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Huge Multi-Billion Japanese F-35 Buy Changes Power Scale in Pacific

We at The Plain Truth have been predicting a rearmed Germany and Japan. the Bible hints at both to happen, and the moronic leadership of America and the world is helping this happen. There is no doubt that Japan will rearm and look to China as the land they will want to conquer. China is playing into the hands of the Japanese militarists and the Devil.  Putin is doing the same thing with what he is doing in Ukraine. Germany will also rearm.  To their credit, the Armstrongs (Garner Ted and his father Herbert) have been predicting this for 75 years!

Now today's Update:

By Kris Osborn, President, Center for Military Modernization

(Washington D.C.) Japan’s massive, multi-billion F-35 acquisition seems to be a development of enormous consequence when it comes to the question of deterring China or destroying any kind of fast-evolving People’s Liberation Army Navy attack on Taiwan.

The large Japanese buy, put in place earlier this year, will place large numbers of F-35Bs and F-35As within striking range of waters near Taiwan. These aircraft, particularly when combined with or networked to forward positioned US F-35s launching from amphibs or carriers, could “mass” a 5th-generation force of great consequence in the event of an attempted Chinese takeover.

“While here, the 354th AEW will integrate with U.S. Marine Corps F-35B Lightning IIs assigned to III Marine Expeditionary Force to strengthen partnerships and enhance joint capabilities,” the Indo Pacific-Command paper said.

This kind of air-surface synergy would be of extreme value in any kind of military engagement in the Pacific, because while an America-class amphibious assault ship can operate as many as 13 F-35Bs, an ability to reinforce a maritime presence of 5th-generation platforms with land-launched F-35s would offer a combat multiplying for both US and Japanese forces. Using the well-known F-35 Multifunction Advanced Data Link, Japanese and US air and surface F-35s could coordinate missions, share data in real time and enable unprecedented attack interoperability.  MORE>>>>>>