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No. 1 suspect in Epstein’s death: The Clintons

image from thenypost.files.wordpress.comThe apparent murder of Jeffrey Epstein last weekend – a felon who sexually abused and exploited underage girls – came as no surprise. Likely murdered in a federal prison, when he was supposed to be on “suicide watch,” can only be explained by realizing that this was likely a “Mafia hit.”

The No. 1 user and abuser of Epstein’s evil was of course former President Bill Clinton, who it is known traveled on Epstein’s private plane with underage girls at least 23 times.

Clinton is known for his obsessive, unhinged and perverted sexual abuse of women, and the Monica Lewinsky scandal is just one small example. I know personally because I represented the women who were sexually and otherwise abused by “Slick Willy” during the Clinton years. And who was the person who sought to harm and did harm these women? You guessed it – Hillary Clinton, who had the IRS sicced on them, sent private investigators to threaten their children and did other felonious deeds to keep their mouths shut, especially during the impeachment proceedings, which I as the founder of Judicial Watch helped start.   MORE