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Canadian 'Freedom Convoy' vows to stay in Ottawa

Canadian truckers stay put in Ottawa with thousands of protestors pledging to continue

The Ottawa truckers say there is no 'end date' in sight and plan to stay in the capital 'for as long as it takes' and until the Canadian government flips and withdraws its policy on vaccine mandates. The chaos clogged the capital's downtown near parliament throughout the weekend and brought criticism from officials including Ottawa's mayor who said residents were 'prisoners in their own home', but the demonstrators say they intend to stay and that their aim is to 'create chaos' and a 'logistics nightmare' for the Canadian government. The boisterous protests are now threatening to interrupt business on Monday, with authorities stating that City Hall will remain closed, traffic will be disrupted and some other services stalled. Canada's House of Commons plans to be at work on Monday although no specific security arrangements have been revealed.

Report: Inflation costs families around $3,500 this year

FILE - Denver Shopping

In this May 10, 2020, file photo, a shopper pushes his cart past a display of packaged meat in a grocery store in southeast Denver.

(The Center Square) – A new report estimated the annual cost of elevated inflation this year will be around $3,500 per household.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s leading business schools, released the report, which estimated much higher costs for American families because of inflation that has risen this year at the fastest rate in decades. MORE

War with Russia?

Biden fears NATO might BLOCK his troop deployment by countries who do not want to enrage

There's growing concern that NATO could move to block U.S. military movements to Eastern Europe should President Joe Biden decide to deploy the 8,500 troops he put on heightened alert as the world waits to see if Russia invades Ukraine. The Pentagon said this week that the troops, if deployed, would do so under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) Response Force (NRF). Each member country has veto power since deployment under those measures requires a unanimous vote from the North Atlantic Council (NAC) members to approve deployment. And it's unknown if all NATO ally countries are on the same page when it comes to how to respond to Russian aggression

Yes It did Happen! the full horror of the Holocaust- Never Forget what Fascism Brings

Haunting colourised pictures of Nazi concentration camp victims reveal the full horror of

The poignant images, most of which were taken in 1945, show the starving and desperate faces (bottom left inset) of Adolf Hitler's victims at concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Dachau. In one photograph, an emaciated 18-year-old Russian prisoner (left) stares into the camera during the liberation of Dachau concentration camp in 1945, her face hollow from hunger. The collection was released to mark the International Holocaust Day, which is held on January 27 every year - the day that Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by Soviet troops in 1945. A newly colourised photograph in the collection shows a group of young children, all of whom were wearing the blue striped prisoner uniforms, peering out at the Soviet troops through a barbed wire fence at Auschwitz when it was liberated (top right). Some 200,000 children were murdered at the Nazi death camp, and just 700 youngsters remained alive when the Red Army arrived on January 27, 1945. Another photograph shows a young woman (bottom right), whose face is covered with scars and plasters as a result of a beating by the SS guards. But despite being unable to open her eyes fully from the swelling, she is smiling as she was photographed two days after the British military entered the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in April 1945.


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Roger Stone claims that he was sexually molested! By WHOEVER Joe nominates to the court

"I have to tell you something that's difficult for me to talk about," Stone began.

Roger Stone (ABC News video screenshot)

Roger Stone (ABC News video screenshot)

Taking a page from out of the Democratic playbook, Roger Stone has accused whoever Biden picks for the Supreme Court molested him in the past and he demands they step down immediately  (story here).  Taking his queue , I now claim that I was also molested by every liberal sitting on the Supreme Court and all should be forced to resign immediately!  I must be believed, as victims NEVER LIE!

Nor'easter bears down on Big Apple

Nor'easter bearing down on NYC could become a bomb cyclone and will dump up to 12 inches

Major winter storm is set to slam the Northeast on Saturday, bringing intense snowfall, powerful winds and coastal flooding to the east coast. NYC could get anywhere between 8 and 12 inches of snow, and parts of eastern Long Island may see up to 18 inches before the storm leaves the region. The heaviest snowfall is expected farther up north in Boston and New England, which will be 'clobbered' with between 12 and 18 inches of snow.

'Inspiring and eye-opening': unlocking Bible secrets by Joe Kovacs.

image from

A brand-new book unsealing hundreds of Bible prophecies as it unlocks God's hidden broadcast is already receiving sparkling acclaim upon its launch today.

"Reaching God Speed" by best-selling author Joe Kovacs, known for his "Shocked by the Bible" series, is being called "eye-opening," "inspiring and insightful," "lighthearted" and "penetrating" by top believers of Holy Scripture. Hollywood legend and Christian champion Chuck Norris calls it: "Another inspiring and insightful book and resource on the Bible by Joe Kovacs."

David Kupelian, journalist and author of "The Marketing of Evil," raves: "Even though there's nothing more important in this life than discerning God's direction and meaning for our lives, it's easy to miss in a world that always seems headed in the other direction. Fortunately, in 'Reaching God Speed,' author Joe Kovacs, in a disarmingly lighthearted yet earnest and penetrating way, coaches the reader in how to detect God's transcendent and redemptive message in every area of life, even the most improbable."

Joseph Farah, author of "The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament," says: "Joe Kovacs has done it again! Forget 'Shocked by the Bible' and 'Shocked by the Bible 2', though they are masterful books about Scripture. Now he unlocks the hidden principles of God to help you know every jot and tittle."

George Burns as God in 1977's 'Oh, God!'

George Burns as God in 1977's 'Oh, God!'

Bob Barney, editor of, writes: "Everyone understands the enemy's message permeates our world. Even in the classic comedy film 'Oh, God!,' George Burns noted how 'Nobody had any problem believing that the devil took over and existed in a little girl. All she had to do was wet the rug, throw up some pea soup and everybody believed. The devil you could believe, but not God?'

"This is so true because few ministers or people of faith realize God is actually everywhere and involved in every single thing. That includes the books we read, the music we listen to and the movies we watch. We witness a spectacular dawn and we thank God for it. We understand the Creator made the clear, beautiful morning, but often don't realize the same God inspired some author, even those who hate or reject God, to deliver His messages of hope and warning in popular movies.

"Joe Kovacs' new book, 'Reaching God Speed,' explains what most of us do not know about the real God. It's an eye-opening work that will make us better understand that in everything we do, God is present with HIS MESSAGE! So even though the devil may be embedded in music, God is also there, and deeper still!"

"Reaching God Speed" is nothing short of a biblical breakthrough, cracking the divine code on hundreds of Bible passages – both well-known and obscure – to reveal the higher meaning of the verses, going beyond the obvious physical meaning to shine light on what God is broadcasting on the Spirit level, what he calls the incredibly quick and alive "God speed."

"We've all been operating at human speed, relying on our own physical power and our five senses. But there is something extremely important we've all been missing. It holds the key to everything good – the key to life, success, happiness, peace of mind and understanding beyond our wildest imagination. It's perhaps the best-kept secret in the history of mankind and it packs a staggering, invigorating message about our own personal lives and futures being broadcast on all frequencies. All we have to do is open our eyes and ears."

What is God speed?

"It's the template revealing the way the Creator of the universe thinks, operates and teaches," Kovacs explains. "It is the higher speed or spirit level at which God broadcasts to us, embedding His message in everything."

He says millions of people already understand God speed to some degree, pointing to Jesus' simple example.

"Most everyone already knows that when Jesus tells His apostle Peter to feed His sheep, He is not talking about a group of physical animals penned up behind His house that need to be fed.

"He's talking about providing His followers the spiritual food they need to grow toward eternal life, because the sheep actually represent PEOPLE. This same approach of listening beyond the physical and hearing things on another level, the spirit level, can be applied to the entire Bible, opening up countless Scriptures to amazing, new understanding."

Kovacs is confident even readers with little previous knowledge of Scripture will finally know the secrets of famous Bible events, including mysteries the so-called "experts" have little clue about.


"Reaching God Speed" features a myriad of stunning biblical revelations, as the book:

  • Illuminates the reason the darkness of night will ultimately be eliminated, and only never-ending light will exist
  • Discloses the amazing reason Revelation says Jesus was crucified in Sodom and Egypt, while the gospels indicate he was executed at Jerusalem
  • Broadcasts the never-before-trumpeted meaning of the Exodus out of Egypt. The ancient event in the days of Moses is actually a picture of something tremendous and glorious that's still to come in your future
  • Explains the incredible meaning behind serpents crawling on their bellies
  • Dishes the astounding secret behind the Second Passover, and the fantastic future it holds for billions of people
  • Solves with clarity three of the greatest mysteries in Scripture, unveiling the surprisingly simple meaning of "the beast," "the number of the beast" and "the mark of the beast"
  • Investigates the double meaning concerning "Doubting Thomas," and the stunning good news it contains for everyone who's ever doubted God or any Bible story
  • Announces the unheard, spirit meaning regarding raising children
  • Shines the light on why ancient Egyptians were paralyzed with three straight days of darkness, while God's people in Goshen had light in their dwellings
  • Illuminates the surprising and inspiring meaning of a "darkness that can be felt" (Hint: it's something you can do right this second)
  • Explains what Jesus specifically meant by "outer darkness"
  • Clearly reveals why the Bible repeatedly mentions pagan peoples such as Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Girgashites, Jebusites and Hivites. It goes far beyond these ancient tribes with tough-to-pronounce names, as it actually refers to certain people alive today with whom you deal every day
  • Tells why Scripture so often talks about thorns and thistles. They're far more than just sharp prickers growing in your garden
  • Explores the untold meaning of the conflict between David and Goliath: it has gigantic significance that Sunday-school teachers seem to have missed
  • Fishes out astonishing secret messages God has embedded in the famous story of Jonah being swallowed by a great fish. The scales will finally fall off your eyes when you finally see what you've been missing
  • Easily explains how God embeds hidden messages forecasting the future in the physical, historical events recorded in Scripture
  • Examines the miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding, revealing why this famous event took place "on the third day," why water was poured into six large containers, and why its instant transformation into the most perfect wine has a sublime meaning that goes far beyond what anyone has ever discussed
  • Unwraps the secret messages concerning the human birth of God, including the spirit significance of Jesus in a manger, the real reason the shepherds "returned," and the never-trumpeted, majestic picture the entire story depicts for your own glorious future
  • Unmasks the miracle of the blind man healed by washing mud off his eyes. Clue: There's something intriguing about the mud that becomes obvious when we connect the dots in Scripture
  • Reveals the incredible reason the Bible constantly mentions "three days" in both the Old and New Testaments. It goes far beyond the time Jesus spent in the heart of the earth.
  • Unveils the sublime, additional meanings emanating from "Let there be light" and "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." There's much more to the beginning than you've ever imagined. Plus hundreds more ...

Besides Scripture itself, the book also probes God's hidden messages embedded in popular movies, hit songs from (Adele and the Beatles to Frank Sinatra and Led Zeppelin), the stories we tell our children, everyday phrases we all say, famous commercial campaigns, historic news events, nature itself, and typical life activities such as such as inhaling every breath you take, sleeping, waking up and many more.

Even before its release Tuesday, "Reaching God Speed" already hit the top spot in Amazon categories such as "Musical Philosophy & Social Aspects" as well as #1 and #2 (Kindle edition) in Spiritual Self-Help, and #5 and #11 in Christian Personal Growth.

The Hoax called Jan 6th!

Democrat Day of Hysteria

Kamala unhinged:
Jan. 6 Riot = Pearl Harbor, 9/11

dividin’ biden taunts Trump: ’bruised ego’ over election

September 11 (Robert Giroux / Getty)

Vice President Kamala Harris kicked off the Biden administration’s remarks on the first anniversary of the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot by comparing it to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.


Exclusive — Heritage Foundation: Chuck Schumer Using January 6 to Seize ‘Permanent Power’ by Breaking Filibuster

Government data show 'vax-free' LESS likely to get COVID

Data released by the Scottish government shows people who have been vaccinated with two or three doses of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are more likely to become infected, be hospitalized or die than people who are unvaccinated.

The Public Health Scotland data from the past four weeks showed a rate of infection of 866 per 100,000 people for the double vaccinated and 481 per 100,000 for the boosted, or triple vaccinated.

The unvaccinated had a rate of infection of 413 per 100,000.

The death rate of those who have had two shots is about 12 per 100,000 which is more than 50% higher than the rate for the unvaccinated,

TRENDING: WATCH: Biden calls Fox News reporter 'a stupid son of a b*tch'

Earlier this month, the European Union's top health agency warned that getting boosted every four months could harm the immune system's ability to fight off the disease. The European Medicines Agency advised countries instead to mirror the seasonal influenza vaccination strategy tied to the onset of the cold season.

And the WHO said in a recent statement that a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original COVID-19 vaccines is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.

Data from other countries also contradicts the "pandemic of the unvaccinated" narrative.

Recent figures from the province of Alberta show infections, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID all soar in the days and weeks after people receive their first vaccine dose, reports former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson.

Israel and Britain saw COVID deaths hit all-time highs after launching mass vaccination campaigns.

Data from the U.K. from Aug. 16 to Dec. 5, 2021, showed people who had been vaccinated accounted for four of every five COVID-19 deaths, the Gateway Pundit reported.

Further, a U.K. "technical briefing on SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern" found that as of Dec. 29, the fully vaccinated make up 74% hospitalizations due to infection from the omicron variant that now dominates Western nations.

Hunter Biden- Traitor

‘Red-Handed’ Revelations Begin

BOMBSHELL: Hunter Tangled Up with Chinese Spies…

Five Deals Between Biden Family, High-Level CCP Intel Officials

Schweizer: $31M for ‘Little Discernible Business of Professional Service’


The Biden family scored $31 million from five deals in China, all with individuals with direct ties to the Chinese spy apparatus, according to the bombshell new book by Peter Schweizer.


Jan 16-22, 2022

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2021 Is over 2022 may look worse!

I’m sure most of us experienced all sorts of turmoil in 2021 personally and business-wise. Despite many supply chain problems and price increases. Last November, I realized that economically, we were heading for trouble, so we purchased as many raw materials that we could afford.  That foresight paid off, as we had basically enough raw materials to last through 8 months of 2021.  The result of this planning: Very minimal price increases, and for the most part no price increases on clears, primers and paints.  We did move up hardeners slightly, but we did not have the 16-22% price increases everyone else in the industry!  Across the board, on average, we had less than a 1% price increase.  Unfortunately, this trend probaly won’t continue much longer.
I want to thank everyone of you for understanding and supporting Tamco through a rough year.  At Tamco we were able to come thru some major obstacles, but continued to grow and add more products.
2021 will be a major expansion year, with many new products coming out.  My previous update named the major ones.  If things go smoothly, 2022 will be a banner year.  That being said, we will face many major obstacles.
1) Every raw material we buy has gone up from 7-65%!
   Our pigments are especially hit- This is a letter last week from a major pigment supplier to us:
         The following price adjustments will be effective with orders shipping on or after January 10th, 2022:
• All Quinacridone Red (PR122) and Violet (PV19) dispersions will be increased 12% due to feedstock issues affecting all dry pigment producers and driving up prices. Products include: WB 1519 Quinacridone Red, WB 15122-S Quinacridone Magenta, WB 1819 Quinacridone Violet, AD 2519 Quinacridone Red, AD 25122 Quinacridone Magenta, AD 2819 Quinacridone Violet, HP 3519 Quinacridone Red, HP 3819 Quinacridone Violet, H2Low VOC 8519 Quinacridone Red, H2Low VOC 8819 Quinacridone Violet, XVOC 0519 Quinacridone Red, XVOC 0819 Quinacridone Violet, RD 6819 Quinacridone Violet, and RD 6801 Sapphire Blue.
• All RD pigment dispersions not noted in bullet #1 will be increased 6.8% with the exception of RD 63184 which will be increased 17.45%.
• All XVOC pigment dispersions not noted in bullet #1 will be increased 8.9% with the exception of XVOC 0900 which will be increased 28%.
OUR SOLVENTS:  Like Gasoline our solvents prices doubled since January.  Doubled!  As oil continues to rise, so will solvent prices will follow.  Many are predicting $100.00 oil. If that happens our solvent prices would double again.
     RESINS:  Up until December, resin prices had very modest increase. From 3-7%…. This changed last month, where every resin (many come from China, others Europe) doubles in price due to shipping!  Our American made resins almost doubles (figure that out- it seems like price gouging to me).   ISO hardener resin went from about $3.25 to $11/ pound!   Our cost, not counting labor or shipping for a quart of HH-7605 is nearly $30.00!
    Freight and shipping:  Our single highest expense.  Shipping has again gone up about 45% in 2021, which followed a 12% increase in 2020.  Our shipping policy had to be changed, which we did from $275.00 for free shipping to $375.00 as well as actual shipping for anything that falls under.
My thoughts on 2022:
    In my thinking, inflation and supply chain issues will get worse in 2022. The federal government has deficit spent nearly $6 trillion dollars in the last two years. It continues to deficit spend about $200 billion monthly even today. That is pure excess demand and is the main driving force of the current inflation.
 Worker shortages will reach crisis proportions!   Tamco will have price increases, but so too will everyone else!  I am hearing that most of the big companies are going to have 15-25% Higher prices in 2022.  Remember a 15% price increase on a PPG clear would equate to a 40% Tamco price increase in real dollars!   And those increases are on top of last year’s huge increases by the other companies.
   My advice is to by products that do not go bad that you will need to run your shop as early as possible.  That applies if you buy from Tamco, or anyone else!  The majority of the members in the FED claim they plan at least 3 interest rate hikes this year. 3!  That would be catasptrophic to small businesses that aren’t prepared.  
Here are steps you should think about to maximize your cash.  Cash is king, debt in bad times is the fastest way to bankruptcy.  Hoard cash,  and learn to pay your bills in the most beneficial cash advantage to you.  I am quite amazed that many of our customers still use PayPal to pay for their paint purchases instead of “cash-back” credit cards!    Capital offers Spark business cards that give unlimited 2% cash back.  At Tamco, we try to pay every vendor with the Spark Card.  Amex is also good, but they average on 1.5% cash back.  I see some banks actually offering 5%!   So if you buy a $3,000 order, switching from PayPal to a business Spark Card lowered the bill by $60.00!  On top of that, you have (if you time correctly) about 25 days to pay the back without interest!  That’s worth a bunch more!  
We save enough money each month to actually cover the cost of several employees!  No kidding.  We put hundreds of thousands on cards each month, and apply the saving to the employee account.  
Little ways like this can add many dollars to the bottom line.  Here is an AMEX link worth reading:
The lean and smart people out there can survive whatever 2022 throws at them, but you must be prepared and have a plan.

Exciting new book unlocking Bible mysteries rockets to #1

An Atlas V rocket launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, Aug. 8, 2019. (Photo by Walter Scriptunas, United Launch Alliance)

A month before its official release, an exciting new book revealing hundreds of mysteries from the Bible and your personal life soared this week to the top position in more than one best-seller category on, ahead of books by Joel Osteen, Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen.

Scheduled for release Jan. 25, "Reaching God Speed: Unlocking the Secret Broadcast Revealing the Mystery of Everything" by Joe Kovacs hit the top spot in "Musical Philosophy & Social Aspects" as well as #1 and #2 (Kindle edition) in Spiritual Self-Help, and #5 and #11 in Christian Personal Growth.

"Scores of songs have been decoded using the Spirit of God to reveal what millions of people have missed when listening to their favorite tunes on the air. It's astonishing to understand who the true Author of these hits actually is, and the inspiring messages He's broadcasting in these chart-toppers."

The book also probes God's hidden messages in popular movies, the stories we tell our children, famous commercial campaigns, historic news events, everyday sayings we utter, nature itself, and typical life activities such as such as inhaling every breath you take, sleeping, waking up and many more.

"Reaching God Speed" features a myriad of stunning biblical revelations, as the book:

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Virginia Beach police used forged DNA reports linking people to crimes

In America- there are too many corrupt cops, DA's and medical examiners resulting in many innocent people in jail!

  • The Virginia Beach Police Department used forged documents in at least five criminal cases to try to obtain confessions or cooperation from suspects
  • Attorney General Mark Herring said he reached an agreement with the police that would end the 'extremely troubling and potentially unconstitutional tactic'
  • From March 2016 to February 2020, Virginia Beach police showed fake lab certificates to suspects they were interrogating
  • The certificates indicated the person had been connected to a crime through DNA evidence
  • The investigation reviewed 9,600 criminal cases and 'found a total of five instances over a five-year period'


Rain Man Buick for sale

Dustin Hoffman puts iconic 1949 Buick from Oscar-winning film Rain Man up for auction

The 1949 Roadmaster Convertible, which was acquired by US actor Hoffman after the film wrapped, has an estimated value of between $160,000 and $250,000. Hoffman said the vehicle, described as the film's 'third character' had 'been in storage too long' and should be 'driven, enjoyed, and cherished'. Rain Man follows the cross-country life-changing road trip made by selfish wheeler-dealer Charlie Babbitt (Cruise) and his autistic brother Raymond (Hoffman). The film won several academy awards including best film, best director for Barry Levinson, and best actor for Hoffman.