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Why America is Special

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Someone once asked me, "Bob how can you say in one breath that God has little to nothing to do with this world, yet then say that the USA one of the lost nations of Israel? In addition, that if we do not obey God, our nation will be destroyed by him? Which scenario is it, God involved or Satan’s world?"

I am quite sure that many have asked themselves the same question and let me assure you that there is an easy answer! God was totally involved in our world in the days of Adam and Eve. He (One of the divine Godhead that became Jesus) personally walked with them, talked with them and instructed them how to live in a godly lifestyle and have life forever. God had every intention to be involved in our lives from the start, just as any human parent has those same plans with their children.

Then sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience of God’s Laws. Remember there is only one biblical definition of sin. "Sin is the transgression of the law." (1 John 3:4) Without the law, one cannot sin! (Romans 3:20 and Romans 7:7) When Adam and Eve broke God’s laws, they sinned. The Bible also gives us another term: "The wages (or penalty) of sin is death." ( Rom 6:23) Therefore breaking the laws of God, brings death! Therefore, Adam’s sin brought death to mankind.


Notice that there was a tree of life in the garden. As long as humankind would eat of this tree, one would not die. Now God did not want for his creation to exist forever in sin, so God ejected them from the tree of life and the garden. (Gen 3:22-23) God is love and God does not want to see any of us live forever in the torment of sin, as so many churches falsely teach. The penalty of sin IS NOT tormenting in an ever burning hell, rather the penalty of sin is death ( Rom 6:23), eternal death. God doesn’t wish for his children to die forever, so God the Father and God the Word (Jesus) came up with a plan for all mankind! If the penalty of sin was death, and God (Jesus) would die for that sin, then everyone who ever lived, past, present or future, would have the chance to have their debt of death paid for by God! "The wages of sin are death" . What we earn for sinful work is death! That is why the analogy of Christ PAYING FOR OUR DEBT comes from. Our sinful "work" earns us death., that’s our wages, or what we earn for sinning. Christ’s death paid off the bill! We are debt free once and for all when we place our faith in Christ and OBEY him.

Getting back to the subject concerning whose world this is, God’s or Satan’s? God can create anything, but has chosen not to create character . God wants us to develop our own character and to choose His ways over our ways. We as parents find this out for ourselves when our children become teenagers and rebel against our authority. Mankind has also rebelled against God’s authority and literally "hid" from God! We read in Genesis that Adam hid from God in the garden, and to this day, everyone who does not know God the Father and Jesus are hiding from God!(Gen 3:8) Consequently, God now hides from us and banishes all of us from paradise, just as he banished Adam and Eve from their paradise. As a result, this world today is mostly apart from God and is under the authority of Satan.(2 Cor.4:4) So according to God, the world belongs to Satan, until the return of Christ.

God called a man, Abraham to obey Him and follow His laws, and Abraham became God’s friend! (James 2:23) God wants to be our friend too, just like He was with Abraham. Jesus said, " Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you." (John 15:14-15). Truthfully, when you become the friend of God, God will intervene in this world and literally move heaven and earth to save you from your enemies. Abraham had that friendship with the God, that became Jesus Christ in the New Testament. God promised this man that his children would be blessed. That promise fell to Isaac and then to Jacob who was re-named by God. Jacob’s name was changed to ISRAEL. The children of Israel would be blessed by God ONLY Due to GOD’S PROMISE TO Abraham! God says that "I change not, therefore Israel you are not consumed." ( Mal 3:6) What that meant is that when the nation of Israel became sinners and deserved to be put to death, God would not do it because God never fails to live up to His promise! He promised Abraham his children would be blessed IF THEY DESERVED IT OR NOT! So as most of the nations of the world are under the Devil’s rule, Israelites are always ultimately under God’s rule!

Again, let’s use the parent comparison again. Our child may rebel against us and even leave us and go their own way. We, like our God should permit them to go their own way. They don’t understand that you, like God still secretly watch over them and try to protect them. Yes, we let them go, but we are always ready to come running at a moment of need. God is our heavenly Father and is doing the same thing that any good parent does. He has allowed us all to make our own choices, but there are special people that God has promised to watch over EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT! It was God’s promise to Abraham. This promise is not only to the Jews as we are taught today. Yes, all Jews are the Israelites, but not all Israelites are Jews, just like all Protestants are Christians, doesn’t make all Christians Protestants! (E-mail us for Biblical proof on what nations today make up lost Israel.) The Bible says that ten tribes were lost to history and would not be united again with the Jews until the millennium! (Jer 3:18)

Americans just have not been told that we are one of the lost nations of Israel and this concealed knowledge has consequences! If you are a Christian, it means nothing to your personal salvation, but it does mean something in your physical life. You may be a Christian and already are "saved" for lack of a better word, but if you fall off a 20 story building you will most certainly die - A Christian! The same applies for God’s physical blessings and punishments. If this nation, which owes all of its blessings and greatness alone the promise made to Abraham, continues to follow the commandments spelled out for us in Leviticus chapter 26, then God promises a physical blessing for all of us. That’s God’s word and His personal promise to YOU- if you are from Israel. This knowledge has been kept from you, however your forefathers knew it! The Pilgrims knew it. Many of the founding fathers knew it, even Queen Elizabeth knows it and believes it. Look up her official genealogy, she traces her line back to King David! Why hasn’t that ever been taught in our schools?

Let’s look at King David. This may surprise you, but King David had the Holy Spirit before Christ died and resurrected! You can read it for yourself. David says to God, "don’t take your Holy Spirit from me,"(Ps 51:11) as he begged forgiveness from God after his adulterous sin with Bathsheba and then KILLING her husband! The Law mandated BOTH to die for the crime. Why didn’t they die? The reason is obvious, David had the Holy Spirit as much as you and I have it and his faith in Christ spared his life, just like it will do for a Christian today! David knew that God was going to die for us, after all he wrote those psalms that predicted it. David was spared spiritual punishment yes, but God forced him to endure physical punishment as well. He was forced to see two children die, he was ousted for a time from his throne, and was forced to watch his wives raped by one of his own sons! David was spared by grace, but because he broke the Law, he paid the physical consequences of breaking the Law. The same applies to America today! This is why I keep writing, "WAKE UP AMERICA." We must understand our special relationship that we have with our God. America is special. We are part of lost Israel, blessed by God because of a promise to Abraham AND we were founded as a Christian nation!

We have been lied to by our leaders. Governmental, religious and media leaders have all have hidden from us their real motives. Our leaders want to see us merged into a world government that will eventually lead to our slavery as God promised would happen to us in Leviticus chapter 26. Yes, your Bible has predicted that, in the end times, this will happen to the Peoples of the lost tribes of Israel that would be scattered in a new world (Ez 28:25 and Is 43:5) and this is why we need to know who we are and the special relationship that we have with God Almighty. God, the best friend anyone could ever have is our friend and wants us to obey Him for our own good, just ask this guy named Abraham, if you don‘t believe me! You too can have the SAME friendship that Abraham had with God. Jesus is both God and is our savior, and our only hope. What could be better news than that? Call out to God before it becomes to late, God is always listening!

Deu 5:29 O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Friends, God is saying that to you and to me. May God Bless you and this nation and remember us during our times of tribulation.


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