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What Signs Should We Look For in These Times?

Are We in the Last Days (Prelim 1985)01 

By Bob Barney


Are we living in the last days? Are we in the END TIMES? Is the return of Jesus Christ right around the corner? These are the questions that many of us ask ourselves whenever we read the book of Revelation or the Gospel of Matthew.  How can we not want to understand the return of Jesus Christ and the awesome Kingdom of God that He will be bringing with Him?

Let us first discuss the misnomer with the term “end times”. Jesus was never talking about the end of the world and John in his book of Revelation wasn't speaking of the end of the world either; in fact, both men were talking about what is best described as “the end of the age” of mankind.

When God created man, Adam and Eve to be exact, a new age upon this earth began. It was the age of mankind, and it began approximately five to six thousand years ago as best we can tell. Adam was set up to rule this earth during this age but because of Adam’s sin he lost his right as ruler of the age of mankind. Many are not aware that the Bible plainly states that the Earth is much older than man. In fact, those who believe the earth to be billions of years old are not necessarily in conflict with the Bible at all! It is very possible that the earth is extremely old. In Genesis the correct translation of God creating the heavens and the earth is that God RE-CREATED the heavens and the earth after a cataclysm that is not mentioned. This former earth was under the rulership of the great archangel Lucifer, the angel who rebelled against God and became Satan. If Adam had not sinned, he would have been the ruler of this age and would have replaced Satan is the ruler of this age.

Believe it or not, the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ is rarely ever presented in the churches of today. What I am referring to is that Jesus as God is coming back to replace Satan as the ruler of this earth and usher in a new age. When Christ returns and brings the Kingdom of God with Him, it will entail a government that will have no end, and the age of man will actually come to an end. It would be a very important truth for the church to finally get on board with what Jesus was saying and meaning! Jesus was not merely talking about salvation, and He most definitely wasn’t talking about how to get to Heaven, the Son of God was talking about bringing God’s government to earth, complete with God’s laws and love.


Those chosen to be Christians in this age have not been chosen for the personal reward of going to heaven when we die, because we do not go right to heaven when we die! Rather our mission is to help God prepare for the return of Jesus Christ as the king of the earth and to establish God’s government here. Unfortunately, that is another falsity that the churches are teaching, but in fact when we die, we return to the earth just as the animals do and we are resurrected from the dead upon the return of Christ. This is the time when He ascends from heaven, and we will be as spirit beings ruling with Him on earth. That is the incredible awesome destiny told to us in scripture but unfortunately ministers and others who allegedly proclaim the Gospel are just leaving the average listener out there in a state of total ignorance! They are royally missing out on the real plan of God. 

I will not tell you when the age of mankind comes to an end, because frankly I do not know. Your preacher doesn’t know, the Pope doesn’t know, and neither does some holy roller out in the desert, devoting his life to the Jesus he claims to believe in! So...do not be fooled! We must always be prepared for the return of Christ, yet we should live with the understanding that it may not happen in our lifetime. Doing anything else is actually doing the work of Satan to draw us away from God’s plan and eventually cause us to fail in our mission. Don’t be deceived, don’t trust charlatans who would steal your money and your soul for their own gain. Christ made it clear that only He knows the exact time of His return, and we would not know. However, what He did give us were signs to allow us to understand in general when the time of His return will be at hand. Here are these signs based on His Holy Word:

#1: Wars and everyone talking about war all over the world.


#2: There would be earthquakes in places where they should not be. Earthquakes and regions where earthquakes always have been not a sign, but earthquakes in regions that do not have them is a sign.


#3 False Christianity would become the accepted religion. Notice, I did not say FALSE RELIGION, I said false Christianity. Paul said for us to be aware of “another gospel” that was already being preached in his day. Paul warns in Gal 1:6-9: "I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ.” That false gospel has been preached since at least AD 50. It changed Saturday to Sunday, and Passover to Easter. It replaced the Law of Christ with lawlessness.


#4 A worldwide financial collapse (the Black Horse of Revelation) which will lead to the reformation of the Holy Roman Empire.


#5 Worldwide poverty and death brought about by wars, especially from the pale green horseman of Revelation. We will see food shortages in America, England and the modern world! Genetically modified crops will begin to fail, and food will be in short supply, and poverty disease and death will follow, not in Africa, or some third world nation, but in the modern Western World - America under Obamacare, and European health care systems will be reduced into killing machines, wiping the earth clean of seniors and sickly people. Hitler’s final solution will become reality to BILLIONS on earth, and not just to Jews and the disabled.


#6 The love of people will go away. Even Christians, including me, Bob Barney, will have been so overwhelmed by the evilness in this world, pretending to be “hope and change” that we will see the tribulations that are coming on the evil people as God’s just judgement. We will not care. We should care, but we won’t. Only in constant prayer and mediating on Christ’s words, will we be able to overcome the hatred that is building in our souls towards those that have caused all these calamities.


#7 Finally we will see signs in the heavens themselves. Comets and shooting stars, asteroids hitting the earth and all sorts of natural destruction, not caused by manmade global warming, but by God as a punishment to those on this planet who refuse to obey His Laws. The final sign we will see in heaven is the LORD GOD, the Son of God whom we call Jesus Christ! He will be the Yahweh of the Bible, riding on His horse, as bright as the sun itself coming to this planet to take His place on His throne here on earth, replacing and destroying the lawless and evil people of this world.


Then, Revelation will be completed. The healing will begin, but not a moment sooner.

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