AND YOU THOUGHT PIZZAGATE WAS NUTS! What Is QAnon? The Craziest Theory of the Trump Era, Explained
How the QAnon internet hoax sowed lies, spread chaos and conspiracy theories, and profited off its surprisingly large following.

Today's Plain Truth- Q-Anon

By Bob Barney

I'll admit it, when I was first informed about this guy who called himself, "Q" I had no idea what, who that was.  I try NOT to be uninformed, so we ran a story (republished below) by Jennifer Rae.   Since then I have paid attention to the subject, with the normal skepticism I have with most theories, especially those who can't put their name to it. The claims of Q-Anon make me think of the French self proclaimed psycic Nostradamus, who made all sorts of nonsensical predictions.  He did so by discussing them, so he said, to keep himself from being imprisoned.  Actually he used the style he did because the predictions were so vague, that basically anybody could make them fit into any scenario.  Back in the 70's , Nostradamus was "the thing," and many Christians were duped!   Enter the claims of Q-Anon, who makes Nostradamus' writing biblical!  

I have come to the personal belief that the entire "Q" thing is a hoax, by ANTI-TRUMPERS to make his supporters look like morons like in this Daily Beast article.  That's my opinion, I have some articles today for our readers to become aware of the situation!