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Does new Mars discovery support Genesis creation account?

Bob Barney:

Like many, there was a time in my life when I thought I had proven scientifically that God did not exist. I started out as a child believing in God, and my Mom was devoted to God, but years of schooling and my science classes taught me that God was a myth and that science was what was really the only “intellectual way to explain how everything came to be in the universe. This happened at an early age for me, so by the time I was 12, I did not think God was real.

So in short, my journey to find the real God during these past 46 years went from being an atheist, whose “religion” was science, which to my amazement was just that – a religion. I admit I was somewhat lost when I first realized back in 1975 at the rope old age of only 20, that science was a religion too! Modern science, especially evolution was often devoid of truth, and promoting any idea that would prove that God didn't exist! Yes, I realized that science's only objective was to prove to all the world that God did not exist!

Did God use green slime, or brown scum, or algae, or amoeba, or viruses and bacteria, or polka-dotted air bubbles in the sea, or cracks in rocks, or extreme heat, or extreme cold, or a chance strike of lightning in a primordial soup of methane and ammonia to create life on earth? Well I came to learn that the answer is no, and science proves that fact.

I came up with these 7 problems with evolution that I could not explain.

  1. Lack of a viable mechanism for producing high levels of complex and specified information. Related to this are problems with the Darwinian mechanism producing irreducibly complex features, and the problems of non-functional or deleterious intermediate stages.

  1. The failure of the fossil record to provide support for Darwinian evolution. And the failure of molecular biology to provide evidence for a grand “tree of life.” 

  1. Evolutionary scientists date the earth at approximately 4.5 to 5 billion years old. I then learned that the Bible implies that the earth actually be that old, and maybe older! It could also have been created the first time thousands or maybe millions of years ago, and not billions.

    Most folks are not aware that there is really no incontrovertible scientific proof to establish these fantastic dates given to us by evolutionist. They are grounded in a series of assumptions that are based upon evolutionary premises, not sound facts. In other words, the “clock” is rigged to provide the “long ages” of earth’s history. Why is this the case? Because, as everyone concedes, time is an absolutely essential ingredient in the Darwinian scheme. Dr. George Wald of Harvard called it the “hero of the plot.” Evolutionists need vast amounts of time for the millions of evolutionary changes to occur which would produce the amoebae-to-man phenomenon.

It has been demonstrated many times, however, that the “evolutionary clocks” are flawed....



  1. Law on entropy: There is a universal tendency for all systems to go from order to disorder, as stated in the Second Law, and this tendency can only be arrested and reversed under very special circumstances. We have already seen, in Chapter I, that disorder can never produce order through any kind of random process. There must be present some form of code or program, to direct the ordering process, and this code must contain at least as much "information" as is needed to provide this direction.  Furthermore, there must be present some kind of mechanism for converting the environmental energy into the energy required to produce the higher organization of the system involved. ...   Thus, any system that experiences even a temporary growth in order and complexity must not only be "open" to the sun's energy but must also contain a "program" to direct the growth and a "mechanism" to energize the growth.


  1. The failure of chemistry to explain the origin of the genetic code.

  2. The scientific fact that life can only come from life! Scientists proved that “spontaneous generation,” the belief of the day that flies could come from wheat itself (they didn't understand eggs that were hidden in the wheat). In order to have life, it must come from an older life of the same species!

  3. Where did the hydrogen atom come from? Evolutionist will tell you that the belief in an immortal God without any beginning is a fairytale. Yet, when they explain that all life came from the hydrogen atom, when asked where did that atom come from. There anser: “It's always been in existence.” God's immortality is a fairytale, the H atom's immortality is science....

Now let me say one thing as clear as the night sky without clouds. I did not become a believer over night. For the next three years I hopelessly tried in everything I could to prove God was not real, and especially the fable-like God of the Bible. Each time tried to do just that, all I ended up doing was disprove religion, not God. Yes I grew up believing in man's god, not the true God!

I thought I knew what was in the Bible, but frankly I barely read any of it! However after years of research and frankly honest research, by summer of 1978 I knew not only God existed, but that God was the one found in the Bible. He was not the God that the Catholic's or Protestant churches taught, but the one found in the pages of the Bible.