwind of information gathered and shared can be overwhelming as there are hundreds of YouTube channels dedicated to the sinister findings of Q. On any given day head on over to Twitter or Facebook and you will find tens of thousands of threads discussing all things Q.

One very important statement that has been repeated by Q is, "Symbolism will be their downfall”.

On the “Chan” board on the world-wide-web is where you will find the existence of Q. Today there are just over 2200 Q-Drops since October 28, 2017. One resource that pulls the Drops into an easy to view format is

In Drop 1953  you will see featured a Nazi swastika with The Imperial Eagle, both symbols adopted and joined together by the Germans used to denote communism and the Hitler Youth. We also see a mirrored image of the 1933 Communist Party flag that the modern day terrorist group Antifa proudly parades around the globe with.

In Drop 1954 you will see a sequence of photos: 1) a Nazi/Communist pin of the Hammer and Sickle, then 2) a photo of Pope Francis admiring a larger version of said hammer and sickle with Jesus hanging from a cross. If you look closely you can see that is the same symbol in medallion form hanging around his neck and you will see the same Imperial Eagle/Swastika as well. In addition, 3) a photo of Gloria Vanderbilt wearing a very similar styled necklace as the pope. It seems it may be a Guatemalan Charm Necklace and the specific charms are called “Milagros”. The word “Milagro” means “miracle or offering”.


Q often states, “There are no coincidences”.










Use of symbolism to push strength and belonging to something powerful” ~ Q

Drops always seem to lead to even more depravity if one just takes the time to go down each presented rabbit hole. As Q says often, “the truth is right in front of you”. Just clicking in a search engine a bit on “Gloria Vanderbilt” you will find yourself entering into her strange world. She adorns her home with pieces of complex pagan symbolic art. One that has received a lot of attention recently is a famous picture of her and her two sons, Anderson and Carter Cooper. On the wall behind the family is featured in all its 3D glory, a Shrine to Tanit. One will discover that Tanit was a Phoenecian goddess, the chief deity of Carthage to be exact. There seems to be convincing archeological evidence of child sacrifices to Tanit in the discovered tophets of Carthage. Lisa Mei Crowley, a beloved researcher and Q decoder has more on this here:

Just your regular everyday cherished artwork we all have hanging in our homes, right?

And Gloria herself has dabbled in creating her own bizarre 3D art. Have a look here and check out the dream boxes the famous clothing designer has made…if these remind you of dreams you have had when you were a child, woah, Nellie.

When Q gives a nod to someone or something you can be sure to find a treasure trove of turpitude.

But wait, there’s more…

They all belong to the same sick cult/club. It's always been out in the open. You just have to LOOK”. ~ Q

In Drop 1851, Bill Maher is featured in a series of his own tweets with alarming and vulgar thoughts of having sex with underage children. Wouldn’t you know he has a company called, Kid Love Productions? Q points out this fact and says, “These people are sick!” Q actually states this very phrase, a total of 21 times in the archives relating to the dregs of society.







In other drops there are links highlighting the symbols of the sick world of pedophilia.  In Drop 1918 we see a series of photos relating to Maher. In one photo we see him wearing red shoes. In another photo a happy moment is captured of Maher with convicted pedophile (currently serving time in federal prison), ex-congressman, Anthony Weiner. The Drop deepens to reveal Maher’s ties to the Podesta clan. Notice the photo of a group of men at Tony Podesta’s birthday party who all seem to enjoy wearing the same red shoes. It certainly seems to be some kind of statement. The origin of red shoes is under great scrutiny and suggested to signify a time long ago when the trappings of sacrificed children were used in place of shoe leather.

Search further and you will find yourself in Tony Podesta’s home viewing his horrifying art collection. Cannibalism and dead or dying children seem to be a common theme in his living room; the children are either in shallow waters or lying lifeless on tile floors. While you are entertaining with other guests in his home over cheese and wine you can also view paintings of frightened, bloodied, and exhausted looking children in their underwear. These particular children seemed to have been restrained and all are wearing red shoes.

Q points out in Drop 2051, a family member of this clan, Alex Podesta. There is a grouping of Alex’s creepy self-made art involving grown men in rabbit suits. They seem to be doing bizarre things to diapered, stuffed baby bunnies that scream of torture and give a huge nod to lasciviousness.

As Q has stated in the context of the above mentioned Drops, “You people are the Disease. We, The People, are the cure”. Q is known to be direct, no nonsense, and all about getting a lot of people’s attention.

It cannot be denied that we are living in a time when the people with souls of darkness really aren’t trying to hide it anymore. There is clearly an agenda to slowly desensitize the masses into thinking well, 'different strokes for different folks, right?' There is a very big push to normalize the pedophile or even the Pagan/Satanist. (see our message board string on this subject) You cannot deny this is right out in the open, shoved in our faces. Satanic statues laden with pagan symbolism being erected in our communities, child sex dolls sold on Amazon…even look at the witch covens that have come out to cast spells against this current administration; it is all coordinated chaos of the wicked kind. There really is no lack of evidence. It is sinister. It is all around us.

Some common questions amongst the awakened are, ”How did we get here?”, “How could we have missed all of this, it IS right in front of us?”, “Some of them are not even trying to hide it anymore, what can we do!?”

Q is there to respond with reason, clarity and encourages everyone to work together. Q asks, “How can some be so blind?”, and continues to motivate, “Help them wake up, question everything. Keep talking. Stand up for God and Country. Learn, stay strong, and stay together. This is more important than you can imagine…for humanity. Wake up!” To the Q brigade there is no question as to the serious battle going on between good and evil. It is the time to right the wrongs, save the innocent children and uproot the sinister plot of deception that has been propelling the cabal into great power for many years. It is also a time to bring those who are guilty to justice! Those who are awake and ready for the fight are experiencing genuine hope and a sense of great purpose.

It truly is a fascinating time to be alive.

A question for everyone…

Do you know who else has been trying to get all of our attention for a very long time about all of this? Years and years before Q came onto the scene?


Yes, the God of the Bible!

God also has been known to be direct, no nonsense, and all about getting a lot of people’s attention. He has been there with reason, clarity and also expressing grand importance of taking action!

God has been:

~Warning us about paganism, sun worship, satanic practices and symbols.

~Sending us countless messages in our everyday lives.

~Showing us what is right in front of us.

~Revealing who is doing evil and in what horrific ways.

~Instructing us very specifically as to how to handle ALL of this.

God Himself has been attempting to wake us up and motivate us into action.

The One who knows us so personally that He can give us an exact count of the hairs on top of our head encourages us to stand up and fight for what is right and good and just. He also tells us of our demise if we give up this fight.

Do you listen to God as much as you listen to Q?

God says, "Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!” Deut. 30:19-20

Please understand in no way is any good person reading this being likened to those evil, horrid people mentioned above. It is being strongly expressed though that we do in fact participate in pagan customs and most often are unaware of this fact.

The biggest question of all whilst we dive into the lives of others is, are we willing to take a deeper look into our own lives? Are we willing to consider the possibility that there is something going on under our very own roof that needs exploration and investigation; possibly even exposure and eradication?

You see, it has been a slow trickle over time to get us to this flood of evil we are unfortunately witnessing today. Isn’t it a fine time while a great number are trying to trust the instruction and plan of Q, to really trust the instruction and plan of our Creator?

The Truth is that our lives are entrenched in paganism.

In the informative book on paganism, Too Long in the Sun, the author, Richard M. Rives asks, “Do we really love the truth? Those that do will not be satisfied to remain like those, who, “willingly are ignorant”. They will study in order to search out the truth and then respond to it”.

The title of this book is moving in itself.

Mr. Rives continues to say, “The sun has been the primary object of satanic worship by those with darkened hearts throughout recorded history. The satanic “mystery religions” of antiquity have been combined with the true worship of God.”

It is true that every pagan belief and action is rooted in the worship of the sun and it doesn’t take a lot of time to do some simple research to learn of such connections. Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Groundhog Day, Halloween, all with pagan origins and even more to mention!

Halloween was just celebrated by many. A great number of "believers" have stepped away from this day as it seems to be a super evil slam dunker for some however there are still a great number of people out there who just don't seem to be phased. How many actual churches hosted a SAFE “trunk or treat” event? An inestimable number. No matter how cute little Emma looked in her angel costume it does not change the horrifying fact of the origins of such a detestable "celebration".

Some reading this will have already heard about the origins of Christmas and have glossed over the facts with, “Well, it is about Christ now so that covers over anything bad, we have turned it into something good”. This however is brushing the truth under the carpet. People get defensive as if someone is trying to take away their fun. Anyone who would try and interrupt such a meaningful day with the truth of how it all started would be considered a killjoy or dismissed as someone who is not getting the real meaning of the celebration and sometimes cast out; thus never spoken of or to again.

Are we willing to just stop the defenses for a moment and take a deeper look? Once you truly find the connections of perversion it will be impossible to not look at the things we do with greater thought and care. If we listen to the God of the Bible we can see how the traditions of man have done just that, perverted the ways that the Lord has prescribed for us. It does NOT have to stay this way and it starts individually with you and me.

You see we are born into a world already prepared for us. We start exercising our Christian and/or family tradition’s as young children. Many of us are unaware as we join in at church or participate in celebrations within our loving communities. We are filled with good feelings and overwhelmed with the sense of togetherness that these celebrations afford us; many pointing to God’s presence in it all.

But what if we are doing something in our life that points to fertility and the sex rituals of god's and goddesses? And what if those very acts point to child sacrificing that those very sun worshippers participated in?

Wouldn’t we want to know? Don’t we deserve to gain this knowledge for ourselves and for our beautiful children? Maybe you will not be propelled to make any changes once exploring where our manmade customs come from…but then again, maybe you will.


What does God say about other gods, aka pagan gods?

"Now concerning everything which I have said to you, be on your guard; and do not mention the name of other gods, nor let them be heard from your mouth. Exodus 23:13


If you celebrate the holiday named Easter and say to people, “We are going to Easter service”, or “Happy Easter”, you are speaking the name of a pagan god. Did you know this? What is her claim to fame? She is the proclaimed Queen of Heaven, Astarte, (and to some known as a goddess of fertility) who was birthed from an egg. In the verse above, our God says to not even mention her name, yet we do...without hesitation.

“Easter” is supposedly a time where people honor the resurrection of CHRIST and people are  really saying Happy Queen of Heaven Day, or Happy Goddess of Fertility Day to each other. And heck if this celebration isn’t even more honoring of the Son of God if we don’t have those decorated hard boiled or plastic little eggs for our kids to hunt for on our church lawns. Bottom line, we are glorifying a pagan goddess and have somehow found a way to dismiss this fact with the Savior of Mankind’s miraculous moment. Can you just stop right here, right now and think about this for a moment?

Isn’t this on the level of the perverse?

Go even deeper into researching this manmade holiday and you will uncover all of the pagan origins of sunrise service, Lent, and those unassuming and seemingly innocent cute little hot cross buns.

Jesus declared, But in vain do they worship me, teaching as their doctrines the precepts of men". Matthew 15:9

What does God says about customs, rituals and symbols?

Do not bow in worship to their gods, and do not serve them. Do not imitate their practices. Instead, demolish them and smash their sacred pillars to pieces. Exodus 23:24

You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol of any kind, or an image of anything in the heavens above,the earth below, or the waters under the earth.You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God.    Exodus 20:3-5


Why do we do what we do? Do we really want to know the truth?

New Year’s Eve, January 1st.

This is a ritual of Babylon that made its way to Rome and simple research will reveal it was a time of intense drinking, reveling, orgies and human sacrifice. No thanks to Julius Cesar, it was put on the calendar and instituted as a celebratory day on January 1st in 46 B.C. Furthermore, it is not even close to the date of God’s actual biblical New Year.


If you celebrate Christmas do you have any clue why it is celebrated on December 25th? Any historian and true Bible scholar can tell you that Jesus Christ was not born in the winter but at the harvest time of fall. The date of December 25th is known to be the birthday of Mithra, the pagan sun god. The pagan Roman’s observed Saturnalia from December 17-24 in honor of the winter solstice and to celebrate an end to the shortened days of the season. December 25 was given great meaning because it was the day of a new sun. This was a time of partying and gift exchanging.


Let’s talk about mistletoe. You know that spray of greenery people buy fresh at tree stands or at the register at the grocery store? That plant that commands that two people who happen to stand under it at the same time have to kiss?

In Ancient Babylonian times it was a symbol of fertility. Stories have been passed down that the Druids also believed it was an aphrodisiac. The white berries have a semen-like substance inside and it is said that young girls would stand beneath a sprig asking for a kiss with expectations of more. It also was hung on doorways of their homes as if it had powerful mystical levels of protection.


Wreaths: A Pagan tradition that originated with the ancient Celtic people. It is said to be an honoring of the rhythms of the earth and how the earth revolves around the sun.

Orb shaped ornaments: all pagan in origin symbolizing fertility as they are the shape of a women’s eggs and ovaries, as well as men’s genitalia.

The evergreen tree: A pagan ritual that is to honor the winter solstice coming to an end, representing new life to come into a new season of worshipping the sun. Deepen your research into this tree and you will find it is heavily connected to child sacrifices of long ago.

Valentine’s Day

The Romans honored Juno Februata on February 14 who is the Queen of the Roman gods and goddesses. A noted fertility ritual would occur of men drawing a woman’s name out of a box and thus the delightful couple would spend a licentious period of time together until the next drawing. We are taught to believe this is an honoring of a “Christian” saint named Valentinus who had a love story to tell. In 469, the Pope declared this pagan celebration “Christian” and thus redirected the honor to this saint. At the same time he changed the aforementioned associated pagan ritual to the practice of martyred saints names to be pulled out of a box to be honored instead.

Thus saith the LORD, "Learn not the way of the heathen...".  Jeremiah 10:2

This is a small sampling of how our culture is full of pagan chaos. Satan is the author of confusion. The enemy loves when we water down anything that points us to Jesus. It is Satanism at the root of these practices. Paganism is sun worship and sun worship is about Satan.

I wonder how much we would spring into action if Q specifically called out certain cultural holidays and their pagan origins. Would it cause a frenzy of research? Would there be streams of threads on social media and videos warning the masses to take a deeper look into their own lives?

Can we not agree that the ultimate perversion in all of this is the attempt to try and squoosh our amazing, loving and giving God into all of this depravity? It can be asserted that symbolism has already been OUR downfall as we too have been disobeying our Creator. This is not about shame. This is about Truth. It is about becoming more awake and righting the wrongs, remember?

The information we have learned about the cabal smacks of a power hungry collective entrenched in paganism. We don’t want them to be. So, this is an opportunistic time to clean our own house and make a difference within our community to keep this sick nonsense away on every front. 

 We too need to realize and admit that we may have some things to tend to on a personal level. 

How can we respond?

God loves us. (John 14:21) He wants the best for us. He wants to bless us and make our food amazing (Isaiah 1:19) and heal our land (2Chron 7:14) and take our sickness away (Exodus 23:25) and set us high above all the nations of the earth! (Deut 28:1)

Why would we not want to respond out of obedience to God. 

God wants the best for His Family, for us, for we are His children! Why would we not want to choose obedience as this is the loving response and one that will continue to move us all in the right direction. God has said, “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land".  2Chron 7:14

Could God be using Q as a vehicle to get Truths to be highlighted, absolutely, we serve an amazingly creative God, however, what the Lord God is saying to us is paramount over anyone or any beloved entity. We have proven we are a strong and courageous people but we need HIM. Our eyes are open wider than ever and all it will take is a willingness to look inward and get personal with God on the topic at hand. No one can deny what an amazing privilege it is to be alive right now. We most certainly have been especially chosen for this time.

There truly are no coincidences.