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'I used to anchor at CNN, now I just yell at CNN'

(NEWSBUSTERS) -- To help ring in the first day of CNN+ on Tuesday, Reliable Sources Daily host Brian Stelter brought on CNN’s first two anchors Dave Walker and Lois Hart (a married couple) with the idea that they would tell some stories about the early days at the network and give advice to the hosts on their new streaming service. They did get some of that, but oh man, was it also embarrassing as Walker griped about CNN’s leanings with opinion content and Hart touted her influence in that direction.

“So, 42 years later, do the two of you – now happily retired – do you still watch CNN,” Stelter asked. But little did he know what he just invited.

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Jerusalem Post, The Major newspaper in Israel probes 'dilemma' on crucifixion of Jesus and Joe Kovacs Book on the subject

God's Passovers starts this Saturday beginning at sundown on the 14th Day of God's First Month- That is the Meal - The Day portion is Sunday, the 15th Day of the Month
The Place of the Skull, also called Golgotha and Calvary, in Jerusalem, Israel (Wikimedia Commons)

The Place of the Skull, also called Golgotha and Calvary, in Jerusalem, Israel (Wikimedia Commons)

An apparent biblical "dilemma" regarding the precise location where Jesus was crucified has caught the attention of a major newspaper in Israel.

As WND reported last week, it's no secret that Jesus was put to death in Jerusalem, according to the New Testament gospels. But some often wonder about a cryptic statement in the book of Revelation indicating He was crucified in "Sodom and Egypt," two other locations, neither of which is Jerusalem.

Now, Jerusalem Post reporter Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, a journalist based in the general environs of the actual event, is digging into the issue of the crucifixion.

"The verses in Matthew 27:32-56, Mark 15:21-38, Luke 23:26-49 and John 19:16-37describe Jesus as being brought to the 'Place of a Skull,'" Berkowitz reports.

Most scholars accept these verses at face value and believe that Jesus was crucified at a site immediately outside Jerusalem's walls called Golgotha that was accessible to passers-by and observable from some distance away."

His report in the Jerusalem Post continues:

Eusebius of Caesarea, a fourth-century Greek historian of Christianity, identified its location only as being north of Mount Zion.

The name Golgotha is derived from Goolgolet, the Hebrew word for skull. Similarly, in Aramaic Golgotha means "place of the skull." The Latin word for skull is calvaria, and in English, many Christians refer to the site of the crucifixion as Calvary.

This is supposedly a reference to either the skull-like appearance of the rock face and/or the presence of bones at the site.

The Gospel of John states there was a garden at Golgotha and an unused tomb owned by a prominent rich man, Joseph of Arimathea, into which Jesus’ body was placed. This tomb is believed by some to be a site known today as the Garden Tomb.


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Archeologists identified text on millennia-old artifact as YHWH

Once Again, God's WORD Rings True!

A report from the Times of Israel says that archaeologists and researchers have found the earliest "proto-alphabetic Hebrew text," including the "YHWH" reference to God, ever discovered.

The report says the small fragment apparently dates to about the Late Bronze Age, maybe 1200 B.C, and if it is verified the 2 centimeter by 2 centimeter "curse tablet" may also be one of the great archaeological finds ever.

"It would be the first attested use of the name of God in the Land of Israel and would set the clock back on proven Israelite literacy by several centuries," the report explained, "showing that the Israelites were literate when they entered the Holy Land, and therefore could have written the Bible as some of the events it documents took place."

The announcement was made by archeologist Scott Stripling and several international scholars this week in Houston, the report said.

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New theory on date of Last Supper

First published Passover 2019

Saturday Night is This Year's Passover Meal

Forward by BOB BARNEY:  They have the wrong year, but do have the right theory! Finally, a bunch of people INCLUDING THE POPE now agrees with me!!!

image from www.new2torah.comSir Colin's book, The Mystery of the Last Supper, out this week, uses astronomy to re-create calendars, plus detail drawn from texts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls to propose a timeline for Jesus's final days.

''The claim I make is that we're misinterpreting some parts of the Gospels because we don't understand sufficiently life in the first century AD,'' he said.

Sir Colin argues that Jesus celebrated Passover early using the pre-exilic calendar, dating from before the Jewish exile to Babylon, but still used by some marginal groups in society at the time. It would have been understood by early Christians as operating alongside the official Jewish calendar, he said.

Pope Benedict XVI spoke of a similar theory in 2007, when he said Jesus probably celebrated the meal with his disciples according to the Qumran calendar, at least a day before mainstream observances.

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Is America Still a Serious Nation?


image from was a bit of a surprise that Russia stormed into Ukraine because as a practical matter, it didn’t necessarily make a lot of sense. There was no casus belli or threat to Russia from Ukraine. Sure, Russia didn’t potentially want another NATO member shoved up against its border down the road and may have liked the idea of turning that nation into a puppet state, but there is no compelling reason for Russia to invade right now. That’s doubly so since Russia didn’t appear to be fully prepared for the invasion. Granted, you can’t necessarily take the news you hear at the beginning of a war at face value, but the general consensus from policy experts seems to be that the invasion isn’t off to a great start. Surprisingly, Ukraine still has planes in the air, some pretty embarrassing footage of captured Russian soldiers has leaked out, the West has stood surprisingly strong, there have been significant protests in Russia, Putin and company have faced damaging sanctions, and no major Ukrainian cities have been taken… yet. It is still entirely possible that Russia will pour more resources into Ukraine, quickly crush the Ukrainian military, and settle in for years of bloody guerilla fighting fed by massive arms shipments and aid from the West as the Russian economy bleeds out because of sanctions, but that seems like a Pyrrhic victory at best.

How all of that ultimately plays out remains to be seen, but the one thing that has been noticeable since the beginning of the invasion is that it seems to have focused people’s minds on more serious issues.


Traveling around seeing the beauty Florida

Florida holiday guide: The Sunshine State is bursting with attractions, from Miami to Key

Do you think of Florida as just one big theme park? Think again. With secret islands and sweeping expanses of wilderness, it's a place where you can really get back to nature, and where you're more likely to see a pelican or heron than a cartoon duck. Not only that, the Sunshine State has a wealth of historic towns and cultural cities, and miles of sandy shores. And as UK tourists are allowed to return from next month, it makes the perfect place for winter sun. Pictured: Seven Mile Bridge (top left), Captiva Island (top right), Alligator Alley (bottom right), Sarasota (bottom left), and Crystal River (inset).


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The White House can’t just wash away the stink of Hunter Biden’s laptop

Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina (right) allegedly wired millions of dollars to Hunter Biden’s former business associate Devon Archer.

Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina (right) allegedly wired millions of dollars to Hunter Biden's former business associate Devon Archer.

The White House at some point is going to have to address Hunter Biden’s laptop.

For 17 months, Joe Biden and his aides have ignored the scandal, broken by The Post three weeks before the 2020 election.

They have denied our revelations, refused to respond to our questions, told lies, and relied on their media and Big Tech allies to censor and cover up credible allegations of corruption involving the president and his family.

But the dam is about to burst, as more Americans learn about the scandal and draw negative conclusions about Biden’s integrity.

An exclusive Rasmussen poll obtained by The Post shows a staggering 65% of voters believe it is “likely” that Joe Biden was involved in — and may have profited from — his son Hunter’s overseas business deals; 48% say it is “very likely.” More on that poll later.

The fallout for the White House is only likely to get worse. There is a limit to what Democratic spin merchants, CIA liarsand false allegations of “Russian collusion” can do to bury the story.

The New York Times broke its silence last week, and admitted the laptop is real. The Washington Post also woke from its slumber and has begun investigating the laptop, recently phoning sources The Post interviewed long ago.

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Monroe Doctrine: What if U.S. faced what Russia has?

Scott LivelyBy Scott Lively
Published March 21, 2022 at 7:03pm

image from

In 1823, when the emperor of Tzarist Russia invited the United States to negotiate a resolution of contested coastal lands along the northwest of the North American continent, President James Monroe responded with a proclamation in an address to Congress that would forever-after be called the Monroe Doctrine. In his own words, he said that when "the rights and interests of the United States are involved … the American continents … are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers. … We owe it, therefore, to candor and to the amicable relations existing between the United States and those powers to declare that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety."

Our official government summary of the Monroe Doctrine adds that "the doctrine warns European nations that the United States would not tolerate further colonization or puppet monarchs. … [emphasis mine]

"[I]n 1904, European creditors of a number of Latin American countries threatened armed intervention to collect debts. President Theodore Roosevelt promptly proclaimed the right of the United States to exercise an 'international police power' to curb such 'chronic wrongdoing,' in his so-called Roosevelt Corollary (or extension) to the Monroe Doctrine.

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Ukrainian-born NYC Democrat councilwoman reveals why she backs Trump and how she is terrified America is turning into the Russia

Inna Vernikov reveals why she backs Trump and how she is terrified America is turning into

Ukrainian-born New York City councilwoman Inna Vernikov recalls standing in long lines for a grocery ticket only to find 'bare shelves' under the Soviet Union, and is terrified about the 'comeback' of socialism she is finding in the U.S. One of five Republicans on the 51-person city council, Vernikov's escape from Ukraine under the Soviet Union and rise to immigration and divorce attorney and later councilwoman drew the interest of even former President Trump. The 37-year-old who represents South Brooklyn on the NYC council caught up with upon returning from her trip to Florida to meet with Trump.

'loss of control event' made Chinese Boeing 737 with 132 people aboard nosedive suddenly from 30,000ft -updated


Passengers on doomed Chinese jet were 'totally incinerated on impact': Rescuers pick through debris for clues after Boeing 737-800 inexplicably dived into mountain, killing all 132 on board 


See Video in Link:

The plane, flight number MU5735 from Kunming to Guangzhou, got into trouble over the city of Wuzhou, before it plummeted 29,100ft into a mountainside on Monday
The plane, flight number MU5735 from Kunming to Guangzhou, got into trouble over the city of Wuzhou, before it plummeted 29,100ft into a mountainside on Monday

A Boeing 737 carrying 132 people that plummeted 30,000ft to the ground and burst into flames in China suffered a catastrophic 'loss of control event', experts have warned.

The China Eastern Airlines flight nosedived before smashing into the hillside and erupting in a huge fireball near the city of Wuzhou in Teng county in the southern province of Guangxi - with no sign of survivors.

A rescue official reportedly said the plane had completely disintegrated while a fire sparked by the crash ripped through bamboo and trees before being put out.

More and Video of the Crash

Members of Congress Received 8,000+ Free Trips—Including Hundreds Paid for by Non-Profits Who Pocketed $100+ Million in Federal Funding

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy

Between 2017 and 2021, more than 500 Congress members disclosed that they took more than 8,000 trips paid for by roughly 700 third-party organizations, according to an analysis by While this practice is not illegal, it presents lawmakers with a conflict of interest.

That conflict of interest is most clearly seen through five nonprofit organizations that paid for 925 trips for members of Congress and their staff, who in turn got those organizations $102 million in federal funds over the five-year period we audited.
Members or staffers took about 2,600 trips to foreign destinations vs. about 5,490 trips to domestic destinations. Half the foreign trips went to just five popular overseas destinations: Israel (939); Berlin, Germany (103); Tokyo, Japan (100); Paris, France (102); and Brussels, Belgium (76).

Profits of Doom: Globalist Elites Doubled Their Wealth During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Happy New Year! Yes March 20th is God's New Year!

New year

By: Bob Barney

No, I haven't lost my calendar and I do know what day this is on the Roman calendar that we follow. Many, if not most do not know it, but today is the beginning of the new year in God's calendar. The year starts in the spring and is comprised up of 12 30 day months. Almost no one understands this fact. The Jewish calendar for example follows a lunar/solar year of only 354 days per year. Every three years they add a 13th month. Sounds nice, but it is not Biblical. They also start their day in the evening. They got this idea of evening days while in Babylon during their captivity, just like our day starts at midnight. We get this day from the pagan Romans. God's day starts in the morning dawn. The easy proof to that is in the first chapter of Genesis. The first day came, then evening, then morning which is called the end of the first day, the second was starting.




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March 13-19, 2022

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St. Patrick kept the Sabbath

St. Patrick preaches to the Celtic High King o...St. Patrick preaches to the Celtic High King of Ireland. Stained glass, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Macon, GA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

St. Patrick kept Saturday as the sabbath.  During the first century the Roman Empire did not extend into Scotland and Ireland.  The Roman Empire made several attempts to conquer Scotland to no avail.  The Romans eventually build a wall between Scotland and England called Adrian Wall.  Remnants of that wall are still present today.  Therefore the beliefs of the early Catholic Church did not get infiltrated into Scotland and Ireland until must later in History.  Below are 4 Historical references proving that Saturday not Sunday was kept as the day of worship in Ireland and Scotland. 

1) Historian A. C. Flick writes:
“The Celts used a Latin Bible unlike the Vulgate, and kept Saturday as a day of rest, with special religious services on Sunday.”
The Rise of the Medieval Church, page 237, Flick.

“It seems to have been customary in the Celtic churches of early times, in Ireland as well as Scotland, to keep Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, as a day of rest from labor. They obeyed the fourth commandment literally upon the seventh day of the week.”
The Church in Scotland, page140, James C. Moffatt, D.D.

 3) “In this latter instance they seemed to have followed a custom of which we find traces in the early monastic church of Ireland by which they held Saturday to be the Sabbathon which they rested from all their labours.”

Adamnan Life of St. Columba, page 96), W.T. Skene

4) From the Catholic historian, T. Ratcliffe Barnett, on the Catholic queen of Scotland: “In this matter the Scots had perhaps kept up the traditional usage of the ancient Irish Church WHICH OBSERVED SATURDAY INSTEAD OF SUNDAY AS THE DAY OF REST.”

  St Patrick was not Catholic....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

‘Putin’ us on: Why Dems’ ‘Russian disinformation’ claims can’t be taken seriously

World Food Program USA Board Chairman Hunter Biden speaks on stage at the World Food Program USA's Annual McGovern-Dole Leadership Award Ceremony at Organization of American States on April 12, 2016 in Washington, DC.Hunter Biden's business deals have come under intense scrutiny and led to criticism of his father's administration.Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images for World Food Program USA


The phrase “Russian disinformation” lost its sting when Democrats started using it as a domestic political weapon.

Now, even Republican patsies are accusing people who aren’t sufficiently hawkish about waging war against Russia, like Tucker Carlson or Tulsi Gabbard, of being agents of the Kremlin.

Sen. Mitt Romney this week called Gabbard, an Army Reserve lieutenant colonel and former Democratic candidate for president, of being a “treasonous” liar. Ana Navarro and Whoopi Goldberg, co-hosts of ABC’s “The View,” piled on to demand that the Department of Justice investigate Carlson for “shilling for Putin.”

Ex-MSNBC pundit Keith Olbermann said the Fox News anchor and Gabbard should be arrested and jailed as “Russian assets” because “there is a war.”

But smearing someone as a Russian asset doesn’t carry much weight anymore. Everyone knows it’s the catchall excuse for Democrats...... MORE

St Patrick's day- Yet another Pagan Holiday!

image from

From Note from Bob Barney: Isn't it strange how everything we do is awash in paganism? We can't follow God's holidays, but somehow we can find every way to observe a bunch of witch doctors holidays-- and then call it Christian!

Secret Sun, March 17 is the day generally believed to be the death of St. Patrick, the British-born missionary who is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity. And as I wrote in one of my first posts on this blog:

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was killed on the 17th day of Athyr, the third month of the ancient calendar.

3/17 is also the date of a Masonically-created holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The story has it that the holiday was established by high level Freemason, George Washington, allegedly to reward Irish soldiers in the Continental Army. But “St. Paddy’s” has traditionally been a very minor Saint’s day in Ireland. Considering that the day has become America’s defacto Bacchanal (which takes us back to Osiris) it’s worth noting some of the parallels of this day with Solar mythology.

Osiris was believed to be the source of barley, which was used for brewing beer in Egypt.

• It’s customary to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and Osiris was known as the “Green Man”

• The root word of Patrick is pater, the Latin word meaning father. Osiris is the father in the Egyptian Trinity.

Since then, I've been looking into the curious origin of this holiday and have found out some very interesting facts...