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AMERFLINT II. - Back and better than ever

Bob Barney

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I first heard about Amerflint while living in Florida in 1980, while attending a Dupont sales and technical training seminar in Jacksonville, Florida. The class was taught by C.K. Bundy. I was new to the paint world, having less than 6 months experience when I attended the class.  I vividly remember one student asking Mr. Bundy, "Amerflint is killing our Imron sales, what can we do to stop this?"

To be frank, I knew little about Amerflint at the time, some of my customers in Hollywood and Ft. Lauderdale were using it on all over paint jobs. Mr. Bundy replied that although a good product, it was too new to see if it could stand up to the durability of Imron.

The distributor or "jobber" I was working for moved Tammy and I to Stuart Florida to manage a Steego paint store selling Dupont.  It was here I saw just how dominate that paint had become.  I had a customer called 'Phil's Autobody' who had become allergic to isocyantes and asked me to paint an MG.   When I got there, expecting it to be Centari or Imron, he had a gallon kit of Amerflint II.  I wasn't too happy about spraying it, but I did, thinking that I should understand the stuff.

The paint was incredible.  It was very high solids. It covered basically in one coat.. I still put on 3 out of habit.  It laid down exceptionally well, and where I had put too much, causing some orange peel, within 30 minutes, it had lived out!  And that wet look was amazing!

Honestly, it was the easiest, user friendly paint I have ever sprayed.  It looked beautiful when I left. I went back to the apartment and told Tammy that I wished that I could sell the product!  Little did I know.

The next morning I went to the bodyshop before opening the store to see what it looked like. It still looked wet! I thought at first that it was. It was not, it was as hard as a rock, shining and glossing like no product I ever saw.  It was so flat, it looked like it must have been rubbed and buffed.

A short 2 years later, Steego decided to close the Stuart store, I was offered the sales manager job, if I moved back to Ft Lauderdale.  Tammy was pregnant with our second child, Victoria and I didn't want to move.  Frank Esposito who owned American Lacquers and Solvents (the company that owned AMERFLINT) drove all the way from Tampa to offer me a job.  In July 1984 I started selling the product that has proven itself over 44 years now with ease of use, and incredible gloss and DOI. 

Over the years, I sold this product to every kind of user imaginable.  Body Shops, both custom and dealership, fleet refinishers, trucking companies, railroads (every single Norfolk-Southern locomotive was painted with it for 16 years), the marine industry, aircraft painters (some of the B-17's in the movie Memphis Belle, painted by Don Whittington's JET AVIATION in Pompano Fl were painted with Amerflint.). We sold it to aircraft painters. small planes, and jets as large as L-1011's were painted in this incredible paint. Some famous people I sold this to, was Murphy's towing and paint job in West Palm Beach that painted ALL OF BURT REYNOLD'S Florida cars and trucks. Even a special 'Smokey and the Bandit' car he was given was painted in Amerflint.  

Car restoration shops used our products, the most notable one I sold to was Rick Carroll.  Rick was at the time the largest owner of Duesenberg's in the country. He had his own personal shop, run by Chuck Stevens.  Rick was tragically killed in an auto accident in the mid 90's, and his cars where sold at Sotheby's auctions for millions of dollars.  The bodies where painted in our nitrocellulose lacquer, but all the frames, and engines where painted with Amerflint!

1929-Auburn-1 Rick
Just two of the cars auctioned which brought millions of dollars

1929-Duesenberg-Model-J engine-

all of Carroll's Duesy engines were painted in Amerflint II


The Sad End. Ric's Death caused his entire collection to be sold.

I still have this auction book!

Just because your paint is so unique that it can be used on multi-million dollar cars, I also sold the same products to cement and asphalt plants! Below is a photo of the Ranger Construction asphalt plant in West Palm painted in Amerflint in 1990.  As of 2011 it had still NOT been painted.  Art Fowler, Ranger's Vice President and maintenance director could never get more than three years out of any paint he tried!  Each shutdown costs Ranger $3 million dollars in loss revenue.  Lasting 20 plus years saved the company many many millions.  This was the first of sixteen plants I sold to Ranger and Pavex (their sister company in Pompano).


Ranger's Headquarters and first of 16 Amerflint II pain jobs.


Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 10.52.56 AM

Dominion Paving (Hopewell Va) plant (this photo was taken after 6 years in service)

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 10.55.16 AM

Even Floors!  This is Coca-Cola's Truck Service Garage!

Other notable users that I had nothing to do with their use were:

DISNEYWORLD-- Everything that was painted at the park was painted in Amerflint II.  The monorail, the railing, the boat that brought you to the park, the steam trains, the people moving trams and every ride was painted in Amerflint.  They were the company's largest single customer!   And because Amerflint is the only urethane made that can below the waterline, Disney painted all their coat bottoms with Amerflint. When they opened up MGM, they had a restaurant called 'The Paint Pot' that actually had in it an Amerflint II mixing machine!  The restaurant was a tribute to Frank Esposito, as that was the name of his wife's paint business in Cuba during the 1950's. Carowinds and Bush Gardens also used this our paint.


SEA RAY BOATS-- Used Amerflint II on all their painted boats.


Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 11.06.14 AM
Lackawanna RailRoad Engine after 31 years of service

High Impact vs. Amerflint II

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 11.20.33 AM Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 11.23.52 AM

Tamco began making Amerflint under the name of Duraflint II.  Duraflint 1 (now just called Duraflint) is our version of the old Dupont Imron coating, loved by thousands of painters.

In the automotive and Fleet Clear Coat labels, we called it Hi-Impact, because the resin in this product can take harsh impacts, and resists scratches. It's also very flexible. 

Today, in the clear coat line we sell HC9500  Super Fast Hi-Impact, which is a fast cure version of the High Impact.  HC9500 fully cures in 3 hours at 78F.  Dry to handle in 40 minutes.  These clears will last more than 20 years in the Florida sun.

Although Amerflint uses the same backbone resin in the former Duraflint II and standard High Impact, the product now is even more durable.  We have added nano-technology, as well as two other additives, that slows down dry time and drastically improves both ease of application and gloss..

Testing so far, shows the product passing more than 7,000 hours of UV in our own machine.  Outside testing has shown this version to last upwards to 30,000 hours before failure. That would equate to 27-30 years of direct Florida sunlight.

It is skydrol (jet aircraft hydraulic oil) resistant and passes all specifications. It is impervious to most solvents and chemicals tested so far.  It is the perfect product for Land Sea and Air.

By 2022, Tamco plans to introduce metallic colors in all of our urethane lines! 

Look for it.