HEADLINES & STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Week-22, 2022 Pentecost-Memorial Day Week
Repeating the Same Story-This time about the recent mass shootings in New York and Texas

Israeli Archeologists Uncover 2,100-Year-Old Farmstead 'Frozen in Time' in Galilee

(CHRISTIAN HEADLINES) – Israeli archaeologists have discovered a 2,100-year-old farmstead while conducting excavations in the Galilee region.

According to CBN News, the farm dates back to the Hellenistic Hasmonean period before Jesus Christ was born. The Hasmonean Dynasty, a Jewish dynasty, ruled over ancient Judea from 142 to 63 BC.

“We were very lucky to discover a time-capsule, frozen in time, in which the finds remained where they were left by the occupants of the site, and it seems that they left in haste in [the] face of an impending danger, possibly the threat of a military attack,” excavation director Dr. Amani Abu-Hamid said. Abu-Hamid is running the excavation on behalf of the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

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