Tabernacles Day 6----Holy Day Overview
Feast of Tabernacles- Day-7. THE REAL JESUS of the BIBLE

Solar Storms, More Coming, Earth's Rotation Speed | Suspicious 0bservers News

Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bservers gives an update on the filaments and sunspot clusters and shifts focus onto the solar windstorm's due to the earth facing CME's

Here is a great opportunity to read Bob Barney's column on the prophetic warnings of Celestial happenings from the Bible. NASA even confirms how our sun will be the star of the show in a potentially cataclysmic event for us earth dwellers in the not-too-distant future.

The Plain Truth: Is life for you about to change forever?    

The mission of The Plain Truth is to warn the world of the coming events prophesied in the Bible that will bring impact and change to all our lives. For most, it is difficult to understand these ancient predictions and therefore impossible to see them coming to life in the here and now. The Plain Truth diligently scans world events and today’s headlines to help connect these dots and make the warnings forecasted thousands of years ago easier to understand.