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Today on PlainTruthToday Podcast: The Ulterior Agenda Behind Hiking Interest Rates--by John Lee - Live From The Vault

In this week’s Live from the Vault, the President of Silver Elephant Mining Corp, John Lee, sits down with Andrew Maguire to uncover the hidden agenda behind world economic policies and the threats of forced conversion to digital currency. The mining expert expounds on the geographical shift of power away from the West into Asian countries unleveraged by the US dollar, sharing his perspective on physical gold and silver as the ultimate and unbiased form of insurance.


Timestamps 00:00 Start 01:25

Introducing John Lee, Executive Chairman of the Silver Elephant Mining Corp. 04:45

Who does the Fed serve? Studying the recent history of money 08:05

The geographical perspective on money: the West vs the East 11:45

James provides strong arguments for accumulating gold and silver

15:30 Silver: How much can it be worth by the end of the year?

24:40 There will be a strong pushback again the WEF agenda

28:20 Was the US dollar weaponisation a huge mistake?

31:55 Don’t measure silver in dollars. It is a store of wealth!

36:40 In the event of a global catastrophe… gold and silver might save you

42:05 How to escape the Orwellian agenda?

46:45 What to expect in gold and silver over the next 12-18 months?

Silver Elephant Corporation: https://www.silverelef.com/