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NASA ready to launch Artemis 1 - its most powerful rocket EVER - as it prepares to return Americans to the surface of the Moon 

NASA prepares to launch Artemis 1 as it prepares to return Americans to the surface of the

The first Moon rocket launched by NASA since 1973 is expected to take off as early as August 29 from the Kennedy Space Center on Florida's coast. NASA is preparing the launch of the unmanned Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule as part of the agency's Artemis I mission which plans to put American astronauts back on the surface of the moon. This mission is a testing ground for the technologies that could eventually lead to a landing on Mars. At the center of Artemis I is the Space Launch System aka SLS, NASA's biggest rocket project since Saturn V. The SLS launch is scheduled to take place at 8.33am Eastern time on August 29 from launchpad 39B. The launch has a two-hour window. Should weather delay the launch passed the window, the other possible dates for take-off are September 2 and 5. If everything goes to plan, NASA expects to launch Artemis II in 2023, a manned flyby of the Moon's surface before landing American astronauts on the surface in 2025 as part of Artemis III.